Best WordPress Plugins for Creating Landing Pages that Convert Visitors


Looking for the best WordPress plugins for creating landing pages? It takes significant time and effort to generate traffic to your site. Rolling out expensive PPC campaigns and creating Facebook ads requires a lot of hard work. Finding ways of driving traffic to your website is even trickier. Your homepage is essential. Nonetheless, it isn’t the best place to convert visitors.

Every digital marketing campaign that you run needs to get directed to a specific page that is meant to convert for that particular ad. To put this into perspective, imagine you are implementing an email marketing campaign intended to provide something that adds value to your clients.

The last thing that you want to do is create links to pages that require readers to figure out on their own where they are before clicking on another link to find what they are looking for. This amounts to a poor browsing experience for users. Instead, you need to direct site visitors to specific landing pages that are designed to fulfill that particular function.

What are the Best WordPress Plugins for Landing Pages?

Pay-per-click experts always speak about the significance of directing website visitors to a specific landing page, which resonates with the ads. Not only is it essential to have an optimised user experience but also advertisements that score well.

best WordPress landing pages

In case you are wondering what a landing page is, this is the page that you direct Internet users to. Often, Internet users get directed from PPC ads to specific landing pages via an internal link or even URLs in emails or displayed ads on your sidebar. Landing pages are built with an objective in mind. It could be selling a service or product or attracting new subscribers. To achieve your goal, you need to have a well-designed landing page that can convert.

Elements of a Good Landing Page

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When designing your landing page, there are certain elements that you must keep in mind. The foremost thing that you must consider is to ensure that your preferred WordPress Landing Page plugins landing pages are consistent with your ad banners and email campaigns that you are directing your targeted audience from.

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Checking out sites such as Unbounce and KISSMetrics will give you an idea about the right elements that you should incorporate into your landing pages depending on your overall objectives.

What to Expect from Landing Page Builder Plugins

Unless you are comfortable creating your landing pages from scratch by including components such as CSS and HTML, drag and drop site functionality is crucial. Most plugin options that are listed below allow you to create attractive landing pages that have a user-friendly interface as well as drag-and-drop functionality.

In addition, split testing also needs to be supported. You can only improve the results of your landing pages by testing different versions of the landing pages and implementing elements that you feel are most effective.

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Needless to say, responsive designs are must-have features on websites. Averagely, more than half of web traffic results from mobile users. A chuck of your traffic also results from mobile responsiveness, thus the need for you to optimize your website for mobile. By catering to the needs of mobile browsers, you will give every user an optimal browsing experience.

Popular Landing Pages Plugins

When choosing suitable WordPress landing page plugins, there are many options to consider. Here are the best landing page plugins to choose from.

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 OptimizePress 2.0

If you love drag-and-drop functionality, OptimizePress should be your go-to plugin. This plugin enables you to create responsive and stunning landing pages using live visual editors, which allow you to see changes that you are making in real-time.

Thrive Architect

This exciting landing page plugin is one of the best WordPress builders. It allows you to build pages that guarantee a drag-and-drop inline editing experience. What makes Thrive Architect exciting is the fact that that you don’t need coding knowledge to use it. Similarly, the plugin gives you access to full-width layouts.

 Landing Pages

If you intend to grow your email list, Landing Pages should be your go-to plugin. It features a visual editor that enables you to track changes that you make in real-time. Also, you can quickly optimize them by use of detailed conversion stats.

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WP Lead Plus Page Creator

Your website needs to have responsive and stunning squeeze pages. WP Lead Plus allows you to create squeeze pages that help you ask for site visitors’ email information without sounding overbearing. There are more than 15 templates that enable you to create professional pop-ups and opt-in forms on your website. In addition, you can develop popups that cannot get blocked.

best WordPress landing pages

InstaBuilder 2.0

Every web designer wishes to build landing pages that allow him/her to come up with mobile-responsive designs. This plugin lets you access more than 100 templates, especially if deployment speed is essential to you.

Instabuilder 2.0 also includes dozens of useful design elements such as images, text, buttons, tabbed contents, columns, videos, and so much more. This gives you utmost control over all aspects of your web design and functionality.

Parallax Gravity

When building a website in Singapore, your objective is to have a site that has unlimited landing pages. Parallax Gravity is a responsive plugin that helps you create attractive landing pages that are optimised for PC, smartphones, and PCs.

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Since landing pages typically get created for a single campaign, there will always be times when the offers expire. Even so, Internet users will keep visiting your landing pages. Parallax Gravity allows you to redirect specific landing pages to custom URLs. This plugin can also be used to create outstanding product releases.

When building a website in Singapore that can convert, one of the things that will keep visitors on your pages is a responsive landing page that has a drag and drops functionality. The aforementioned WordPress plugins can help you create landing pages that convert visitors into paying customers. These WordPress landing page plugins have dozens of features that can help you create landing pages that address the needs of users.

Get in touch with us for more details about these and other reliable WordPress plugins for creating landing pages. Our professional website developers can also help you create stellar landing pages for your brand in Singapore.


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