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Best Call To Action Examples You Can Steal For Your Singapore Website

A compelling call-to-action (CTA) statement is fundamental to the success of your digital marketing campaign.

Your business might have remarkable statistics, such as high web traffic, many inbound links, and an abundance of indexed pages, but they are all worthless if they don’t generate any money. A well-crafted CTA allows you to convert these incredible numbers into leads, which eventually become customers.

The role of CTA statements is to prompt visitors on your website to complete a specific task, whether it’s a sale, signing up to a mailing list, following a blog, and so forth. CTAs usually open a landing page when clicked.

If you are struggling to come up with a compelling call-to-action statement with the relevant keywords here is some inspiration.

15 Best Call to Action Examples for your Singapore Website


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Netflix uses a short but incredibly powerful CTA statement to encourage you to sign up for a free trial. In just three sentences, they inform you that their product is accessible from any location, and you can easily unsubscribe if the service doesn’t match your expectations.

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This is a perfect example of how the outlook of a call-to-action button can impact its effectiveness. Although most parts of the website are blue, WordStream uses an orange CTA button to make it conspicuous. Even better, the CTA shows that the product on offer is free, which further encourages visitors to try it out.


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Another method of increasing the effectiveness of CTA is by using strategic placement. The homepage of the Hotjar website has two CTA buttons that lead to the same landing page. Both are placed in strategic potions; one on the navigation bar and another at the center of the page. Their red background ensures that they stand out on a mostly white page.

HubSpot Sales

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HubSpot Sales persuades visitors to purchase their sales tools by using a combination of compelling text and a background image portraying salespeople at work.

The use of relatable images together with compelling content prompts the user to envision themselves using the product, which in turn increases the chances of clicking through.

Besides, HubSpot makes the CTA more appealing by indicating that users can get a free trial.

Campaign Monitor

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Campaign Monitor increases the noticeability of their call-to-action button by using a striking color against a moving background.  It is also placed at the center of the homepage. Besides, the company also informs the user that they can quickly seek assistance by clicking the contact button if any problems arise.


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The Kissmetrics CTA is the epitome of simplicity. If you want to create an easy-to-use call-to-action button, add a form next to the button. This is particularly convenient because the user doesn’t have to go to the landing page to fill out the form. Thumbs up to Kissmetrics for using such a smart move!


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Spotify has two CTA buttons on its website; one is leading to the free trial version and the other to the premium version.

The main objective, obviously, is to encourage more users to subscribe to the premium version. This is why the Spotify Premium CTA uses a more prominent button to attain more visibility. The Spotify free uses a contrasting color so that users can try it out before (hopefully) subscribing to the paid version.


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Trello uses bold white text and a green button to make their CTA outstanding against the website’s blue background. The page’s design is simplified to minimize any potential distractions. To make the most out of their inbound traffic, the CTA indicates that users can sign up for Trello for free.


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Some companies, such as Lyft, offer more than one service. In such cases, it is vital to get both messages across without ambiguity.  Lyft uses two buttons to show the different services they offer. The first one, ‘Sign up Now,’ is intended for clients seeking transport, while the second, ‘Drive with Lyft,’ targets drivers who wish to enroll their cars to the ride-sharing platform.  Moreover, both buttons have bright pink coloring, making them impossible to go unnoticed.


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If you work in the corporate world, you are familiar with the annoyance that results from delayed meetings. Join.Me understands this feeling and uses compelling text in their CTA to increase the appeal of workplace meetings. The effectiveness of the CTA is reinforced by the striking orange color used on the CTA button.


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Pop-up CTAs is an aggressive method of generating conversions from your web traffic. Most websites use pop-ups to prompt their visitors to sign up to newsletters and mailing listens, download content, or subscription to blog posts, as is the case with Ikea. In the pop-up, Ikea showcases its top products and informs the users what they will get if they sign up for the service.


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Another implementation of pop-up call-to-action is used on theSkimm website. The pop-up dialog lets you know what the company offers, and backs it up by showing that millions of people have already enrolled for the service. This is because people are likelier to subscribe to a product that already has an established following compared to a startup.


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COOLS emphasizes visuals with their CTA. It features a captivating image of a beautiful couple in a city, as well as an eye-catching bold text ‘GET IT,’ which encourages visitors to subscribe to their mailing list which is focused on fashion trends.

The call-to-action text is simple and effective, mainly because it informs visitors that they will get deals and trends from top fashion retailers.


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Ugmonk implements its CTA using an exit-intent pop-up message. This type of pop-up is designed to appear when a visitor attempts to leave the website. For this reason, the CTA must be convincing. In this case, Ugmonk offers a 10% discount coupon on your first offer that is valid for a limited period. This is meant to create a sense of urgency.

Additionally, the Ugmonk CTA ‘compels’ the user to choose either ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ Given that the offer is only available for a limited time, it is tough for them to decline. The ‘yes’ button is colored blue and has the text ‘yes please’ as a means to increase the appeal of the CTA.


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Influenster uses a unique approach to implement their CTA. When you first open the website, you will hardly notice the small ‘Join Now’ CTA button on the top right corner. After a short while on the site, say 30 seconds, a slide-in CTA appears on the footer section, grabbing your attention and prompting you to perform the intended action, which is joining the platform.

16 Call to Action Best Practices You Should Apply Always

A call to action is a written directive on your web pages to encourage your website visitors to take the desired action. The desired action could be to “buy now’’ or “sign up to get a free e-book” or any other action you would like your readers to take.

Your calls to action are the most crucial parts of your web copy. They guide your website visitors through your marketing funnel by telling them what to do next. They are the keys to converting leads into customers.

As such, you want to ensure all your CTAs are well-written and optimized. Here are 15 tips to help you write perfect CTAs.

1. Be Precise

Wordy CTAs are ineffective. A compelling CTA is short, sweet, and straight to the point.

Generally, your CTAs should be no more than four or five words. Limiting your word count ensures that you use strong verbs that are more likely to inspire action. You let your readers know exactly what you want them to do next without wasting time. 

To help keep your CTA short, start with a strong command verb. For instance, if you’re promoting a newspaper, start with subscribing or download. If you run an e-commerce website, begin with ‘order, ‘shop,’ or buy.

Examples of short and precise CTAs are “click to learn more” “buy now, join free.’

2. Create Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is a proven method of increasing your click-through rates.  This is because it preys on your readers’ fear of missing out (FOMO).

 We all hate to miss out on something important or exciting. When you create a sense of urgency in your CTAs, you tell your readers that they are about to miss out if they don’t take immediate action. 

To add a sense of urgency in your CTAs:

  • Use time-sensitive language such as sign up today, shop now, or start now.
  • Add a countdown timer to show when your offer is expiring
  • Use words that denote scarcity such as last chance, limited slots available, reserve your spot, sales ends in 7 hours.

3. Try Reverse Psychology

Using reverse psychology in your CTA buttons is quickly becoming the go-to trend because of its effectiveness.  The idea is to offer your readers two choices, but instead of allowing them a simple yes or no answer, you use the power of reverse psychology to push them towards the action of your choice.

An excellent example of a reverse psychology CTA is the one on Neil Patel’s blog. Neil Patel offers his audience tips and tricks to boot their traffic and conversion rates. In his CTA, he asks, “want more traffic? And gives readers two options “Yes, I want more traffic” and “No, I have enough traffic.”

Most website owners will jump at the opportunity for more traffic. Using such a CTA makes your readers stop and consider the opportunity they are turning down instead of simply dismissing the CTA.

Another advantage to this approach is that it presents the reader with an option. When people feel like they have a choice, they get a sense of control over the process and are more likely to go forward with it.  The key to successfully using this approach is to keep it simple. Don’t give the reader too many options.

4. Use Colour to Your Advantage

An effective CTA needs to stand out from the rest of the text on the page. The easiest way to make tour CTA pop is to use contrasting colors and white pace. If your CTA is the same color as everything else on the page, it will fade to the background and will fail to capture your audience’s attention.

Your CTA should be the first thing a reader on your website notices. Don’t surround it with distractive words or images. Instead, use contrasting colors and large texts on your CTA button, then surround it with plenty of white space. Having a healthy amount of white space around your CTAS creates a visual break and helps draw the reader’s attention to the CTA.

Please keep in mind that although your CTA should be large enough for people to notice easily, it should not be overly blown out of proportion. Extremely large text tends to make people uncomfortable, and it might overwhelm the rest of your content.

5. Provoke Emotion and Enthusiasm

Although your CTA should be short and precise, it sometimes pays to have a longer action button. this is especially the case when you want to evoke an emotional response in your audience.  In this case, your best bet is to use plenty of modifies. Here are a few examples:

  • Influence your reader’s fear of missing out – limited time offer, get your free eBook!
  • Add adjectives- find your dream home with us!
  • Add numbers –  buy now and get 75% off!
  • Make a promise- Loose weight in just 8 weeks!

6. Use Action-Packed Text

Your call to action is meant to inspire people to take a specific action. As such, it should be full of action-oriented text. Be straight to the  

Your CTA should sound a little bossy. It should order your audience to do this next. To do this effectively, always start your CTA with a verb such as “buy”, “download”, “start”, and ensure that the next words convey value.

Your action words should also match the specific text that relates to your offer. For example, try our free trial, download our whitepaper, reserve your seat.

7. Pay Attention to the Main Goal

When writing your CTA, consider the value you are offering to your readers and how you can best display it in your call to action. Remember, readers only click through your CTA because it promises them something valuable. A CTA such as “Download free eBook” clearly lets your reader know that they are getting value because you are giving them a free book.

8. Use Snazzy Button Shapes

The shape of your CTA button can play a big role in your conversion rates. ask yourself whether a round button would do better than a square one as you design your CTA. It is hard to say which shape will work for your website as both shapes can be effective in different settings. The only way to know for sure is to test different shapes and see which ones work better for you.

9. Prioritise Your CTAs

It’s not uncommon to have more than one CTA on your web pages. However, there should be one CTA button that you want people to click on now. This button should be more attention-grabbing than all the other CTAs and placed strategically so that it’s more visible. 

You can use greyscale buttons or monochromatic colors for your less important CTAs and brighter colors for your main CTA.

10. Add Bonus Button Text

In some situations, you might want to consider adding a few extra words to your CTA buttons.

This is a practice you will usually see in most free trail buttons. For instance, a free trial button might say “Start your free trial” and then have the words: 30-day trial, no credit card beneath it. This is vital information that might encourage site visitors to click on the CTA button and begin their free trial.

It is not necessary to add bonus text to all your CTAs. However, when the extra info fits, it can make a massive difference in the click-through rate of your CTA. 

You can also put the extra info underneath or beside the CTA button. Extra information added in such a manner is known as a ‘click trigger’. Here are some examples of click triggers you can use:

  • Key benefits
  • Data points such as bloggers see a 60% increase in conversion rates when they use this tool
  • Testimonials
  • Anxiety suppressing info such as no credit card required

11. Follow Natural User Flow

In the west, people read from top to down and from left to right. You should keep this natural reading flow in mind when writing your CTAs as it will help you place your buttons smartly.

For example, if your audience is mostly from the west, you will find that the CTAs you place on the bottom right side of your content perform better than those you place anywhere else.

Better still, always align your CTA with the user’s experience. Don’t ask your readers to backtrack so they can click on your CTA. They won’t do it. For instance, your sign up now button should come after your reader has read about your product or offer not before. No one will sign up for a product they know nothing about.

12. Test Test Test

Creating the perfect CTA button is part art and part science. There is no way of truly telling whether they will work unless you use A/B testing. If you haven’t tried any A/B testing before, your CTA buttons might be a great place to start as even the seemingly small actions can have a great impact on your click-through and conversion rates.

Some of the elements you should test are color, style, text, fonts, etc.

13. Give Fewer Choices

People like to know that they have a choice. However, when given too many choices, the choice paradox kicks in and we are frozen in indecision.

In one study, participants were asked to choose one chocolate from a box. In one bunch of the participants were each given a box with six chocolates while the other bunch each had 30 chocolates to choose from. Those who had fewer choices were more content with their choice.

If you want to keep your readers happy, give them fewer choices and fewer CTA buttons to choose from.

 If you must include more than one CTA button, give it more weight to help pull your audience towards it.

14. Use Fancy Button Graphics

Sometimes, adding small graphics such as arrows in your CTA can positively influence your click-through rates.  however, if you are going to use graphics, ensure that they make your message clearer rather than confusing your readers. For instance, a “download now” button would not be effective for users who are trying to sign up for a newsletter or webinar.

15. Think Beyond the Fold

It goes without saying that you should strive to put all your important information, including your CTA above the fold. This is where it is most likely to be seen by site visitors. 

If you can use few words to create an incentive, then above the fold is the best place to place your CTA, especially on your homepage or landing pages. However, you might want to place your CTA further down the page, especially when you have to explain more about your offer before asking people to take a specific action. 

16. Have a CTA Button on Every Landing Page

Don’t assume that the leads know which action they should take next to complete the purchase or any other desired action such as join the newsletter list. Remind them by inserting a CTA on every landing page or service page. As mentioned earlier, it should be strategically placed preferably above the fold so that they don’t miss it. Do A/B tests to know which is the best position and color for each page.

Benefits Of Introducing CTAs To Your Website

Increase Web Traffic

Websites that get high traffic rank high in search engines. This, in turn, makes the site more accessible to the online community. Including a link to the main website in the CTA will greatly help to channel traffic from your blog to the website thereby enhancing the success of your digital marketing campaigns and increasing your popularity in the market.

Get Reader to Read More Content

One of the best ways of converting traffic into sales is by coming up with quality content that will make the reader stay on your website longer. Based on this fact, adding a call to action to your blog posts will lure the readers to read your other posts. All you have to do is a link to related topics using keywords. For instance, the keyword “online marketing” can be linked to other articles/posts that provide additional information on how companies can market their products through the internet.

Increase Chances of the Post Been Shared on Social Media

There are over two billion active social media users in the world today. You can use these social media platforms to market your products and services. Posting links to blog posts on your social media pages is not enough to generate traffic and market your products; you need to go a step further and include a CTA and place social sharing buttons at the end of the posts. By doing so, readers will be able to share the posts easily with their friends by just clicking on these buttons.

Subscribing to a Mailing List

Email marketing is another powerful marketing strategy that you can use to generate sales. However, you will need to have emails of your prospective clients at hand. A quality CAT can get your readers to subscribe to your weekly, monthly, or yearly newsletter. One of the best ways of luring readers to subscribe to your email lists is by giving offers such as discounts or access to more premium content. For example, if your blog posts focus on affiliate marketing, you could decide to offer a free eBook that gives more tips about affiliate marketing to readers who provide their email addresses.

Finally, the CAT should be action-oriented, brief, clear, and easy to locate. Readers should be able to see it from a distance, but it should not be too large to detract their attention from the main content. More importantly, it should be located in an easy-to-find spot that follows the original flow of the site layout. It is also recommended to seek the services of a reputable web design agency to design and optimize the blog.

Call-to-action plays an essential role in your website regardless of whether it is a personal or a business site. It enables visitors and readers to follow your desired path and action. A call-to-action in your website can have varying purposes including having people sign up for your email list or driving traffic to a specific product on your site currently on sale. You can also use it to have your website visitors schedule a consultation session with you. These functions are of great use especially in the highly competitive digital online marketing in Singapore. An attractive and well-placed call-to-action will certainly boost your conversion rate. There are various WordPress plugins you can use in creating an effective call-to-action. This article will go through the best call-to-action (CTA) WordPress plugins for your Singapore website.

Best Call-To-Action WordPress Plugins for Your Singapore Website

WordPress Calls to Action

WordPress Calls to Action helps you to create an effective lead generation system for our website. It was developed by Inbound Now and can be downloaded for free from the official repository. This plugin works together with WordPress leads and WordPress landing and may as well work as a standalone plugin. One of its functions is monitoring and tracking conversion rates on your website. The plugin runs an A/B split test and develops an easy-to-use visual editor that enables you to make changes to your CTA buttons immediately. You can easily design popup CTAs by modifying calls to action. Some of the WordPress calls to action pros include easy usability, the inclusion of a visual editor, the ability to run A/B split tests, and track conversion rates. However, coding knowledge is required in creating your template.

WordPress Notification Bar

WordPress Notification Bar gives you the ability to develop a customizable call to action or notification bar sitting at the top of your screen. You will have the option to choose the color and call to action message that fits your existing brand best. This simple plugin can be downloaded for free from the official repository. However, there exists a pro version that comes with extra features including capturing email leads, creating countless bars per site, custom countdowns, social media icons, google fonts integration, dedicated support, and more. The pro version goes for $29 per year giving you one year of updates and support on one site. You can subscribe to business and agency licenses for $49 and $99 respectively to use the plugin on more sites.

Simple Side Tab

Simple Side Tab enables you to place your call to action on the side of your site, and it remains visible as users scroll down. The vertical tab added on the side of the browser window is displayed on all the website pages. More so, this plugin is mobile-friendly for efficient use through the mobile. You will be able to customize the fonts and colors to be used by the plugin. The simple Side Tab plugin is suitable as it does not use graphics that could cause a slowdown of your site. Some of the advantages of a simple side tab include easy usability, ability to the side where the tab appears, mobile-friendly, and free download from the plugin repository. However, it does not have options for setting multiple side tabs.

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum enables the creation of calls to action by use of the scarcity marketing principle. The ideology behind this principle is availing business sales offers for a limited time on your website leading to the better conversion of your calls to action. This plugin can be used in the sidebar, as a top bar, across specific category pages, and more. Thrive Ultimatum gives you the ability to create multiple calls to action on the same page, run unlimited campaigns, and develop recurring campaigns. It can also be customized using a visual editor. This premium plugin goes for $97 per year for one personal site license with one year of unlimited updates and support. Moreover, the plugin is available at $147 for five site licenses and $399 for fifteen site licenses annually.

Shortcodes Ultimate

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Shortcodes Ultimate gives you the ability to create tabs, buttons, sliders, accordions, and more on your site. A new button for use in inserting custom buttons and tabs to your website pages is added after the installation of the plugin. Shortcodes plugin has more than fifty predefined Shortcodes, a wide selection of preset styles, and unlimited color variations. A free version is available in the official repository while you can subscribe to a premium version to unlock extra styles and Shortcodes. The premium add-ons version ranges from $15 -$25. One of its significant cons is that the plugin depends on Shortcodes hence if you stop using it your calls to action will no longer function.


Boxzilla plugin creates beautiful calls to action on your website. This is according to the site visitor percentage scrolling point, spending a certain amount of time in your site, reaching a particular element, or before he or she leaves the website. The boxes can either be placed at the center or corner of the screen as a link or button. You will have the ability to customize it to the animation and colors you want them to appear. More so, you can decide on how long a dismissed box will stay hidden. There is an option to hide the plugin box on mobile devices. A free version of Boxzilla is available. However, there exists a premium version going at $6 per month for one site, $9 per month developers license for three sites, and $14 per month agency license for ten sites.

Button Builder-Buttons X

Button bolder -buttons X is used in the creation of beautiful CTA buttons and making unlimited button variations without coding. You will be able to use various add-ons such as tooltips, google analytics, and widgets, customize buttons using any color, and use any google fonts. The plugin allows integration of the buttons with WooCommerce, the creation of social media buttons, using the buttons in the navigation menu, and with ninja and gravity forms. The plugin is available for free in the official repository. A premium version featuring premium add-ons and more button styles is available for $21 on CodeCanyon.

In conclusion, you need attractive calls to action to persuade visitors to take action on your site. These will boost your conversions rate and help outdo your business competitors of the same strain in Singapore. Calls to action will help make visitors buy your products, join your email list or sign up for a free download. Simple website plugins include Boxzilla and WordPress call to action while thrive ultimatum is an excellent example of plugins with more features.



The call to action examples mentioned above provides invaluable insight on how to persuade your web traffic to perform a specific action. It’s evident that a compelling call-to-action can significantly boost the conversions, profits, and revenue generated from your business website. The tips and tricks will help you improve your call-to-action buttons to better convert regular website visitors into customers. 

If you’re considering web design in Singapore, ensure that your site has a powerful call-to-action statement.

In summary, the CTA statement should be action-oriented, use convincing language, use compelling visuals, and create a sense of urgency. It is also important to remember that the action prompted by the CTA must be somewhat useful to the visitor. If it is entirely irrelevant, it is difficult for them to click through the CTA.

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