Can Digital Marketing Help To Generate Website Traffic

Can Digital Marketing Help To Generate Website Traffic

Digital Marketing is used to describe all marketing works done through digital channels such as Google search engine optimisation, websites, email, and social media. They leveraged many businesses to reach their existing and prospective customers. But, how can businesses utilize these channels to increase web traffic? Here are some of the effective ways:

Content Marketing

By creating informative and engaging content, you can organically attract customers to your website. From videos to guides, there are countless opportunities for your business to exploit content marketing.

Email Marketing

Create an email list of your prospects and generate returning traffic by sending engaging newsletters and requesting subscribers to revisit your website regularly.

Social Media

Increase web traffic, by creating Ads that are highly targeted to potential buyers. Platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn allow you to build Ads and publish them on targeted customers’ profiles.

Search Engines (Pay-per-Click)

You can also attract traffic by placing an Ad on the top result page of Search Engines. With Search Engines, you can generate campaigns that link an Ad to a set of keywords.

Online Contests

With viral contests, where you offer giveaways and sweepstakes to customers in return for their participation; these can quickly lead to increased traffic to your website.

With these digital marketing tactics in place, you can easily have greater web traffic, which means more opportunities to convert prospects into buyers. Next, consider using digital marketing analytics tools to help you maintain the traffic.


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Tom Koh is the CEO of MediaOne, a leading Asia digital agency. He comes packed with 2 decades of international digital marketing experience. In his spare time of maybe 20 minutes a day, he loves coaching, blogging about all things digital and trying to figure out how to make his dog do the roll.

May 08, 2017

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