How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Digital Marketing


Blockchain this, blockchain that. Blockchain is here to stay, that much we know- and have made peace with.

How about we make it serve us?

The only thing that comes to most of our minds when we hear of block chain is the world of finance, digital ledgers and our personal/ collective favorite of all time: cryptocurrency. And our thought pattern actually makes sense, because blockchain provides technical support for Bitcoin, which is a currency that is tying up the digital and finance worlds together.

By the time we realize that blockchain possesses within it, the potential to transform our lives by solving many of our sectoral challenges, we would indeed, welcome it center stage into our lives and work.

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One such promising sector for blockchain is digital marketing. Blockchain has so much power to revolutionize the digital marketing space that the best time to jump in on it, was yesterday. The second best time? Right now. But first of all, let’s dissect how block chain is of value to the digital marketing landscape.

Much Ado Over Blockchain and Digital Marketing: What are the Potential Benefits?

Just ruminating on the potential benefits of blockchain to the entire world is mind-boggling. When narrowing the focus to shine the light on how blockchain positively impacts digital marketing, the specific impacts are also very obvious. Some of these impacts include the transformation of how online ads are purchased, measured and value.

There is a strong possibility that blockchain can help develop correct data with regards to ad tracking, leading to excellent yield/returns for investors and business owners.

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Specifically, blockchain in digital marketing will help to:

  1. Establish Trust- with regards to Ad Buys

There is so much distrust in the online marketing and advertising space. Because of this, it is very difficult to know whether the stats being pulled up are true or not; and if advertising companies are inflating those stats to make better returns for themselves.

Blockchain can change all of this because of is transparency and the fact that its codes are encrypted, it is easy to pick out only targeted customers and analyze how many of them actually view the said ads- saving tons of money previously spent on advertising!

  1. Eliminate Middlemen

This will also save cost, as blockchain can help companies to pay targeted audiences directly to view their ads- completely skipping the middlemen in advertising!

It’s crazy to think about it, but it’s already happening- for example, Brave Browser allows advertisers pays on the basis of the mental effort of the person viewing the ad, significantly reducing amount spent on promoting ads and gimmicks, and taking you to the place where things are actually working- and the stats are accurate.

What this means is that only brands that are ready to collaborate with blockchain initiatives, such as Pittsburgh SEO, will roll with the wave and maintain existing clients/gain new clients.

  1. Provide Laser Focus on the Target Audience

With the aid of blockchain, advertisers would have the potential benefit of targeting specific audiences, by building client profiles directly from the potential clients themselves instead of from disparate third party sources that leave out strings of valuable information.

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This further increases the ability to appeal to the customer by specifically marketing to them, only those things that they need. Genius!

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Closing Remarks

If well designed, implemented and monitored, blockchain technology can impact the Singapore digital marketing landscape positively. Get in touch with us for custom digital marketing services in Singapore. 



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