Best WordPress Plugins You Should Have For Your Website

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WordPress is an online, free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP i.e. the easiest and most powerful blogging and website CMS today. WordPress is mostly used for business websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, portfolios, forums etc. This site is absolutely free and can be downloaded or used as a hosted service. Hosting gives the user the freedom to add images and create galleries to their WordPress site, although functionality is limited. This will require a professional WordPress website portfolio plugin for you to truly display your content to potential clients while improving functionality.

What are these WordPress Portfolio Plugins?

A plugin is an add-on software that is installed in a program to enhance its capabilities by adding a specific feature to the program. A portfolio in WordPress is a content type that lets you manage all your portfolio projects in one place. A portfolio plugin gives options for graphic designer themes, photography, videography or another kind of visually-oriented creative themes giving your work an extraordinary display.

Benefits of the WordPress Portfolio Plugin

  • A portfolio plugin offers a unique way to present your work as a creator and can be used by both freelance writers and experienced writers.
  • The portfolio plugins are extremely easy to use and come with extra documented instruction in case you get stuck.
  • When building a portfolio website where you intend to look for clients to hire you, the portfolio plugin will give you styling options that make your work impressive to clients.
  • The WordPress portfolio plugin also saves on time while helping you create an outstanding portfolio for potential clients.

WordPress Portfolio Plugin vs WordPress Portfolio Theme

Why choose a portfolio plugin when WordPress comes with portfolio themes?

The themes in WordPress are only able to handle the visual appearance of your website, including colours, styles, layouts and the presentation of your work. Plugins add functionality to the site, such as a slider, contact form etc.

When using a portfolio theme, you can lose the portfolio data if you tried to change the theme. On the other hand, the portfolio plugin allows you to use any theme without the risk of losing data.

When choosing the correct portfolio plugin for your WordPress site, there are some things to consider;

  • Its support for various types of media.
  • Its ability to create more than a single portfolio.
  • Its ease of use.
  • The various overlay features available.

Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins.

  1. Envira Gallery

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Envira is a gallery plugin available in both free and premium options. Although it’s the best WordPress plugin for photographers and designers as it’s able to create beautiful image galleries and albums, this plug can do more than that. It is incredibly easy to use giving you a display of a beautiful portfolio in a short time. It comes with a dark and drop customisation, pre-existing designs and layouts to match your existing design, with super speed.

It has a wide selection of respondents, retina-ready designs and layouts, with features that let you display your WooCommerce products.

  1. Nimble Portfolio

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This is an entirely free, feature-packed portfolio plugin that offers an easy way to add different types of portfolios to your WordPress site. Using this portfolio, you can create galleries with posts, images, videos, pages and even WooCommerce products.

Every element in the portfolio is displayed in an impressive circular thumbnail. It also has a built-in filtering feature that lets users sort their portfolios based on the type of media they need to see. This portfolio plugin creates automatic responsive portfolio pages; one can view their WordPress site on any device without having it cluttered and disorganised.

Since it has an upgrade option to premium, you can enjoy premium extensions such as sorting options, portfolio skins, and light boxes among others.

  1. Easy Portfolio

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Easy Portfolio plugin is a free, user-friendly WordPress plugin that is designed to create interaction portfolio functionality with categorical filtration into the website. It is a pretty easy plugin as depicted by the name. It offers a very easy way to create an interactive slider. It gives you the option of having a simple portfolio while allowing you to retain the original portfolio settings. Once this plugin is installed, you can add whatever content you desire, describe your images or projects and then save. It comes with a copy-paste into any page on the site.

Latest portfolio items show in both lists and column orders, it gives you an option for customisation of portfolio page details and you can also categorise your portfolio items.

  1. Go Portfolio

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This is a premium WordPress portfolio plugin, with no available free version. It is feature-packed and it’s the ideal solution for creating portfolios, showcases or teasers. You can easily create new customised posts or retain existing blog posts or products.

The portfolio offers four different styles with each having a unique look with different thumbnail shapes, built-in effects and overlays. It provides an easy way to add themes to your site without necessarily adapting to additional settings. It also gives you access to different customisation elements such as font style and size, colour options and additional filtering options, as well as a variety of other forms of media. It has a feature that gives you a chance to market your images or videos in your gallery.

  1. Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

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Essential Grid Gallery is an all-in-one premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to display various content formats in a highly customisable gallery grid. It offers flexibility and versatility. You can easily craft a unique portfolio as it offers 30 different skins, each having its own layout and overlay animated styles. Its drag and drop visual editor also allows you to create extra skins for a personal one-of-a-kind look. It is also fully responsive and visitors can filter content on your site, allowing them to see exactly what they wish.

Choosing your WordPress Portfolio Plugin

To use the above-mentioned plugins, ensure you have a host, a domain name and a website running WordPress. If your initial work is an influential factor in securing potential clients, the display of your work needs to be lucrative. The display will say almost as much about you as your work, therefore, a great need to showcase your work in a stunning fashion. These plugins will help you create an extraordinary portfolio.

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