How To Budget For A Digital Marketing Campaign In Singapore

How To Budget For A Digital Marketing Campaign In Singapore

There so many digital marketing tools and platforms available for growing your business. The program platforms are offering equal chances to both big and small company brands to market their goods and services. Singapore is one of the top countries that has dramatically welcomed online business marketing developments. These features are of great significance in Singapore where there is increased competition in digital marketing over the past few years. Budget is the most critical factor in developing your business’s online advertising strategy. You need to know the average advertising cost before starting your online business marketing regardless of whether you have some money to spare or a bootstrap budget. This article goes through how much you need to conduct digital marketing in Singapore.

  1. Average Advertising Cost for Google Ads

Google is the most famous search engine in the world. Google ads are hence the most prominent online advertising platform in the world. People will be able to search the world information including videos, web pages, images, and more. They will be able to find exactly what you need on the internet through the various special features on google. Running your business advertisement campaign on Google gives you a chance to display your brand on a search engine and Google maps. The customers searching for businesses related to yours get to see your business brand among them.

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Google Ads

Google ads are useful for small businesses in driving more website traffic, more foot visits to physical locations of the stores, and getting more phone calls. The best thing about Google ads is that any budget can be used to develop an effective google ads campaign. Businesses use google ads for maximization of their online advertisement budget and to feature on the search engine results page (SERP). SERP takes the role of page listing in response to the keyword query.

Google Ads Pricing Model

Google ads have two options of campaign models you can launch. This includes display and search networks. Search network campaign ads are triggered by proactive search questions inputted by the users who are looking for products and services-related ads. Search network ads use a pay-per-click model (PPC) in which you will pay for each time an online user clicks on your ad to visit your landing pages. The users will be served with the relevant ads which appear just above the results. Display network uses relevant page content which is specifically targeted by advertisers. The users are not explicitly looking for ads. They have an interest in visiting pages that are related to the inputted keywords. Display ads are found on display networks all over the internet appearing as banners. This audience may be fit for your business brand.

There are three mains google ads pricing options;

  • CPC Pricing. This option is perfect for campaign advertisements that targeted to drive traffic. You will pay when users click on your advertisement ad.
  • CPM Pricing. Also known as cost-per-thousand-impressions, CPM is based on paying after one thousand views. This is perfect for ad campaigns aimed at brand awareness.
  • CPA Pricing. Cost-per-acquisition is based on paying after the results of your ad to lead conversion. This is the best pricing policy for driving your business sales.

Google PPC Ads

Pay per click operates on the principle of charging a small fee every time an online user clicks on your ads. Pay-per-click ensures you get instant exposure that leads to traffic and higher sales. This program provides all the platforms anytime and anywhere. Pay-per-click marketing is the perfect business choice and ensures your business has the maximum reach out without overspending. In Singapore, most of the forefront visited sites have advertising platforms that they take advantage of. These platforms get them on the front line ahead of their potential competitors everywhere they go online. The pay-per-click platform packages are all-inclusive and give you maximum exposure. In simple terms, pay per click makes sure you are found on the forefront before others through search engines’ organic results hence increasing your leads generation.

PPC Ads Pricing Model

The Google PPC ads are displayed on search engines, and you pay on a pay per click. The google ads auction process determines which ads are shown when an online user performs a keyword search. This auction will the CPC rate and order of ads on the Google search engine. Your quality score on a scale of 1 to 10 and maximum bid both determine the position of your PPC. The higher your ad rank on the SERP, the higher your quality score and the lower your cost per click. The average cost for google ads is approximately $1.00 and $2.00 per click. Your average cost per month will be about $10000 per month.

You will be able to start the advertisement on any budget depending on how much experience on the platform you are. A higher than average cost per click will be experienced in a more competitive industry in your business location.

Average Advertisement Cost for Google Display Network

Google display network (GDN) ads tend to have lower click-through rates as compared to Google search engine ads. Despite that, the Google display network has many remarketing and appealing targeting opportunities you can use to grow your business. The more click-through rates you get, the higher the investment return for the spent amount in ads. The average cost on the display network per click is about $0.58. The cost may vary depending on the competitiveness of your industry. The business industries with a higher cost per click include employment services industries with $1.66 per click and the real estate industry with about $ 0.88 CPC rate.

  1. Average Facebook Ads Advertising Cost

Facebook has the most substantial online media time consumption. This is one of the most famous social utilities globally. More than 1.2 billion people are Facebook users now. Facebook enables people to upload pictures, connect with friends, and share videos and links. The chat features include public and private chats that are featured through messages. The majority of Singaporeans spend their online time on Facebook platforms. It is hence vital for you to invest in Facebook marketing as your target audience is more likely to be available on them. Facebook advertisement is effective and affordable to help reach your brand’s targeted goals. The platform provides a variety of ads depending on your online advertising goals. You will be able to reach your targeted audiences based on their behaviours, interests, and demographic information. Many Singapore businesses depend on Facebook ads in driving website traffic, reaching new audiences, and improving lead conversions.

Facebook Ad Pricing Model

Facebook ad pricing model involves setting aside weekly and monthly ad campaign budgets. The ads are automatically paused when the budget is exhausted. Facebook ads provide control over budget allocation and the amount spent on getting the user to take particular actions including downloading your business app all signing up for your email listings. The best advantage of using Facebook ads is that you can get the most from your ad spend. And you have more control over your budget ads. Facebook advertising in Singapore could be of great help in helping you with your Facebook ads as the platform is a bit confusing as compared to Google search ads and PPC models.

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Average Advertising Cost for Facebook Ads

Currently, the average cost for Facebook ads per click is about $1.72, and the average cost per impression (CPM) is about $7.19. However, the cost will depend on location, niche, and industry factors. Most of the business spend an average of $1.00 per fan which varies depending on apps download, brand recognition, and website visits. Despite the low average advertising costs across many industries, it has some expensive industries such as insurance, finance, home improvements, and customer services. If you want to reach your audience while still generating investment returns, Facebook ads are the way to go. You will be able to launch your campaigns at a general low-cost ad budget.

  1. Average Advertising Costs for Instagram Ads Cost

Instagram is one of the powerful and emerging digital tools. It is providing a funny and simple creative way to capture, share messages, photos, and videos with family and friends. You have to download the applications, create an account and log in to Instagram. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 as a strategic plan to dominate social media. This way, Facebook expanded its online advertising revenue through Instagram ads. Instagram is a suitable platform for advertising visual brands to get to their target audiences through compelling video and image ad content.

Average Advertising Costs

Instagram gives you an alternative format according to your advertisement goals. The Instagram ads are placed in the Instagram users’ feed making it non-disruptive as compared to other forms of online ads. The ads will hence give the user a seamless ad experience. Your ad content will visually look like normal Instagram organic content. This gives you a chance to use similar engaging videos and images like those of users’ favorite Instagram accounts. Instagram ads are an excellent addition to Instagram’s marketing strategy.

Instagram Ads Pricing Model

Being a part of Facebook, Instagram’s advertising pricing model is similar to Facebook ads. If you know how to develop Facebook ads on the platform, it is straightforward to create Instagram ads. Business companies that want to use both Facebook and Instagram ads find it convenient for them to launch the campaigns. You only need to access the dashboard of one of the more familiar platforms and use it to manage both social media ad campaigns. You should set your Instagram advertisement ad budget per day or throughout the campaign period. Make sure also to include the maximum amount you are willing to spend on the ad objective. The cost per click is measured by the ad quality and relevance of its content, advertisers bid, and the likelihood for users to take the action of the optimised ad.

Average Advertising Costs for Instagram

A while ago, the Instagram advertising costs were below Facebook ads. Te Instagram ads CPM was approximately half the price of Facebook ads CPM. At the start of the campaign launching on Instagram, the average CPM for advertisers was about $5. The massive growth of Instagram’s popularity has led to a rise in average cost for its ads. The price has become similar to Facebook going for around $10 CPM. The increase is directly proportional to the increase in popularity of the visual social media platform. Instagram provides a perfect platform to get your target audience. The ability to capture the target audience through Instagram ads gives your brand a better investment return on your ad spend.

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The Instagram platform gives a higher level of user engagement. This is proportional to Instagram ad costs which give it a high significance. The platform is perfect for business brands that want to get the attention of online users and also engage them meaningfully. You will change the way you see online audience engagement. It is suitable for small business brands with a compressed online ad budget. More so, if your business campaign objectives are entirely based on engagement, worry no more as the Instagram ad is the solution. It is easy for you to control your Instagram ad spending. You can manage the launch campaigns the same way you handle your Facebook ads through the Facebook ads manager. You can test the different strategies in Instagram campaigns to see which results in the best ROI. You can use various options to have the maximum Instagram ad spend.

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Online advertisement is at a higher level in Singapore than ever before. Now you have the average advertising cost for three of the largest advertising platforms. This should greatly help you to plan on your advertising strategy. However, the stated figures are just an estimate of the total cost needed. Many factors affect the actual advertisement costs for your advertisement objectives, industry, and location. You can analyze and test the different advertising tools in a bid to adjust your strategy over time to reduce the cost. Singapore has many expert advertising agencies to consult in case you don’t have enough expertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads advertising platforms.



How much should i budget for online advertising

Averagely in Singapore you should allocate between $200 to $350 per day. This covers social media advertising and Google Advertising.

What are the types of online advertising

– Google Search Advertising
– Gooogle display ads
– Facebook ads
– Instagram ads
– Youtube Ads


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