How to Build a Huge Instagram Following for Marketing Purposes


Instagram became the third most famous social networking site after reaching 700 million users. It offers an excellent opportunity to build your audience and market your internet business in Singapore.

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Let us discuss how a Singapore internet business can build a huge following on Instagram for marketing purposes.

Respond to your followers’ questions and comments

You should take some time engaging with your fans to grow your fan base. Start by identifying all worthwhile comments and questions and individually respond to them.

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Post not less than three comments

Make a routine of scanning through the pictures of people you follow, pick at least three photos and leave comments. You should avoid generic comments such as “nice pic!” Instead, say something outstanding which shows you thought about it before commenting. Doing this will popularize your profile and result in a return engagement that will foster your business’s growth.

Post at least once a day

An ordinary Instagram profile posts once a day and profiles with huge following post more often. Research shows that profiles that post frequently have a high following. Posting three times a day puts you on the frontline as studies show that companies that post frequently have a large number of followers. You can use Hootsuite to save your time by auto-scheduling your postings.

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Identify the ideal time to post

The timing of your post dictates the visibility of your content. Your content will move towards the top of your followers’ feeds if you post quality content that generates plenty of engagement after being posted. The location of your followers determines the time they are active and thus the optimal time to post. Online marketing agencies in Singapore should experiment by posting at different times and evaluating the user engagement to determine the optimal time for a posting.

Research Hashtags

To create quality hashtags, type a significant keyword into the Instagram search tab and view what comes up. This will allow you to measure the popularity of a hashtag by checking the number of posts using it.

Use Excellent Captions

Captions turn a great Instagram picture into an epic one. Tweak your captions as much as possible to be funny and relevant to your brand.

Follow Three Accounts

Following at least three accounts per day can boost your following due to their engagement. If your posting is appropriate, a high percentage of people will follow you back.

Following the above steps as a routine can generate a huge following for your Singapore internet business. Ensure your comments are outstanding to generate sufficient user engagement.  


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