The Best WordPress Themes for Singapore Websites

The Best WordPress Themes for Singapore Websites

Did you know that WordPress powers more than a third of websites (about 32% of all websites)?

From e-commerce websites to personal blogs and cooperate websites, there’s no limit as to what type of website you can create on WordPress. You just have to figure out the right theme for your website, and that’s it – creating a new website should be as easy as snatching candy from a baby.

Before we look at anything else, we would like to remind you that – in broad terms, there are only two types of WordPress themes – responsive themes and outdated ones.

A response theme is built with a modern design. It can adjust itself to any screen size, without muddling its layout or disorganising its structure.

The outdated theme, on the other hand, was designed on an outdated framework, with little to no attention paid to how the theme works on a mobile device. So, your website loads just fine on desktop and gets all jumbled up when the reader tries to view it on a mobile device.

Since more than half of the people that check you out, do it via a mobile device, a simple miscalculation on your part, like picking a wrong theme, could cost you more than half of your prospective customers.

It gets even worse because it also affects your SEO score. When the majority of the users that you attract to your site bounce off without interacting with it for longer (simply because your content doesn’t read right on mobile), Google will be quick to interpret it as low quality and slap you with a low SEO score that will see to it that your ranking plummets.

Here is an infographic on the benefits of using WordPress:

benefits of using WordPress themes

What Makes a Good WordPress Theme?

A Good Theme is more than a Responsive Design

A responsive theme isn’t the magic solution here. It’s the first filter you use to determine if a theme is worth parsing further. But it’s certainly not the only factor that determines whether or not a particular theme is quality enough for use.

Before you choose any WordPress theme, you might want to evaluate it and make sure it meets the following quality standards:

Valid Codes

The first thing you do with any theme that catches your attention is run a series of checks on its code to establish if it meets up-to-date web development standards.

You can use this link to scan through the theme and determine if it’s designed with the latest web development technology or an outdated one. You have two approach that you can use for this: the first one is by uploading your theme and let the tool scan through it and provide a report. The second one is by providing a link to the demo theme, and the tool will run its magic and reach back with feedback.

Tools you can use to validate your themes code:

Where you’re not sure about the credibility of a theme’s source, you might want to scan it for malicious codes. This is particularly the case where you’re using a free theme or a premium theme that you stumbled across on some random site that you suspect may also be involved with something fishy.

Some developers add malicious codes to their themes for several reasons, including:

  • To harvest backlinks from your site.
  • To add an advert to your site.
  • To redirect your site to a third-party site
  • And worse of all, to create a backdoor that they can use to access your site and use it for illegal activities.

So how do you determine if your theme has malicious codes?

You can start by searching for some online reviews on the theme and its source. If someone used the theme and encountered a malicious code, then you can bet they reviewed it or wrote about it in some online forum.

The next thing you want to do is upload it on and scan it for any trace of virus, trojan, malware, and worm. All you have to do is upload the theme on Virus Total and hit the scan button. The tool will scan through every file in your theme and inform you if the theme is clean enough for use.

Third, if your coding skills aren’t badly off, you may consider checking through the codes manually. Dig into the footer.php and style.css files to find out if the theme is sending out backlinks.

Lastly, run your site through an authentic checker and look for signs of malicious code. With WordPress, all you have to do is install an authentic checker plugin such as Theme Check, and run it. The plugin will thoroughly scan through your files and haul out all traces of malicious codes.

A Reputable Vendor

The best way to guarantee if a theme is quality enough and safe for use is if it’s from a reputable vendor such as ThemeForest.

A list of Reputable WordPress Theme Vendors to Purchase Your Theme

With hundreds of vendors selling WordPress Theme, it’s hard to pick a genuine vendor for a dodgy one.

As a web developer looking to set up a professional website, with nothing left to chances, you want to make sure that you’re purchasing the theme from a trusted source with an unsullied reputation.

We did our research and decided to compile a list of trusted vendors that you can purchase your theme from today and be guaranteed of your peace of mind.


ThemeForest is the most popular marketplace for WordPress themes and plugins. At the time of writing this, there are about 45, 000 WordPress themes and over 3000 WordPress plugins on ThemeForest that you can purchase today for as low as $30.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is another trusted shopping destination for premium WordPress themes and plugins to boot. Their themes are being used on more than 570, 000 websites, with Divi Theme being the most common of the bunch.

This market place has over 85 stunning themes for you to choose from for your site.


ThemeFuse is another household name in the web development front. For a company that brands itself as a web design studio, ThemeFuse is the most passionate and dedicated developer of modern WordPress themes. All their themes are responsive and go at a starting price of $49.

It gets even more interesting with ThemeFuse as they allow you to use any of their themes for free if you sign up with one of the hosting providers they have partnered with.


StudioPress is another popular vendor of premium WordPress themes. The company has produced some of the most stylish and high-quality themes you’ll ever come across online.

As we speak, the company has upwards of 50 WordPress themes designed to work with the all-time popular framework, the Genesis Framework.


MyThemeShop themes are known for being speedy, responsive, and modern. They’re competitively priced, and equally styled as well. Also offered on the platform are dozens of plugins that are worth checking out (and which work with any them – not just MyThemeShop Themes).


iTheme has greatly contributed to the growth and advancement of WordPress. First, it’s by providing one of the most intuitive page builders that you can use to design your website without getting yourself involved with the code.

They also offer a string of premium WordPress themes and plugins that you can use to create a fully functional website without straining much on your end.

iThemes is also the company behind the popular backup solution, backup buddy.


AppThemes offer super-advanced WordPress themes – web app like themes that you can use to set up a fully functional WordPress theme in a matter of minutes.

They have themes that you can use to set up a freelancing market place such as Upwork or Fiverr, and themes for creating directory or classified ad sites.

Remember these are sites that you’d have been charged thousands of Singaporean dollars to build, but App Themes allows you to set them up with less than 50 dollars through the simple use of a theme.

Fame Themes

Fame Themes is the new kid in the block, a fast-rising theme shop packing 30 uniquely designed themes. What makes this theme shop stand out is the fact that all their themes are visually stunning and designed to the best of industry standards.

Thrive Themes

No themes sell that genuine vibe more than the themes you buy from thrive themes. This theme merchant also stocks a series of plugins that you can use to convert a great majority of the visitors you attract to your site into customers, subscribers, and clients.

If you’re also thinking of creating an affiliate program for your business, then a thrive theme is highly recommended. They have all the high-end features that you need to make yourself a successful marketer and business person.

Theme Trust

Theme Trust has tons of amazing WordPress themes that you can use to set a seamless web portal for your business in Singapore. They have upwards of 25 amazing themes that you can use to create any type of website – from a corporate site, a news portal, e-commerce site, or a simple minimalistic personal website.

CSS Igniter

CSS igniter creates beautiful themes that you can use to set up a professional-looking website for your business. They have 89 themes, going at extremely low cost – the cheapest, in fact.

They also have a multipurpose theme that you can use to create different types of websites by taking full advantage of their built-in page builder.

Tesla Themes

Tesla Themes should be the online destination you turn up to if you’re looking for an HD quality theme. They have a broad range of high-quality premium themes for WordPress that you can use to set up almost any imaginable type of website. They have themes that you can use to set a blog, news site, medical, e-commerce store, and travel agency, to name a few.


RichWP is another well-known vendor for themes that you can use to set up a WordPress-supported website of all types. It goes without mentioning that they have some of the most eye-catching themes you’ll ever come across online.

Their themes allow you to customise almost every aspect of your website, including the header, homepage, menu bar, footer, and so on. Their themes are also favoured for loading faster and adjusting itself to different sizes of screen.

Fuel themes

Fuel Themes is another well-known theme provider for WordPress. They are known for creating some of the fastest, well-optimised themes you’ll ever come across online. All their themes are responsive and should load just fine regardless of the device your site’s visitors are using to access it.

Fuel themes should be among the few places you check if you’re looking for an eye-catching WordPress theme for your website. They have reasonable pricing as well, which makes them an affordable option for people with no huge amounts of cash to spend on their website.

Engine Themes

Engine Themes has some of the most amazing themes you’ll ever come across. All their themes come with enhanced features that strive to create outstanding real-time customer experiences, designed with modern technology.

They also have a series of tools that you can use to play around with the colour scheme of your website and come up with an inimitable design that bears no semblance as that of any other website out there.

Responsiveness is a standard in every single one of their themes. Your users are guaranteed a great experience interacting with your website, thanks to the intuitive nature of these themes.

Happy Themes

Happy Themes strive to make it easy for you to set up your WordPress site. Their themes are highly customisable, which means they’re easy to mould into something that’s totally off the wall, and designed to match your brand from every imaginable business angle.

Their features and options are rife. Plus, their codes are clean and designed to ensure a faster loading of your website.

The theme comes with a slew of widgets and widget functions, which gives you more options and ways to play around with your website for an utterly unique design that’s comparable to none.

Top WordPress Themes for Your Singapore Websites

Now that we’ve covered the top vendors of WordPress themes in Singapore, why don’t we zone into the gist of this article by looking at the best WordPress themes that you can use to set up a fully functional WordPress website for your business today.

Here goes the list:

Divi Theme

Divi is the flagship theme of Elegant Themes, and one of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes on the market. It’s a responsive theme that comes with a built-in drag-and-drop builder that you can use to create any theme layout by simply moving different elements around and playing around with their colour schemes and pattern.

The theme offers a wide range of functionalities and customisation options that makes it a viable solution for creating a unique website.

Also provided are 20 pre-made theme layouts that you can import and get your site up and running within minutes. You can install the demo layouts and make some adjustments to their layouts to match the site up with your brand.

Divi also allows to save some of the custom layouts in the library for a chance to reuse them. You can also export it to a different site and use them exactly as they are without necessarily starting the design process again from scratch.


  • Arrives with a visual drag-and-drop page builder
  • Has more than 18 pre-made layouts
  • Features a huge collection of modules page building elements that you’ll be using to customise your website any way you want
  • Has unlimited colour options
  • Multiple header option to play around with

Theme URL:

Demo Example:


Avada is the industry best-seller. It’s the only theme on the list whose level of popularity is big enough to rival that of Divi Theme.

It’s a feature-rich, multi-purpose theme, featuring more than 255 pre-made theme designs that you can use to set your site up and get it in shape as you slowly work on customising it to match your brand and design ideas.

Other than that, the theme features 41 fully-made websites that you can also import directly to your site and plop your content on it to get everything rolling.

Avada was designed with the sole aim of taking the hassle off the process when setting up a new website. With their demo installer, creating a fully functional website should only take you a few minutes.

Worth mentioning is their drag and drop page builder, which packs thousands of customisation options. The page builder also works with almost all premium themes for WordPress. Where you don’t feel like using the Avada theme, you have the option of installing a different premium theme and taking advantage of this feature-rich page builder to give your site your own spin.


  • Unlimited colour options
  • Responsive framework
  • Portfolio and blog integration
  • Page title bar
  • Optimised for SEO and speed
  • Customisable menus, headers, and sliders
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Widgets

Theme URL:


Beaver Builder

Unlike all the themes on the list, Beaver isn’t exactly a theme, but a page builder that you can use with almost any premium WordPress theme.

It’s widely rated as the best page builder for WordPress, and which allows you to build a unique website block by block. With the plugin, you can literally build any type of website.

The plugin also comes with a bucketload of page layouts for you to choose from, after which you can play around with its colour, style, and content to come up with a unique design that’s consistent with your brand.

Also featured in the theme are tons of creative page templates that you can choose from to speed up the web designing process.


  • A bucketload of creative page templates
  • Easy to Use Page Builder
  • Available as both a theme and plugin
  • Complete content control
  • Allows you to position your content anywhere you want, and with precision

Theme URL:

Demo Example:

X Theme

X Theme is many people’s preferred choice of themes on ThemeForest. It comes with a drag-and-drop page builder, global blocks, and template manager that you can use to make necessary adjustments to any section of your WordPress site.

Included in the theme are tons of full-feature site demos and structural designs that you can use to set your site up in a matter of minutes. There’s also a ready-made demo for almost any imaginable type of website.

For instance, there’s a theme for a music band, art site, food truck or restaurant, agencies, entertainment, and so forth.

It’s a multi-purpose theme that comes loaded up with so many premium plugins and customisation options that makes it possible to customise your site looks into any idea that you have in mind.


  • Short codes
  • Layout options
  • Easy to set up on-page navigation
  • Layout options
  • Endless customisation options
  • Navigation options

Theme URL:



Total is another widely used theme options, and which comes with multiple design options. Meaning, you don’t have to buy a new theme with every new site that you create or when you need to alter the look of your site.

It’s a multi-purpose theme, packing loads of pre-made templates that you can use to whip up a site in almost all the common business scenarios and niches in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is install the theme and then proceed to the theme option to choose a demos site whose design you want to use for your site. You can go ahead and install it with a simple click of a button, after which you’ll be free to customise it in any way you see fit for an entirely unique design.


  • Unlimited Colour Options
  • Fully responsive
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Live customisation, where you preview the changes you make in real-time.
  • Front-end editing system
  • Arrives with premium themes such as Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, LayerSlider 5
  • Drag-and-drop page builder

Theme URL:



Newspaper is a mind boggling WordPress theme specifically designed for blogs, news sites, and magazines.

The theme arrives with a string of customisation options and a modern vibe that you can use to revitalise your site’s design in unlimited number of creative ways. The theme also features a handful of ready-made templates and demos that you can use to create your website really quick, and with just a single click of a button.


  • TagDiv Composer: front-end page builder
  • TagDiv Cloud Library, featuring upwards of 429 pre-built themes that you can use on your site’s pages and post
  • Can be integrated with WooCommerce
  • Responsive layout
  • AMP Ready
  • User reviews feature include
  • Has an AdSense feature
  • Arrives with upwards of 50 unique themes

Theme URL:



Storefront is designed and developed by WooCommerce, who offers it as the default theme for their WooCommerce tool.

It’s by far the best theme to use with the WooCommerce plugin, as it’s compatible with every single one of its features.

The theme arrives with a ton of colour and layout options that allow you to customise your online store in any way you see fit.

It has one of the leanest and most extensible designs for creating an intuitive storefront that adds to the overall experience of shopping online.


  • Responsive
  • Full WooCommerce Integration
  • Ecommerce Homepage template
  • A bucketload of customisation options
  • Easily extendable
  • Six Widget Areas

Theme URL:

Theme Demo:


OceanWP is a highly customisable free theme, meant to design any type of website. You can use it to design a site for blogging, e-commerce, travel, portfolio, and business.

It also features a full-width static header, accompanied by a modern design featuring interactive sections and animations.

Every single one of its features, coupled with its smooth parallax scrolling makes it look catchy and trendy.


  • Responsive layout
  • 13 different demos
  • Modern widgets
  • Animations
  • E-commerce ready
  • Parallax effect
  • A flexible and multi-purpose theme

Theme URL:



Ultra is a fully responsive, multi-purpose theme featuring a drag-and-drop layout and fully customisable pages.

With ultra you don’t have to worry when your creative juices aren’t flowing. The theme comes with multiple pre-made demos and design skins that you can use to whip up something really quick without having to put in too much thought.

It allows you to import demo content with just a single click of a button. This is a huge time saver, considering the demo comes with everything. All you have to do is plop up your content and you’re good to go.

It’s a great theme for building a site for your portfolio, business, or blog. You can also integrate it with WooCommerce to create a fully functional e-commerce store.


  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Customisable demo templates
  • SEO-optimised

Theme URL:

Demo Example:


Neve is another popular choice of a multi-purpose theme, and which can be moulded to fit any web designing goal that you have in mind. For a start, the theme arrives with a handful of fully customisable niche demos that you can use to whip up a complete website in a matter of minutes.

The theme also features all the high-end modern features you might need for a theme of its kind, including Accelerated Mobile Pages and Compatibility with common page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder.

It can also be integrated with WooCommerce to create a fully functional e-commerce store for your business.

Besides versatility and all those features that the theme packs, it’s ranked as one of the fastest-loading themes on the market, with a page speed score of over 90 on both mobile and desktop. If you’re interested in a multi-purpose theme that was designed with performance in mind, look no further than this.


  • Optimised for AMP
  • Mobile friendly and Responsive
  • Fast-loading
  • Drag and drop editor for an easy customisation process
  • Ready-made starter websites

Theme URL:


Pro Theme

Pro Theme is designed to expand the capabilities of the WordPress CMS. It’s meant to give you more power to design a custom-looking website for your business or other needs.

You can adjust your site’s header, footer, and content without altering anything at the code level. The theme also comes with a dynamic front-end page builder, and a handful of plugin options, with more than 100 design layouts that you can use to alter almost every aspect of your site until you come up with an exception design for it.


  • Easy to customise your site to your own liking
  • A professional page builder that gives you total control over any part of your website
  • Arrives with amazing support just in case you’re stuck

Theme URL:


BeTheme is another popular choice of a multi-purpose theme that would never miss on a list like this. It’s a lightweight theme, designed for a quick and efficient performance– and to take just a minimal amount of space on your web server.

The theme comes with more 390- pre-built templates that you can use to set up your site and populate it with content with just one click.

You can choose a minimal header for your site, and play around with a series of other features to come up with a website that’s fluid enough to adjust to any size of screen.


  • Light weight
  • Multi-purpose theme
  • Built-in page builder
  • Comes with over 390 prebuilt themes that you can install on your site with just one click of a button

Theme URL:



Yet another multi-purpose theme packing a visual page builder module and a long list of customisation options that you can take advantage of today to create a unique web portal for your business.

The theme strives to make web development an easy process for those with no coding skills.

You can create an amazing site using the salient theme with little to no strain on your part.


  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Content Sliders
  • Extensive theme options
  • Short code generator
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Unlimited layouts and colour options
  • Video tutorials

Theme URL:

Theme Demo:

Final Thoughts

Building a WordPress website isn’t hard. But if your goal is to design the best site for your business or other needs, then you have to make sure that you’re working with the right theme. This list covers the top WordPress themes. You’re, however, reminded that it’s in no way exhaustive. We also understand that there are other good themes out there that we didn’t manage to include on our list.

You can talk to us about any of these themes or talk to our team of web developers in Singapore about your project if you’re looking for someone to help you set up a themed or custom-made website on WordPress for your business.


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