Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy This 2019 With These 5 Tips

content marketing strategy for singapore businesses 2019

It might look easy when people tell you to do something about your content marketing strategy. However, the truth is that there are hundreds of many choices that you can do. If you are looking for expert tips, guides, and definitive cheat sheets when it comes to content marketing, you’re in the right place!

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We have taken the time to analyze the trends, used data tools, and positioned ourselves as experts when it comes to creating a content marketing strategy.

So without further ado, here are the only tips you’ll ever need to boost your content marketing strategy this 2019.

Use Hashtags

You may have heard how people consider hashtags to be useless, but when it comes to specific social media platforms, hashtags are very much alive. For Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, leverage the power of hashtags and you will soon find your posts with more views, and engagements.

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Use the Same Content

When it comes to SEO outreach, experts will tell you to avoid duplicate content. But regarding content marketing, it’s efficient to advertise similar contents on several different platforms. Take a blog post for example. On Facebook, you can easily share the link, on the other hand, that format cannot work on Instagram. What you can do is create something like a sneak-peak or a teaser post for Instagram.  You can then include the post’s link in your bio and mention it on your post. Do the same thing with Facebook and Twitter.

Do Not Confine SEO Only To Blog Posts

Just like our second tip, you can repurpose all of your SEO content on different platforms. It is essential to create good blog content, but you should not forget to optimize all your other contents. On Instagram, you can add key terms on your posts and tweets. This will help increase visibility.

Leverage Video Content

Most people forget to leverage video content for their strategy. From the many features of different social media platforms, there are a lot of ways to create visual contents. This includes using Facebook Live, Instagram stories, and YouTube videos.

Know When You Need to Upgrade Your SEO Tools

Nowadays, SEO is very much used to boost a brand’s visibility and with this increases the many tools used for SEO.  One thing you need to know about these tools is that a tool that works well with one brand may not work well with you. It is essential to find the right tools to use. There are tons of free versions out there, but they can only do so much. If you see that you need a good SEO strategy and a tool can help you with that, maybe it’s time to purchase a paid version.

As for this tip, you have to do your research and check each SEO tool to find the right ones for your business.


All in all, content marketing is one of the strategies that you need to help boost your brand or business. Take the time and enhance your strategy with the tips mentioned above. Check what works for you, and by then you are sure to have a successful campaign.

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January 04, 2019

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