How To Spy On Your Competitor’s Paid SEM Ads

How To Spy On Your Competitor’s Paid SEM Ads

Online marketing isn’t a zero sum activity. But with certain marketing endeavours, you lose when your competitors gain.   Try to think of all the big things that occupy a marketer’s mindshare. Chief among them is how far their competition is with their marketing campaign and what tactic should they start employing to beat them. So […]

November 28, 2018 | By mediaone

Tips on How To Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign For Mobile

The internet is dominated by Yoast optimized mobile devices. Mobile devices have transformed how internet users across the globe access their products, Google Ads and services. For instance, in Singapore, 80% of the population own smartphones and three-quarter of these smartphone owners acquire services or products from online stores. Therefore, mobile devices are the most […]

November 26, 2018 | By mediaone

What Are the Pros and Cons of Google Ads – Advice For The Singapore Digital Marketer

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, is an online advertising/marketing platform developed by Google, where businesses can display and deliver promotional marketing adverts, product listings, among others to potential consumers. Google ads are a vital and direct mode of creating awareness to consumers about your brand since, when people visit Google, they search for […]

November 10, 2018 | By mediaone

How to Market Accounting Firms and Freelance accounting Services in Singapore

When you start an accounting firm, there is so much you need to do in order to keep the business going. There has to be a steady flow of clients. To achieve this, you have to consistently promote your services. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to market accounting firms and […]

November 08, 2018 | By mediaone

5 Reasons Why Singapore SMEs Should Use Google Ads

It’s no hard sell to convince small business owners of the benefits of SMEs Google AdWords. The flexibility, the high Return on Investment, the transparent results, and the ability to tap into a colossal, high-quality traffic source – any other paid online advertising service you can think of must surely come second. Prospective customers from […]

November 07, 2018 | By mediaone

Basics To Starting Google Ads In Singapore

The digital space is the go-to place for all products and services. It has become a perfect marketplace for the digitized generation. Several factors have enhanced the use of the internet to access all the services that are available in brick and mortar stores. One of the notable reasons for the enhancement of online shopping […]

November 07, 2018 | By mediaone

How Do I Find A Good Google Ads Agency In Singapore?

Google Adword Uses Pay Per Click (PPC)   Otherwise referred to as the PPC model, AdWords allow you to place bids on a set of keywords in a bid to target a specific market. That way, your link gets to show up at the top of the search results shown, thus instantly connecting you with […]

August 07, 2020 | By mediaone

How to Market Office and Commercial Property in Singapore

Selling office and commercial property can be a daunting task. Some of the factors that determine how your property performs in the market includes its features and pricing. If you aren’t using a broker and have little knowledge on how to sell your property, finding a client can be difficult. In this post, we are […]

November 05, 2018 | By mediaone

How to Market IT Services in Singapore

The emergence of the internet more than two decades ago revolutionised the way human beings conduct their activities. Many traditional jobs are disappearing because computers can perform the same tasks easily and efficiently. There is a high demand for IT services, but this doesn’t mean that running an IT company is a walk in the […]

November 02, 2018 | By mediaone

Re-Targeting and Remarketing Tutorial for Singapore Marketers

Singapore digital marketing industry is booming thanks to the advancement in technology and increased internet access and widespread use of smart mobile devices. More than 80% of Singaporeans have access to fast internet and rely on it as the primary source of information. Social media platforms have also gained traction in the country; Facebook offers […]

July 01, 2020 | By mediaone

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