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8 Steps You Need To Take To Establish a Successful Blog in Singapore

8 Steps You Need To Take To Establish a Successful Blog in Singapore

Blogging in Singapore is not a new affair, but statistics show that getting traffic to a blog is one of the biggest challenges. In that light, many of the bloggers in Singapore do not receive enough traffic to earn an income from it, and it can be frustrating.

To get started on blogging, you only need to know how to work a computer and the internet. However, only a handful of people are making a living through blogging in Singapore. In this article, we will look at the steps that you should take to become successful by blogging in Singapore.

What You Should Know About Blogging in Singapore

Many elements make up blogging and it is necessary that you start on the right footing. First, you need to set aside some money for copywriting the content on your blog that is you will not be writing the content yourself.

You will also need to consider the various aspects connected to analytics, design, digital marketing, and so much more. With that said, to be a successful blogger, you must

  • Read and write a lot
  • Think
  • Be creative
  • Do not stay in the same place for too long
  • Develop your style and structure
  • Be social
  • Focus on quality over quantity

With that said, the above is just but a snippet of the things you need to do. However, there are crucial 8 steps that will put you on the path to success with blogging in Singapore.

Step 1: Identify the Niche You Will Blog About

Blogging in Singapore is touted as easy as long as you have select blogging gear, but that is not where to start. You might have all the blogging gear in Singapore, but if you do not know what to blog about, or know its profitability index, you will not get much success.

This formula will help you know what to blog about

    • Have a goal for your blog
    • Find a topic that is in line with your goal
    • Identify an audience interested in your topic
    • Examine the profitability of your content
    • Finalise on the blog’s topic

This is probably the most challenging step of blogging in Singapore. However, you could start with the trending topics in your niche and work your way up. A tool such as Google Trends can help you know what to blog about.

Step 2: Choose a Blog Name

There are many blogging platforms in Singapore, and you need to look for the best one. However, you will also need a blog name, which is also referred to as the domain. This will require a lot of brainstorming, and with so many businesses already registered in Singapore, it could take a while.

Here are tips to consider when choosing a name for your blog

    • Keep the name short, and ensure it is easy to pronounce and spell
    • Go for a .com extension since they are well-established, easy to remember, and credible
    • Avoid the use of double letters and hyphens as it can lead to typos

You can check the availability of your preferred blog name on any of the many domain registrars in Singapore.

Step 3: Register with a Web Host

A web host for your blog is a company where the blog’s contents are stored and accessed when a user visits your blog. However, selecting a web host is not as easy since there are many cheap web-hosting companies in Singapore offering cheap- priced shared hosting plans.

However, these companies often overload their servers and these results in poor website performance. On top of this, some companies offer terrible customer support. With that said, here are tips to help you find a proper web host in Singapore

    • Only pick shared hosting plans if you are on a tight budget and planning to start small
    • Only settle for a web hosting company with high uptime at least 99.5%
    • Look for a web host with available customer support
    • Get a 2-year hosting plan, but do not select a month-to-month plan
    • Avoid very cheap or free hosting
    • Look for a secure web host

With that said, there are several affordable hosting options in Singapore. It will call for you to have a hosting budget since you cannot trust a free hosting.

Step 4: Install WordPress

WordPress is arguably the best blogging platform in the world today. It is easy to set up, and it is free. You only need to head over to the CPanel on your hosting account and click on the WordPress Installer.

This only requires you to fill in the required information. However, you can always seek help from your web hosting company if you are having trouble installing WordPress.

Step 5: Customise Your Blog

When customising your blog, follow these steps to ensure you get a unique and functioning blog

These are the basic and necessary customisations for blogging in Singapore. However, to be truly unique, you need to do more customisations to the theme such as changing the picture, fonts, and more.

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Step 6: Set Up Your Social Accounts

It is not proper to use your social accounts with your blog. You will need to create accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. These will be your go-to digital marketing channels and these calls for you to have professionally done logos, banner image, and website details on each of the accounts.

Step 7: Sign Up For an Email Marketing Service

On top of using your blog’s social media accounts, you need to engage in email marketing. You will need to build a relationship with every interested user that interacts with your blog. Email marketing offers a platform to promote your products and share exclusive content with people interested in your brand.

When done right, email marketing will be a cost-effective avenue of acquiring new brand prospects as well as foster loyalty with your existing customers. MailChimp is arguably one of the best email marketing services in Singapore today.

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Step 8: Create and Upload Content

Now that you have set up your blog and the necessary digital marketing channels, you can then get down to doing blogging. In the beginning, you will need to set up the static pages, which include the contact page, About Us page, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer pages.

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Next, you can start creating content, but it will need to be guided by content creation and content marketing plans. For example, you will need to establish when you will upload new content to help you find success when blogging in Singapore. More so, you need to have a list of topics you will blog about beforehand to ensure you never run out of ideas.


Blogging in Singapore can be a source of income, seeing that some bloggers are making more than $50,000 a year. We hope that with the above steps, you will start living out your passion.

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