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Looking for the best WordPress plugins for your Singapore website? The repository of has about forty thousand WordPress plugins. The functions of WordPress plugins are of significant use especially in the highly competitive online marketing in Singapore. These plugins are useful in enhancing the performance and functionality of your site.

They serve different purposes, for example, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket and Super Cache increase the loading speed of your site. There are also plugins for adding a membership area to your site. There is simply a plugin for almost any website function. However, the high number of plugins makes it difficult for you to choose must have for your website. This article will go through the top best WordPress plugins for your Singapore website.

Best WordPress plugins for your Singapore Website.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugins useful in providing faster loading times for the online visitor. This is done by reducing the number of times your database is accessed as well as making local copies of your files on the user’s computer hence reducing load amount on your server and database.

The plugin is easy to use and works simple and plain. Though sophisticated, W3 Total Cache helps in caching many of your WordPress site aspects. By this, the overall user’s website experience is improved. If you want to make your site faster without many expenses, W3 Total Cache comes with the perfect solution.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

WordPress SEO is an easy but useful plugin for optimising your content. With even no recommendations, many people know how perfect the plugin works. You can easily make your site SEO friendly by tweaking your WordPress SEO. With Yoast SEO, you will effectively aim for a higher ranking in the search results.

best WordPress plugins for your Singapore website

It does its best to gratify both search engine spiders and site visitors. This is by enabling you to write valuable killer content, taking care of your WordPress SEO and keeping your site in perfect form.


Jetpack is an open source plugin software that brings together design, security, and marketing all in one place. This plugin comes with multiple customizable tools, lots of professional website themes, high speed video ad image content, and integration of mobile devices to improve your website design.

The security services featured include daily backups for your site, virus scanning, two-factor authentications for securing logins, keeping a record of every update or change in your site and spam filtering. Jetpack marketing services are easy PayPal payment buttons scheduling advance automated social media posting, site search, analytics and stats, advertising programs and SEO tools. One of the most preferred features is the automatic sharing of new posts to friends.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a unique and exceptional form builder. This plugin is one of the easiest to manage and has a great outlook. Usually, it is challenging to build forms if you are not an expert developer. With Gravity Forms, beginners can be able to create visually attractive forms easily. You just need to choose your fields, configure your options and entrench the forms easily on your WordPress driven site. More so, Gravity Forms permit integration with online services and popular web applications such as PayPal.


Akismet is a vital plugin, especially in website spam filtering. Most people love it for the much spam it catches for them. It is useful in automation of spam prevention on your WordPress blog comments. Without Akismet, you will have lots of spam comments for you to moderate in your site and will hide the real comments fast. Other features include showing URLs in the comment body to see misleading links and a discard feature that saves your disk space and speeds up your site by blocking worst spams.


Vaultpress is one of the best backups for WordPress. It is essential in backing up and restoring all your WordPress websites at the touch of a button. Vaultpress also has site migration feature that helps you to move your site from the expensive, slow or unreliable host. It has super powerful security features for professionals, agencies, and individuals. Some of these features include spam defense, restores, automated file repair, and file scanning. Vaultpress will protect your site from the common to the severe threats.


Of all the email Optin plugins that I have used, OptinMonster is far better and has the top best design tools. It has a killer exit intent add-on plus a built-in split testing feature. One of the best features is the Popup Functionality that helps you to build email subscribers easily. When the plugin detects your visitors are about to leave the site; a pop up appears encouraging them to subscribe by email. This is helpful in promoting conversion from visitors to prospect customers. Start using OptinMonster on your Singapore website and grow your email list much faster.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is useful in improving your site SEO by creating special XML sitemaps which promote site indexing and hosting by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The crawlers can view your site complete structure hence efficiently retrieving it.

best WordPress plugins for your Singapore website

Additionally, the plugin gives notifications to all search engines each time you create a new content post. It has been rated as the top WordPress plugin for nine years since it was created thus you can be assured it will do what you expect it to do. The good news is that Google XML Sitemaps supports all types of custom URLs and WordPress generated pages.


WooCommerce is among the few plugins that you cannot afford to lack on your Singapore website. It fully incorporates all eCommerce solution with lots of built-in payment gateways and options. This eCommerce plugin gives developers and business owners full control of their online store and enables them to sell anything beautifully on the web. Research statistics show that WooCommerce powers more than thirty percent of online stores worldwide the platform has an endless list of free and premium WordPress extensions. Don’t be left out by other Singapore business competitors by lack of this leading plugin.

Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager plugin provides an easy way to enable your visitors to download files from your site. The plugin has features IP Block or Captcha Lock that helps you to limit downloads, add a password and manage all downloadable products on your site. You can also require your site users to first agree with site’s terms and conditions before downloading from the site. WordPress Download Manager can be used to sell online products indicating the price on the digital product. Easy check out option improves the customer experience and increases the probability of successful orders.

Fixed Widget

This is an amazing plugin and in a special way my favorite. The plugin makes it easy and quick for you to create any sidebar widget for blogs. The widgets are then fixed to the top of the browser as the site visitor scrolls down. it is also effective in highlighting featured advertisers, articles list and newsletter subscription form. The new version gives improved caching plugins compatibility and optimised client performance. Fixed Widget will simply give you fantastic functionality and removes the need for coding.


CoSchedule is a new plugin created by TodayMade. Bloggers and social media marketers cannot afford to miss out the services offered by this plugin. CoSchedule has an excellent editorial calendar that incorporates buffer enabling you to schedule your blog posts and all your social media sharing to match with the content. It has a great user interface that puts it on a higher level from other available editorial calendars. The plugin goes for one hundred and twenty dollars annually which is cost-effective regarding how easy it is to use.


Twitter is one of the social media platforms that is growing tremendously in Singapore alongside Facebook, and Instagram. You should ensure that you have an official business twitter account. TweetDis plugin enables your users to tweet quotes from your article blog by clicking on them. Normally, the standard tweet button provides for tweeting of the article headline only. However, with this plugin, you can use many quotes on your website articles that users can tweet by just clicking on them.

Theme Check

Theme Check is an open source software plugin that provides a simple way to test your theme. The plugin checks whether your website theme in up to the latest WordPress practices and standards. This theme development tool runs all automated testing tools that WordPress uses for theme submissions on your theme. The results are exhibited immediately after the tests are taken through a simple admin menu. Theme Check is hence vital for theme developers and any other marketer wanting to affirm that their theme supports all WordPress theme standards and works.

Advanced Comments Moderation

This plugin is focused on making your life easier. For instance, it gets very overwhelming when you receive lots of comments on your blog. Advanced Comments Moderation is here to help you get to ‘inbox zero.’ This is by filtering out comments that you have already replied to together with the replies. Furthermore, it will dismiss the comments that you don’t want to see either do you want to respond. With this plugin, you will effectively manage your comments and leave work behind.

Barley for WordPress

Barley for WordPress is one of the favorite plugins for the majority of people. You don’t have to write in the WordPress admin any longer as this plugin provides a great front-end in-line. For bloggers, you will surely regain the blogging fun through barley for WordPress. It enables you to write and publish on a medium for only $12 per year. However, you have to ensure that your theme is up to date for excellent compatibility.


This is a wholly featured plugin that enables you to set back up tasks of your database and files at various times, and to multiple locations easily. Installing the free version of this plugin may save you at the time of need. Set up a backup of all your files in a specific file location and you can easily concentrate on other more important things. You can also subscribe to the premium version that will provide services of backing up your website information on google drive. For me, the free version is adequate.

Limit Login Attempts

One of the biggest problems with WordPress popularity is they know the login procedure requires you to visit /wp-login.php. This renders Limit Login Attempts a must have for your WordPress site. This is for you to secure your login page. This plugin blocks people after four unsuccessful logins attempt using IP. This way, your site will be protected from any brute force attacks.

Subscribe and Download

Subscribe and Download is a great plugin and favorite to many. For online marketers looking to build their email list subscribers in Singapore, look no further as this plugin has the solution. Subscribe and Download allows you to create form gated areas displaying locked downloadable content to your website visitors. For them to access the downloadable content, they are supposed to subscribe to your email list. They will then receive an email with those downloadable content such as PDF. This is one of the best ways to build your subscribers.


HashCore is a marketing plugin that lets you type in a twitter hashtag within your website post. The hashtag is then automatically converted to a link in which visitors get a popup when they click it. It will display the latest tweets with that hashtag. More ever, when people tweet with that hashtag through HashCore popup box, the status update box will include both the hashtag and the link to the post.

WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is a must have a plugin for guest bloggers and freelance writers. The plugin enables you to take the author RSS feeds from the sites you have contributed to and feed them to WP RSS Aggregator. You will then be able to generate a page that contains all your latest posts from the multiple sites. This portfolio page is useful in displaying your writings on your blog.


SearchWP cannot be left out of the best WordPress plugins for Singapore website. You want your web visitors to navigate your site easily for increased engagement and conversions. On-site search is an essential feature in directing them through your website. SearchWP creates an on-site search that pins directly onto WordPress. This way, you can tune its configuration correctly to your site set up for effective results.

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March 27, 2019

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