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How to Build a User-Friendly Website (Part 3)


You are slowing down the rate at which your Singapore business should be growing if you do not have a user-friendly website. Professional Singapore web development firms can help you come up with an ideal site for your business at an affordable price. However, you need to know the specific characteristics of a user-friendly site to make the right decision.

Here is part three on how to build a user-friendly website.

Make Your Content Concise, Simple, and Jargon Free

In spite of the fact that you are an expert in your field, you need to make sure that you do not use jargon words to avert sidelining some of the target customers who are unfamiliar with the terms. Ideally, your content should be concise and straightforward. Take into consideration the concerns or needs of the target customers before you embark on writing. Include targeted keywords as well as branded keywords to increase the chances of the site being displayed on SERPs.

Enhance Text Using Images and Photos

Visuals help to capture the attention of the visitors and motivate them to take the desired actions such as placing orders or downloading software. Make your site more visual by enhancing the text using high-quality photos and images. Steer clear of generic stock photos as they might be found on your competitor sites. Also, note that too many images will make the pages look disorganized. The images could as well distract potential customers thereby lowering the conversion rate. You also need to be vigilant about animations – having many moving objects will distract the visitor.

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Include Contact Information

How will the target visitors get in touch with you if you do not include contact information? Provide your email address, office address, and phone number on your site to make easy for them to reach you. All this information should be placed in the top right corner or the footer. Go an extra mile and include a contact form that customers can use to submit their personal details and ask questions.

Finally, there are more 4 million smartphone users in Singapore. There is a high chance that a large percentage the potential customers in the country use mobile devices to access your site, so make it mobile friendly by investing in a responsive web design in Singapore.



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