Best WordPress Booking Plugins for Singapore Websites

Best WordPress Booking Plugins for Singapore Websites

If you own a company whose WordPress website takes appointments or bookings in Singapore, you undoubtedly need the best WordPress booking plugin. This plugin will complement your online booking system, thus enabling you to serve your clients better.

Adding a booking plugin to your website does more than merely improving its operational efficiency. With a plugin, you will optimise the customer experience. Research indicates that 70% of clients prefer making reservations online.

best WordPress booking plugins

When you add a booking plugin to your WordPress website, you will eliminate more than half of the pain points that consumers typically encounter. Similarly, you will provide your clients with their favourite booking option.

5 Best WordPress Booking Plugins 


Bookly is a customisable and extremely responsive booking plugin. Adding this plugin to your website will give the site a visually appealing and modern look. The plugin provides the option for your employees to create custom prices and availability. If you own a gym, for instance, each personal trainer working at the facility can set their rates.

As a result, your customers will have the option of choosing the trainer that they prefer from a dropdown menu whenever they book a session. With Bookly as your preferred plugin, customers will find it easy to make bookings and appointments.

best WordPress booking plugins

They only need to select their preferred service before they choose a date or time. After that, they will enter their details and pay to reserve the appointment. Bookly processes deposits and payments, something that comes in handy if you want to avoid no-show appointments.

EDD Bookings

What stands out about this WordPress booking plugin is the fact that apart from standard booking services, it’s also great for companies that offer rentals in Singapore. EDD is the best WordPress booking plugin if your business handles bookings as well as rental services.

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The plugin can easily get integrated into your WordPress e-commerce website. If you are using Easy Digital Downloads, this is the most recommended plugin for you. Customers can conveniently book rentals of appointments in a matter of seconds.

They need to choose the appointment type (for bookings) or equipment type (for rentals) before they pick their preferred date and time. With EDD Bookings, you can manage your appointments in one place. Likewise, your appointments can be colour-coded, thus enabling you to keep track of them.

EDD Bookings integrates with different payment gateways and email lists. Besides this, the plugin will furnish you with detailed reports and analytics about your customers’ preferences. The plugin also features a responsive design for smartphones, tablets, and desktops.


If you are looking for the best WordPress booking plugin to integrate with platforms such as WooCommerce and Google Calendar, look no further than Booked. This WordPress plugin is designed to make it easy for clients to book appointments on your site.

Booked is also an excellent option for start-ups in Singapore due to its uncomplicated design. You do not need ant custom coding or even coding expertise to integrate this plugin to your website. Its interface is also smooth and easily navigable.

best WordPress booking plugins

With Booked, you can add custom timeslots to your schedules. Therefore, the plugin is excellent for adding vacation days or holidays. It also comes with great shortcodes, which make it easy to embed your appointments calendar anywhere on your website.

Booking Calendar

Having been around for nearly a decade, Booking Calendar is one of the oldest booking plugins. It can be an excellent option if you are in Singapore’s hospitality industry. Besides appointments, Booking Calendar can be used to reserve stays in hotels and resorts.

It is designed to accommodate days-long bookings rather than hourly timeslots.  Not every booking plugin offers this functionality. Booking Calendar is also highly responsive on both the backend and frontend. For individuals who are not too tech-savvy, installing this plugin won’t be an issue. You only need to insert the plugin’s booking shortcode into a page on your website.

best WordPress booking plugins

What makes Booking Calendar the best WordPress booking plugin is the fact that you will not need third-party service providers or accounts to manage your bookings and appointments. Also, the plugin is designed to prevent double bookings automatically. Multiple languages are also supported.

Team Booking: The Best WordPress Booking Plugin for Groups

Just like the name implies, Team Booking is designed to cater to the booking needs of teams. In as much as other plugins purport to offer this feature, group bookings are not their main point of emphasis.

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You can integrate this WordPress plugin with Google Calendar to that you efficiently manage appointments based in each team member’s availability. Even though Team Booking was created with group appointments in mind, customers can still make individual bookings and appointments.

Remarkably, you can create multiple form fields for collecting additional information about your clients. The plugin comes with a map feature so that whenever customers book an appointment, this map will pop up to show their location.

Team Bookings’ versatility is what makes it one of the best WordPress booking. When dealing with teams, clients can book appointments based on the type of help that they need. Installing the plugin to your WordPress is quite straightforward. You don’t need to be a techie or have coding experience to get the plugin up and running. 

You can also use Team Bookings to collect deposits and payments from customers. The plugin is supported by notable payment gateways including Stripe and PayPal. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a WordPress booking plugin, Team Booking is your best option.


Every website in Singapore needs to have the best WordPress booking plugin. If you are not allowing clients to make online bookings and appointments, you’re missing out on a lucrative business opportunity.

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When choosing a booking plugin that will work best for your website, you should consider whether you will use the plugin to collect payments and whether you need to manage appointments and bookings for multiple staff members. You need a WordPress booking plugin that addresses your business needs.

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5 Best WordPress Booking Plugins

1 Bookly
2 EDD Bookings
3 Booked
4 Booking Calendar
5 Team Booking


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