How Businesses Can Make More Money Online

How Businesses Can Make More Money Online

Majority of business owners know how challenging it can be in running a business. More specifically, you need to incorporate the best tactics for an online business to gain maximum exposure and profits. Despite the challenges, making a few changes in your marketing strategy can be the beginning of your business success. As a business owner, you need to try out different strategies to increase your profits and revenues.

This article goes through top marketing strategies on how businesses can make more money online.

  1. Boost Your Online Reputation

For you to make more money online, online reputation plays a considerable part regardless of your business size. An excellent online reputation gives you credibility as a business. It also improves the customer trustworthy by showing that you care about them as much as you care for your business. There are many ways of boosting your online reputation. One of the primary methods is participating actively on the social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There you will have a huge target audience who will get to know you. A business website is another crucial component in establishing a good online reputation. Incorporate calls to actions on your site for the visitors to get to your through landing pages and web forms quickly. Other effective methods of improving your online business reputation include creating strategic alliances through cross-promotion and joint venturing, and use of website blogs to educate your customers about your business, products, and services offered. Though slow, building a good online reputation will surely increase your profits in the long run.

  1. Enhance Your Negotiation Skills

One of the powerful skills in business is a negotiation. This relates to the process of buying products or services from wholesale and retail it to your customers. An example of a case study is a shop owner who transacts business with a long-term wholesale supplier. He or she buys at a net price and sells at a gross price. Often, the wholesale prices provided are just accepted with no negotiations. Most people do not go back to the wholesalers for negotiations. Putting extra efforts in negotiating prices with the wholesaler can improve your business profits massively. This is despite selling them on lower costs to your customers. Other than the increased profitability, it takes part in providing a healthier business bottom line.

  1. You Have to Invest Your Money to Make More Money

If you want to grow your business, you have to spend and invest in it. Use of business loans in the perfect way and for the correct reasons can put you on a step ahead of your competitors. It may sound illogical. However, it is all about finding business opportunities and taking chances. You can have a high return on investment by using a small loan to make correct purchases. Business loans act as the perfect resource to make the most of arising business opportunities. Nevertheless, avoid accumulation or borrowing a huge sum of debt over a short timeline. Any business loan that you borrow should be a part of your business plans and strategy. With your aim is making more money, you should make sure you borrow investment loans from trusted financial organisations that will assist you to compute the profits that the loan will bring to your business.

  1. Establish Gross Margin Percentage Target

You need to begin with the actual current results of your products to steps towards increasing the profits. This is by implementing the gross margin percentage target for each of your products. These acts as levers in driving the business towards higher profits. In a move of enabling sales to accept or repudiate projects based on the target gross margin percentage, you should ensure you add an excel template as the quoting tool. You can sometimes accept lower margin percentage products to acquire more work from your customers. This is essential regarding enhancing your understanding of the product line that is most lucrative.

  1. Upsell and Cross-Sell Your Customers

Existing customers plays a critical part in determining whether your business will grow or not. Making profits is one way of indicating business growth, and this can be promoted by taking good care of your existing customers. You should build an extensive display of products and services that you can upsell or cross-sell to your existing online customers. It is keynote to note that it is a lot cheaper and easier to sell your products to existing customers rather than trying to win new customers. To maximize your profits, first, ensure that the online process of purchasing the goods is simple with as minimum steps as possible. A lot of steps in a shopping cart acts as a turn off to many customers. You should then increase the products range that you deal with for increased total sales without having to come up with a new product.

  1. Consider Hiring Freelancers Instead of Full-Time Employees

Some of the disadvantages of full-time employees include high expenses on pointless commitments including healthcare, payroll, increased liability and tax implications for the business owner. Freelancers give you the best option and will do you job at a hundred percent commission or a set rate. Unlike full-time employees, you will not incur healthcare and payroll expenses. To increase profits, small businesses must reduce their costs. More so, it is much easier to detach from freelancers as compared to employees when the task is over. You should hence consider hiring freelancers to make more money by reducing the costs.

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  1. Implement The 80/20 Rule

For increased profits, you need to use the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule is beneficial and effective in carrying out a Pareto principle assessment in your business. It helps to establish valuable clients or products in your business. For instance, if a customer is one of the twenty percent who contributes to your eighty percent business revenue, it is worthwhile to give him or her the needed attention. If not, it is worth for you to concentrate more on others. Moreover, if a customer is a part of the twenty percent customers who consume eighty percent of your time, you should free up yourself and do more efficient and useful business activities. Use this 80/20 percent rule to carry out research on which customers to focus on and which not to focus on. You can make more money by giving more focus to the customers and products that are more profitable.

  1. Focus on Activities That Increase Your Sales

Majority of small businesses tend to concentrate more on business activities that have no relation to boosting their profits. You need to emphasize sales from the beginning for you to maximize your profits. The cheapest method of making more sales transaction is going out into the social media and give your maximum business exposure in all ways. You want to utilize all types of social media marketing such as the use of case study, five stars to reviews and being featured by news media and bloggers that will do the marketing for you. This is by the fact that digital marketing has gone to a higher level and a considerable percentage of the buying process is through online means. Online users are researching products and services online to choose the best company to purchase from. If you have not put much effort in digitalizing your business, you are not even in the game. Ensure that your business is well exposed and discoverable on the internet to increase your profits and revenue growth.

  1. Make the Most Out of The Profit Leverage Effect

The profit leverage effect emphasizes the significance of reducing your costs of sales while maintaining quality. Each dollar saved in production and delivery of good and services will add a profit of a dollar to your final calculations without a having to get more sales. However, by selling another dollar of products or services, it adds a fraction of a dollar to the final calculations. This is because there is a cost on every sale that shares a percentage of the profit made. You need to re-engineer the production processes and make use of resourceful procurement to capitalize on this principle.

  1. Request for Positive Reviews from Your Customers

Requesting reviews from your customers is a perfect and cheap way to promote your sales. For example, more than eighty-eight percent of Google customers trust and give countless reviews to google as well as personal recommendations. Though most business owners are not worried about reviews as long as they are negative, customers need some positive reviews to boost sales. Ask some of your happy and frequent customers to write positive reviews for you. However, you should avoid buying or using fake reviews.

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  1. Invest on Strengthening Your SEO Strategies

You most probably know the great impact of search engine optimisation in digital marketing. Its power cannot be taken for granted. SEO strategies give great long-term results contrary to paid and traditional marketing tactics. By investing in strengthening your SEO strategies, you will make more money for years.

  1. Expand Your Business to Areas with Lesser Competition

Most small businesses make a big mistake of getting satisfied after conquering the local market sales instead of expanding to other geographical regions with lesser competition. They tend to input more efforts in the same market which do not often translate on the profit margin. Small businesses need to move out to new areas with lower competition. The additional cost of expanding the business to new regions is nothing compared to the potential sales you will get after settling.

  1. Follow Up Your Customers

It is vital for a very business to have a customer service department. One of their roles is following up on their customers. Otherwise, you will be risking to lose your business due to lack of follow up. You can use text messages or telephone calls to make follow-ups for any type of business. The email address also presents a perfect way for thank you or personal note. You can use social media platforms to conduct reviews and follow up surveys in an attempt to maintain contact with your customers.

  1. Improving on Your Business Brand

Brand improvement requires you to understand your customers correctly, the problem you are solving for them and make your solution feel different. This way, you will build a more valuable brand in which customers will be willing to pay more for your items and services. The perceived value enables you to raise prices without losing your customers. It is an ideal way of increasing your profits substantially.

  1. Adjust to Your Customers Needs Accordingly

You don’t need just to identify who your customers are; you need to know their needs and wants clearly. Why do they need to come to you? Why are they coming to you? These are some of the things you need to understand. Also, you need to figure out what makes you different from other businesses in the competition and how can offer the best solutions to your customers. Understanding these factors and adjusting accordingly will give you better chances of making more money.

  1. Have A Continuous Improvement Initiative

Put in place a continuous improvement initiative (CPI). This simply means having insights of the current business processes and creating your perfect process map for the future. You want to keep improving the processes to perfect your business. This is by reducing the steps in your business profits. Fewer steps require lower costs which result in higher profits.

  1. Use of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a part of content marketing. Your business content needs to be valuable and relevant to your existing or target audience. This may be that you offer cheaper goods, or it has higher quality than any other. Use email marketing to communicate to information that will make them want to buy more from you.


Every business owner wants and aims at maximizing business profits. However, to increase business profits, most businesses need to incorporate new strategies. Online business is facing increased competition as it continues to grow tremendously and more and more businesses get into it. The above tips provide you with the best prescription in an attempt to make more money online. Make a step today to uplift your struggling business or ensure your business profits continue to increase each day.

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