Understanding the term Call to Action

Understanding the term Call to Action

  Having a clear call to action makes the difference in whether or not a digital marketing campaign is effective. Every marketing campaign that you run, whether it is a print ad, email campaign, visual graphic, or video needs to have a clear goal and a call to action that conveys that goal to your […]

June 14, 2017 | By mediaone

SEO Tips: Frequency of Page Updates

  Frequency means the number of times a particular page is updated. This factor is used to determine the freshness of content on a given page. Regularly updating the content, on a daily or weekly basis, will impact the page’s SEO positively than yearly or bi-yearly updates.

June 13, 2017 | By mediaone

SEO Tips: Prominence of Keywords

  Including keywords in the first paragraph or the first 100-words of page content will send out a stronger positive signal to search engines, compared to including the same keyword in the middle of the page content. Be sure to interweave the keywords in the content naturally to avoid affecting the flow of the content […]

June 12, 2017 | By mediaone

SEO Tips: Significance of Content Updates

  Knowing that some webmasters could manipulate their content to ensure that it complies with the Google Caffeine update, Google now has a way of knowing the specific changes that are done on a particular page. Adding or deleting a section of a web page is a more relevant and significant update, rather than just […]

June 12, 2017 | By mediaone

How to Build a User-Friendly Website (Part 3)

  You are slowing down the rate at which your Singapore business should be growing if you do not have a user-friendly website. Professional Singapore web development firms can help you come up with an ideal site for your business at an affordable price. However, you need to know the specific characteristics of a user-friendly […]

June 12, 2017 | By mediaone

How to Build a User-Friendly Website (Part 2)

  In the previous article on how to create a user-friendly website, we discussed the importance of navigation, logo, and the specific places that the two should be placed. Today, we will take this discussion a notch higher and look at other aspects that make a website user-friendly. Consider Adding Search Functionality Most of the […]

June 11, 2017 | By mediaone

Understanding the Term Video Marketing. Recognising Its Importance in Online Promotional Campaigns

Do you want to know the importance of video marketing? Any business aims to increase its revenue and growth. It means to get the best returns on your investments; you need to develop a proper marketing strategy, which enables you to reach the targeted audience. The only way to reach these masses is through video […]

June 10, 2017 | By mediaone

How to Create an SEO Strategy That Can Withstand Algorithm Updates

  In the current wake of frequent Google search engine algorithm updates, it is imperative to rethink your SEO approach to continue dominating the Singapore online market and reaping maximum profits. The first step to achieving this goal is to understand the difference between a tactic and a strategy. Most internet marketers in the country […]

June 10, 2017 | By mediaone

How to Build User-Friendly Website (Part 1)

  Competition to have the most user-friendly website went a notch higher the moment the number of mobile searches exceeded the desktop searches. Singapore is well known for having the highest smartphone penetration, and so when designing a business website, it is imperative to make sure that it can be accessed using any internet enabled […]

June 09, 2017 | By mediaone

Google Plans to Remove Featured Snippets from Main Core Web Results

  Google has revealed that it has started carrying out tests to determine the impact that removing featured snippets from the primary core web results will have on user experience. One of the main benefits of a featured snippet is that it allows sites to get more visibility on this search engine as the site […]

June 09, 2017 | By mediaone

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