Best WordPress Resources for The Singapore Website Owner

top wordpress plugins for singapore website owners

WordPress Resources for Yoast optimization gives you the opportunity to develop all of your digital content using a single, functional platform. In the pre-social media era, business owners had to source the market for professional expertise to design and manage a website to success. It placed dire financial implications on web owners to ensure their online platforms are compliant with best internet practices.

The internet is filled with offerings of thousands of different plugins to help distinguish your services from that of competition. This piece will recommend the best WordPress resources to ensure you put your Singapore business site on a path to success.

WordPress Blogs

Wordpress is dominated by blogs. It is believed that almost 25% of blogs run on WordPress. Its popularity is evident to all. The list below highlights blogging resources and guidelines to keep your business updated.

  • WPKube- The platform is famous for providing informative information regarding how to launch your blog and the best plugins for your business.
  • TorqueMag- A constituent of WPEngine, TorqueMag furnishes web users with relevant news concerning WordPress to help guide new and old users.
  • WP Beginner- This blogging platform powers the most used blogs providing private lessons for web owners. The lessons include free videos and online tutorials. It is run by Syed Balkhi.
  • WPMU- The WordPress is synonymous with tips on plugins and themes. It also enables joint authoring under a single platform. Several bloggers publish their work on this site.
  • Tom Mcfarlin- The blog provides you with ideas and tips of developing your online brand. Tutorials are predominant on this platform.
  • DigWP- This platform offers information on how to guide you in improving your WordPress post. Its owners are Jeff Starr and Chris Covier.
  • WP Mayor- WP Mayor focuses on reviews, plugins and WordPress themes. The services are marketed through news and tutorials. The platform also accepts work from other bloggers to post on the site.
  • WP Explorer- It is among the oldest multiauthor platform that offers WordPress resources to its users through online lessons. The resources include the plugin, themes and blog posts.
  • Justin Tadlock- The blog provides web developers with online resources such themes to help them develop quality content.
  • This platform provides info on how to design and develop your blog. It also focuses on web audits and charged consultations for your website.
  • BobWP- BobWP is a one-stop shop for all matters content development with special emphasis placed on teaching the user. The tutorials and blogs are the resources used to generate revenue for this platform.
  • Paulund- It is a web developing platform that focuses on hypertext preprocessors. It relays its information through tutorials.
  • Chris Lema- It provides consultation services for online business. It also places importance on the customer-owner relationship. The platform encourages its clients to ask as many questions as possible.
  • WP Superstars- It generates handy posts and tutorials on how to manage your website. It is a recommended platform for beginners and users searching for basic information on WordPress resources.
  • WPLift- This another guide into the WordPress realm. It furnishes its users with guidelines and tutorials on how to optimise their WordPress for enhanced users’ experience.
  • WPGlossy- WPGlossy is a new entrant in the WordPress space. The platform is hosted by Nirmala provides a variety of services to their clients. It deals with transmitting information on how to navigate WordPress like a pro with quality guides, tutorials and info on best online resources for your WordPress.
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WordPress Information

The list below highlights some of the essentials for understanding WordPress better.

  • WordPress Codex- WordPress Codex acts as an online dictionary for accessing everything about WordPress. It includes offering info on certification and general way of managing your WordPress.
  • Make.WordPress- Make.WordPress is the ultimate source for resources used in the development of WordPress. It is useful in enhancing the capability of your WordPress.
  • WP 101- It is the most accessible resource for learning more about WordPress. It offers several resources for optimising your WordPress experience.
  • The 100 WordPress Related Blogs- This blog condenses for you the top 100 relevant blogs for development of your WordPress.
  • EasyWPGuide- The website offers downloadable content on how to operate WordPress for an optimised online experience.
  • iThemes Tutorials- iThemes provides you with a catalogued list of tutorials significant in enhancing your blog for easy use by customers.

WordPress Books

There are several materials on the internet to help you understand the ins and outs of WordPress.

  • Pro WordPress Design & Development- The book substitutes elementary info on WordPress with cutting-edge content.
  • Pro WordPress Plugin Development- The book gives an in-depth look into WordPress reviews, and the APIs offered on WordPress. It further enlightens you on how to enhance the efficiency of WordPress using plugins.
  • WordPress for Dummies- It helps to highlight all specs and enhancements in upgraded types of WordPress.
  • WordPress All in one for Dummies- This WordPress resource comes in a mini-book form consisting of eight books to help you exhaust the information relevant to the WordPress community.
  • Digging Into WordPress- DigWP is recommended to the newcomers in the WordPress industry. It comes in the form of print and PDF. It is a favourite for institutions of higher learning.
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WordPress Podcasts

  • Hello Dolly- Hello Dolly is a brainchild of the people who came up with WPDaily. It is among the top WordPress podcasts in the world.
  • PleaseAdvise.FM- It is an intermittent source of information on all issues WordPress improvement.
  • DradCast- DradCast is not restricted to WordPress. However, it provides videos on a weekly basis concerning current news about WordPress.
  • Your Website Engineer- This podcast is popular for providing help to WordPress users in the form of tutorials and tips.

Popular Themes

The list below provides an insight into paid themes for your WordPress.

  • StudioPress- StudioPress provides WordPress users with a variety of paid and free themes to enhance the layout of your website. It works with Genesis resources such as WP Chick and Genesis WordPress Theme Framework.
  • Elegant Themes- Elegant Themes offer users the coded and quality WordPress themes. They are popular for the discounted products.
  • ThemeForest- It offers superior quality themes for your WordPress.
  • FancyThemes- FancyThemes offer a variety of services including free and premium themes to give users the choice of picking among a variety of themes. The themes are easy to use and have a variety of uses.
  • WooThemes- It is a shop for all products used for website enhancement. The variety of services provided by WooThemes is attributed to the pool of qualified team of web developers.
  • MeridianThemes- It is a platform for accessing quality themes for your WordPress.

Essential Plugins

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast- It is a requisite for any successful website. It helps you develop quality content.
  • Akismet GASP- It is essential for eliminating receiving unsolicited marketing messages on your website.
  • Backup Buddy- Backup Buddy help reinforce your content by saving the data in case WordPress crashes.
  • Contact Form 7- It is recommended for creating a contact inventory with straightforward steps.
  • Subscribe to comments- This platform helps you send after services messages to your clients and aid in socialising with your clients. The functions are a vital marketing strategy for your business.
  • Beaver Builder- It does not require proficiency in coding to develop websites. It is compatible with very many themes.
  • W3 Total Cache- The plugin is very critical in when you are seeking to enhance the page speed of your website.
  • Pretty link lite- It is a free affiliate management plugin with the same or better properties.
  • SoliloquyWP- This plugin is filled with unique markers enabling you to reinforce your website with a compact slider.
  • OptinMonster- It is the most detailed catalogue developing a plugin for websites. It customises your WordPress by inserting a popup field that manifests when subscribers access your website.
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WordPress Hosting

  • WP Engine- It is a stress-free web hosting platform because many of the commands are automatic. The price range is between $29 and $249 for large WordPress businesses.
  • SiteGround- SiteGround allows another user to host your business at a price of $5.
  • InMotion hosting- It is a shared hosting platform recommended for beginners as it comes at a low cost.
  • Flywheel- Its pricing begins at $15 per month. It is popular due to its many years of providing WordPress services.
  • Kinsta- Kinsta is a third-party hosting site focusing on high online traffic. It is a management platform is offered by Google Cloud.
  • WordPress VIP- WordPress VIP is popular among multinationals. Its pricing begins $3750 monthly.

WordPress Tools and Services

  • ManageWP- This platform is capable of managing several WordPress websites from one dashboard.
  • Sucuri- It is a paid security plugin for your WordPress website to keep it safe against viruses and malware.
  • VaultPress- VaultPress is a service by Automattic that enable you to secure your WordPress from malware. It costs $15 per month.
  • MaxCDN- It gives you the exclusive control of your WordPress at low prices while giving you good discounts.
  • The platform offers appealing material to the vast online family within a short time span.
  • WPMail is a newsletter platform for WordPress giving you more information regarding WordPress and the latest updates for your WordPress.

Using WordPress is a guarantee you will have after sales services offered by the resources mentioned above. Therefore, lead your business to a path of success by making WordPress your default content management system.

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