Best WordPress Maintenance Services Singapore Webmasters Can Consider

wordpress website maintenance services singapore

There are various kinds of WordPress users. However, they can be classified into two main categories – those who understand everything about WordPress (normally developers), and those who rarely utilise a content management system and merely understand the technical part about it (normally bloggers). The second group of individuals gets attracted by the massive number of plugins and themes that WordPress offers and its competencies as a platform for blogging, but they don’t know how to maintain their WordPress website updated or about its security. That is when you need to employ a WordPress maintenance service provider.

A WordPress maintenance service provider is a company that offers to keep your website updated and monitor its performance at a small cost. Their services are helpful to website owners or bloggers who lack patience or time to learn how to maintain their WordPress content management system. This article covers more about WordPress maintenance services including what they are, the reasons why you require them, other similar alternatives, and some of the top services available in the market.

Let’s dive in.

What Does a WordPress Maintenance Service Mean?

I gave a brief description of what a WordPress maintenance service is, but I did not discuss what it does and its benefits to your business. If you own a WordPress website, you should at least understand the way it functions by now. In simple terms, you should have known that WordPress is a self-hosted content management system. It means that it does not offer site security services apart from its secure code during the development of your site. It also doesn’t update your website, the plugins or themes for you. It is your responsibility to undertake all this and mend the flaws.

Okay, but what occurs if you get busy creating content for your site and spend the other part of your time undertaking other personal responsibilities that life induces? What transpires when you don’t get concerned about becoming a WordPress pro and utilise your time to enhance the growth of your business and blog?

Sure, there is a higher possibility that you will not maintain your website updated, execute security plugins and features. You may discover that your site has been puzzled with bugs, is not functional, or has been hacked after some time. If you decide to undertake maintenance services on your own, you may end up doing it so improperly. You may find out that you have introduced some errors that you are not sure of how to do away with. These are issuing that WordPress maintenance services can protect you from.

Simply put, most of the services these kinds of companies provide include:

These are the primary services offered by almost all WordPress maintenance service providers. However, you can get some companies providing less than that and others providing more. The specific services each company offers are discussed below. But let’s first review the people who require this kind of services.

How Can You Benefit From WordPress Maintenance Services?

Maintaining your WordPress website up to date in an incorrect way or failing to keep it updated at all is a reliable means of introducing bugs and malevolent systems from hackers as mentioned earlier. In other words, WordPress updates, plugins and themes, and security features must be carefully installed, and the updates for all those plugins and themes must be executed. The method you use to implement them does not matter at all. When you don’t have the mood to cook, what do you usually do? You pay off another person to do it on your behalf — a WordPress maintenance service functions in the same manner.

That said, the targeted groups by WordPress maintenance services include the following:

Thus, it is evident why these services are directed towards occupied business owners and bloggers more than other parties. Let’s now look at the list of maintenance service providers that you can consider in Singapore.

6 WordPress Maintenance Services for Occupied Site Owners and Bloggers

The list below outlines six WordPress Maintenance services that you can consider for your Singapore website. We will highlight the pricing plans and the particular services offered by these companies.

Particularly, we will look at these service providers:

Let’s onset the list.

WP Buffs

WP Buffs WordPress maintenance service serves a massive audience by offering various site maintenance services. The company provides its services to site owners and bloggers based on the plans chosen. It has three plans that you can pay on a monthly or annually basis. Most individuals choose the first two plans because the third one is costly. It comes at a fee of $150 per month, but it comes with a malware removal feature.

The basic plan is known as Maintain, and it provides website backups that are saved in Cloud. It also offers site restoration services. It also provides plugin and theme updates each week. Site monitoring is done all around the clock with this plan. It comes at $50 per month. The other plan is known as Perform, and it is offered at $100 per month. It has an iThemes Security Pro integration that offers 24/7 security monitoring. It also provides speed optimisations on a weekly basis. You can also contact their support team through the phone, email, or live chat.


This is yet another WordPress maintenance service that serves both agencies and small businesses, although both of them get charged the same costs. It advances four distinctive plans. The initial two plans serve different wants, and you join these services by purchasing their third plan. Let’s go into details.

The initial plan is known as Maintenance, and it comes at the cost of $29 per month. It provides backups that are saved offline on a daily basis, and they can be utilised to reinstate your website when requested. GoWP also provides WordPress plugin and theme updates. It also has a security monitoring feature and website cleanups whenever there are issues.

The second plan is known as Support, and it comes at a $59 fee each month. This plan only offers limitless 30-minute support errands. If you buy their third plan known as Complete to receive all the services given by both Support and Maintenance plans, it is charged a fee of $79 per month. The fourth plan is known as Manual, and it provides all the services offered by the Complete plan plus a manual plugin testing and update service at the cost of $129 each month.

With this service, you can also purchase WordPress Fixing services for only one time at a price of $49 per individual task, although the cost changes.

WP Maintainer

This company provides website maintenance services to various types of businesses using a single plan. The basis for this pricing approach is that every person gets their best services. There are no elaborate plans and packages as they offer their services at the same cheap price. They initiate their services by providing you site backups offline or by sending them to you through the email.

They also update the plugins, themes, and interior of your website, ensuring that they get fresh backups before initiating the update process. They also offer site cleanup and security monitoring services which get powered by Sucuri. It also provides ticket and email help, but special requests can lead to extra charges.

The single WP Maintainer’s plan comes at a fee of $99 per month.


Maintainn is a WordPress maintenance company that provides various plans. Some of them offer customised development options. Most bloggers should get interested in their Premium Support plan.

It includes daily offsite website backups and weekly site updates to ensure that your website is secure. They also offer security monitoring services all around the clock as well as site cleanups and fixes if your site gets hacked. They also give you the maintenance reports for every month. For support services, you can either surrender a ticket via the support gizmo available on the dashboard of your WordPress site or send an email to their support team.

This plan comes at the cost of $499 per year or $49 per month.

WP Site Care

WP Site Care is a maintenance service company that offers various features for all types and sizes of businesses. The enjoyed by more prominent agencies include custom setups on a monthly basis, a manager for your account, and many more. The service that suits small business owners and bloggers best is their Core plan. The plan comes with daily website backups that are safely saved in a cloud database offered by Amazon Web Services. The next service they provide is ensuring that the interior, themes, and plugins of your website are up to date. You will also enjoy a 24/7 security tracking and site cleanups through a union with Sucuri, a famous site security solution.

They also provide support via your WordPress dashboard. The cost of this plan is $948 per annum or $99 per month. They also offer a money back guarantee for 30 days.

WP Team Support

WP Team Support  is yet another WordPress maintenance agency that offers services to various businesses in Singapore. The services it provides to bigger businesses include custom development, optimisation of performance, and search engine optimisation. For small businesses and bloggers, their Startup plan is the best.

If you are new to this service, you can schedule periodic website backups that will get stored in Cloud. This company also offers regulated WordPress updates. They provide a 24/7 security tracking and cleanups in case your site gets attacked by hackers or when a malicious file gets into your storage system. The other services offered by this agency include monthly reports, spam cleanups and uptime tracking.24/7 support is available through live chat for urgent issues, and a ticket system for matters that are less urgent.

The Wp Team Support plan comes at the cost of $49 each month and has a 30-day money back assurance.

Other Similar Services That Are Worth Mentioning

Before concluding this article, let’s highlight two extra WordPress maintenance service providers that were not mentioned in the list above namely WP Curve and WP Butler. WP Curve is a maintenance service e company that provides services using a specific approach. Their services are given in a catalogue where they are called tasks. Some of these tasks include custom development, Website development as well as maintenance of themes. Every plan you buy from this company offers you a specific amount of credits. You can utilise each of these credits to purchase a task. Each plan contains credits for various tasks. There are two plans: the Starter plan that comes at the cost of $49.99 per month and the Basic plan that comes at a price of $79.99 per month.

Wp Butler is the other WordPress maintenance agency that is worth to mention. You can purchase each of their services individually rather than buying the complete solution. For instance, if you require updates on a weekly basis, you will be required to pay a fee of $16 each month. When you need full website backups on a weekly basis and database backups on a daily basis, you will pay only $15 per month. For both services, you will pay a $31 fee.

Final Verdict

Maintaining your WordPress site is something that you need to take very seriously. There is no extent of features, firewall rules, or security track that can keep away hackers if your WordPress plugins and themes are not updated correctly and on a regular basis. WordPress maintenance allows you to focus on creating content and growing your business without having to worry about whether your website is safe and secure or not.

The alternative to these services is taking your time to learn how to back up your site, implement solutions for website security and run the updates by yourself. The second option is using WordPress Managed Hosting. They provide daily site backups, security solutions, cleanups for malware, and website updates — the cost of these services changes based on the one you select.

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