Top 30 Best Website Designs in Singapore

list of the top web designs in singapore

The current digital age has forced entrepreneurs to change tact to increase their online presence and scale their businesses in the current digital world. Entrepreneurs and organisations with the outstanding website designs in Singapore have an easier time coping with the changing market trends.

It is only proper that you have a website where you can engage your target audience. Keep in mind that your competitors are already leveraging the power of the internet. You must keep reviewing your strategy since platforms and algorithms keep changing.

Statistics show that there are 4.3 million Singaporeans, that is equivalent to 75% of the population, with access to smartphones, and it has become the preferred way of accessing the internet instead of using over PCs and laptops.

This means that a majority of your target audience will use their mobile devices to view your website and it follows that it needs to be mobile friendly. A study by Forbes revealed that mobile ecommerce will make up for 54% of all online sales by 2021.

It is time you aligned your business with the proper web design. Coupled with the appropriate use of email marketing and social media advertising, professional web design will position your business for success and start generating revenue.

We have researched and compiled a list of the top website designs in Singapore. Over the years, these websites have been nominated for the Singapore Website Awards for their outstanding design.

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Top 30 Best Website Designs in Singapore

These list of top web designs encompass websites from different niches, and we guarantee that you will find inspiration for designing your website.


smart use of interactive design nestbloom

The website sells premium handcrafted Bird’s Nest, in what could possibly be its prettiest forms, in flavours such as Pandan Rock Sugar, Rose Almond, Matcha Almond, Original Almond and Vanilla Bean.

website design banner

Targeting ladies who love to Instagram their treats, and men who fawn over their ladies (including their Moms). Hence it showcases lots of beautiful imagery: flowers in full bloom; natural, raw ingredients; brand stories; and the painstaking Making of the Blooms to convey that they are organic, fresh and benefit the health.

The website also allows you to experience the products even before getting them in your hands. A wonderland of fun as you get to play with the different interactive elements like tearing the packaging, preparing the Bloom for consumption and watching it become ready for your enjoyment.

It is also an ecommerce store with a full fledged delivery system, which makes it an ideal platform for gift sourcing, especially when social distancing is now the new norm.

3-Sixty Brand Communications

good website design concepts

This website provides branding and communications services in Singapore and their websites has a unique design. It uses the popular minimalist design with a single page layout. It has a dark background with an animated video. They use a pink font that contrasts beautifully with the dark background but the animation in the background can make the words illegible.

It has a slider showing the agencies milestones and staff. Scrolling further down the site, you get an ‘All Business’ section where they outline the designs they have made for their clients. Towards the bottom, they have a picture of their personnel and a contact us section. You do not have to scroll back up to the since they have a ‘Back to Top’ button at the very bottom. It is an interesting web design that shows their prowess in branding and communications.

Visual Mass

example of great ecommerce website design

This is an ecommerce site that markets and sells designer spectacles. The website has a simple slider that is similar to thousands of other websites, yet it delivers quality content for its viewers. However, scrolling down you notice that when you hover over each pair of glasses, the image enlarges and shows information such as brand, material used, and so much more.

The web designer incorporated clean, sleek, and interactive icons for a spectacular UX/UI to the minimalist design. More so, the site uses professionally photos of the actual store, and it hardly uses stock images. This aspect makes interested customers want to visit the store or order a pair of glasses from the website. The moment you land on the website, it is clear that they sell premium eyewear.

The BOLDR Watches

b2c fashion estore singapore

This is another site that incorporates a minimalist design, and it has big, bold, and neat pictures. The BODLR Watches has a clear CTA urging visitors to sign up for their newsletter. Unlike other watchmakers and sellers who go for stock photos of their watches, BOLDR uses close up pictures of their watches that clearly outline the details of the timepieces.

The site is laid out in a way that it encourages the visitors to join their mailing list. The pictures are mostly in the background and complemented with a few lines of text. Concisely, the design highlights its products in a way that encourages visitors to subscribe to their newsletter.

The minimalist design and the stunning layout is exactly what businesses with products that have a lot of detail should try to achieve.

ION Orchard

ION Orchard web design

Singapore’s most iconic shopping mall needs no introduction. The thousands of glass panes that cover the superstructure make it look like an ornate piece of Swarovski crystal – variously sparkling as the sunlight glints off the edges.

So the web designers probably decided that there is no further need to embellish and simply focused on moving images of the building from different perspectives.

The website itself is simple, with quick visual displays of promotions, shops inside and FAQs as drop downs – eschewing the need for the shopper to click into different pages. Smart because the modern mobile phone warrior uses thumbs to do the walking and hate to get “sucked” into a page for a simple piece of information. Well done!

Lasalle School of Arts

website ideas for schools in singapore

School websites are regarded as boring, and over time, it is evident that only art-oriented schools bother to put effort into a creative website design. Lasalle is one of the best art schools in Singapore, and they have ensured that their website design motivates potential students to sign up for their courses as well as to join their mailing list for updates on the Singapore art scene.

The website has a grid layout, and it toggles between different sizes of content tiles. The tiles have different information and they are subtle yet powerful CTAs.

Runway Bandits

inspiration fashion ecommerce website concept

The name of the site is enough to make you want to see what they have to offer. Runway Bandits have a rather interesting approach to the layout of the site with their menu at the left side of the website, and the downside to this is that it takes up so much space. Despite this, it has a clean design, and it appears to be very well put together.

They also have large and clean pictures of models in different outfits on their products page, and this helps push the client to add items to cart. If you can overlook the menu, then you will have a great time navigating the website.


minimalistic website design thehourglass

Perhaps with a dash of inspiration for the Tiffany’s website of the past, TheHourGlass design is strikingly minimalistic and allows the aspects of each watches take centre stage.

This website design has plenty of room for content which helps to expound on the subtleties of the watch brand and model on display. Clearly this firm is far sighted in using content marketing, knowing that the brand part is already amply covered in its copious advertising. So let the pen do the talking here!

School of The Art Singapore (SOTA)

visually stunning design website singapore

It is refreshing to see school websites thinking out of the box when it comes to the design of their websites. However, it seems the trend is only with art schools, and SOTA has one of the best websites of for school in Singapore.

The website incorporates a plethora of colours which in some people’s opinion is too much, but it stands out when compared to other education-based websites. CTAs are important in web design, and SOTA has a cleverly design CTA that directs the user to sign up for courses, and their newsletter for updates on the trends shaping the Singapore art scene.

They have stunning pictures on the slider that is located at the top of the homepage, but these sliders sometimes make the words difficult to see. With that said, it is an enjoyable experience navigating the site since it is very visual.

The White Rabbit

The first thing that comes to mind when you land on The White Rabbit website is that it is about nature and conservation of the environment. However, The White Rabbit is the name of a restaurant in Singapore, and the site is all things food. Scrolling further down the site is where you know that it is indeed a restaurant’s website. The site captures the attention of the reader to see what it is all about with its appetite rousing food images and content.

The site does not have menu outlines, and this gives the pages an impressive flow. For example, the homepage has an integrated video that you would think is a header image with soothing sounds of the untouched environment. It would have been better to have a video about food, since the video can confuse visitors on what The White Rabbit has to offer.

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With that said, the site uses a single page layout, and the minimalist design makes it look neat and tidy. There are several amazing shots of food that will make you hungry. While most restaurants build a website for functionality, The White Rabbit aims to offer site visitors pleasure with the available culinary content.  The CTAs will move you to make a reservation for your next date night.

Blush Boss

example of wonderful makeup estore singapore

This is a beauty and cosmetics e-commerce site that is nominated for the 2018 Singapore Website Awards. It has a promotion message promising free tracked shipping in Singapore that encourages customers to want to shop on the site. There is also a YouTuber video feed, and they have listed the top products directly below.

With the blowing up of Instagram, Blush Boss has a section at the bottom of the site where they have pictures from their Instagram account. This is an impressive marketing move that encourages site visitors to follow their social media pages. At the very bottom of the page, there are the modes of payments, and it is up to the customer to choose their preferred item, add to cart, and check out.

The pop-up is perfectly timed to come on after a few minutes of browsing. It has a cleaver use of words, and this makes it more interesting. Overall it is an impressive design, and it befits to win the Singapore Website Awards 2018 in the E-commerce category.

The Cat Café

design concept for cafe singapore

The Cast Café offers cat lovers the perfect place to enjoy their favourite beverage while petting one or more of the many house cats. The website, on the other hand, will make your heart melt. As soon as you land on the homepage, the video automatically starts playing showing cute cats as they walk around the café and directly below that there is a slider with animated cat images.

The video, for instance, increases the time spent on the site since there is no way you can watch it once. This is a perfect way to increase brand engagement. The Cat Café website has navigation links at the very top, and they have a section of the cats in the café. The site uses a single layout design on the homepage, and you can get all the information you need on the home page. They also have directions to the café for your convenience.

Nanyang Jade

nanyang jade web design

A study of contrasts. Anything against black, except obviously dark colours, stand out. So the web designer probably felt it appropriate not to overstate the glowing jadeite green which makes the pieces, some as small as a thumb drive, take on an appearance of gigantic proportions.

Go Bear

fun quirky website design for financial industry

Very few people enjoy doing their insurance cost calculations. The processes are long and most of the websites are boring. But not Go Bear; the main attraction on the website is the cute and colourful bear. They have a clever use of colours where the green contrasts beautifully against the white background.

They have thought out their branding goals and have taken time and effort to design their mascot for their products and service. The interface incorporates a minimalist design that is gaining popularity in web design, and the content is not too long to be boring.

The Go Bear website makes insurance comparison easy and visitors need to only input their details, and they will have the insurance that will suit their needs. It is the perfect example of less is more when it comes to web design.

LeapFrog Global

leapfrog global website design

Nice use of tiling for this Wordpress website. Being a tech site – it uses a lot of black and splashes of colour which really accentuates the sometimes boring black/matt coloured equipment.

Also the tiling allows the visitor to zoom in on the type of equipment he or she wants: for heavy gamers or just somebody looking for computer accessories.


beautiful home and interior design firm website example

The design and the layout on the Qanvast website are fantastic. It is splashed with professional hi-res images and details such as the size, the type of house, and cost for every image. They have incorporated a fantastic collection of icons that represent the different features of the home listed in the website.

Scrolling through the list of the featured projects, you get the occasional interior design of a house on sale or for rent with short and digestible information. This is a smart way to engage visitors since they can skim through the website and find what they are looking for in minutes.

Some of the quick access tabs have drop-down menus that represent the amount of thought put into the design. It is a source of inspiration for people looking to offer quality content in a few words. It is a simple website that delivers impact, and it has garnered a massive following since its inception.


koi website design visuals

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This now almost ubiquitous bubble tea can be found all over the island likely in the hands of a teenager or an office worker enjoying a post-lunch treat.

The website design clearly demonstrates they know their target audience. There is no need to go into details about what goes into their drinks, extoll the benefits and all that. Just show them the image of the drink prepared artistically and let the hypothalamus (that part of the brain that stimulates thirst and hunger pangs) take the mind on a runway trip imagining a Koi in hand. Enough said.



creative website design for social media page

This website was design with a lot of bold colours to bring out the impact of the agency’s branding. In doing so it has also attracted a lot of traffic and interest in digital marketing.

The site also has a lot of functionality to boot – with plenty of call to action and lead capture mechanisms cleverly worked into the design.

The Universe Fantastic

The universe fantastic web design singapore

Wow! What a fun site! The whole kaleidoscope of moving colours make you feel as if you are being transported into a neon Wonderland. Kudos to the guts and vision of their amazing designers.

Asia Pacific Breweries

apb singapore best website design

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One of the rare cases of web designers who actually listen to the client in our opinion.

Obviously here APB had wanted the sense of history and tradition as their Unique Selling Point against the thousands of competing beer brands in the world.

Rather than make all the old photos move in a slide show as we are sure 90% of the web design agencies would have done, the web designer chose to montage them in a way that tells a story and creates a sense of value and tradition.

Watabe Wedding Singapore

watabe wedding website design

Watable flaunts a clean design with a colourful interface. More importantly, their CTA is the first thing you see upon landing on the website, direct but tempting.

Pictures occupy a large area. It’s simple: the company wanted to focus on what’s important while using pictures to draw your attention.

Designed by: MinLoveCat


Ora Stream

brio web design sample

A music streaming platform that lets you stream your music in high resolution, the only one of its kind in Singapore. Users can listen to their music library from anywhere and at a native resolution so long as they’re connected to the internet.

The site boasts great task-based navigational icons. It also utilises accent colours to accentuate navigational elements.

Designer: Novage Communications



go bear website design

You can easily tell GoBear was carefully planned, designed, and tested before the designing process. Their priority was on performance and usability, both of which were perfectly nailed.

engaging the top social media agency in singapore

Their otherworldly creativity just kills it. And you know that it took a long time to brand their website when you notice that they have a different mascot design for every single one of their products.

Designer: In-house GoBear Team


Lasalle School of Art

lasalle web design

School websites are always vanilla and boring.

But not Lasalle. It’s an art school, so it helps.

They did a great job with grid layouts, which not only allows them to displays a lot of information but also draws attention to crucial site information.



sofnade web design concept

Sofnade doesn’t just serve you food. It serves you happiness, as captured in their design– both in text and the overall theme.

MinLoveCats did a commendable job on the graphics.

Audience-based navigational links. Excellence use of photography and a clear CTA. Everything works perfectly for a website of its kind.

Designer: MinLoveCats



school of the arts web design

An explosion of bold vibrant colours as befitting Singapore’s nurture farm for future artists and artistes.

The website has a strong black frame which allows for contrasting colours to interact to paint a marvellous collage of colours and images in good harmony. One of our favourites.


Forty Two

clean aesthetic web design forty two

A true leader in furniture ecommerce in Singapore.

The website spots a cheerful colour scheme. The designers go beyond picking colours that go well together. They have done a great job ensuring the colours complement their brand personality.

Bright and cheerful colours like sunny yellow and true red evoke happy feelings the brand wants to be associated with.

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Pulse Learning

fullertun fund management website design

A clean-cut design for the homepage. The design is both simple and colourful.

AgileLab nailed everything on this design: great use of focus-based background imagery and light-hearted colour.

Designers: Agile Labs


Fullerton Fund Management

fullertun fund management website design

A heritage series investment solution.

The website stands out for the bold typography, not to forget streamlined content and page layout.

It’s obvious the designers didn’t want to overwhelm users by giving them too much content than they can afford to see. So they chose to declutter the homepage by adopting illustrations.

Designers: Notch Studio


Save Smart

save smart web design

A financial management website for young people.

The website is colourful, eye-catching, and evocative. Everything is well-thought and designed to help users trace their way around various navigational elements.

It’s clear that the designers understood who their target audience was, the younger generation. So, they set out to make everything fun for them.

Designers: Tangent Developers



yoha web design ideas

Students’ hostel booking and management platform.

The site makes great use of big, bold pictures. It should capture your attention.

And they’re all great pictures, not the lousy ones people take on their smartphones.

The only problem is that the site appears a little sluggish, which is the price they pay for cashing in on high-quality pictures.

Designer: Verz Design



activoo website feature

A front-end web development company.

What we love most about the site is the visual appeal, content presentation through a slider, good divisions, and the interesting colour effects.

Designer: Activeoo


Kin Yiap Press

It never gets crafty than this – 3D presentation at its best.

3D printing is on a roll, which means you don’t have to explain anything in text. Not when you can make the whole presentation of it in 3D.

What you’ll love about the site are the easy navigation, font choice, clean layout, and the vivid 3D images.

Designer: Wearesection



photonico web archives

A fast and responsive stock photo platform consisting of an expanding grid gallery, interactive conversation search, and one of the fastest checkout systems you’ll ever come across.

Designer: SPH Digital Media


Visual Mass

visual mass web project

A cool ecommerce website that sells glasses

The site is designed such that when you hover around any of the glasses displayed, the image will enlarge and reveal more information.

The site itself is clean and sleek, with very interactive icons that further enhances the whole experience.

Designer: comwerks


Autonomous Database

autonomous database web design concept

Autonomous Data is an automated data management system. It’s designed to run automated updates, security, repair, patching, and with zero downtime.

Through a creative blend of illustrative animation images, the site immerses you into a thrilling experience that makes you want to dig out for more information.

Designer: Oracle



spatula instagram scraping website concept

Instead of going through your Instagram and reading through comments, spatula extracts them for you and organises everything into an excel sheet.

Their site is indicative of what they do. It’s also very colourful and easy to figure out. Plus, the sign-up and login buttons are among the first things that your eyes settle on upon landing on the site.

Designer: Goodstuph


Happy living Toshiba

toshiba web design animated

Technology enhances the happiness in our lives. It’s part of what brings fulfillment in our lives.

And tangent has gone to great length to convey and illustrate all this through a simple website.

The website is colourful, bright, promotional, and full of illustrations.

Designer: Tangent



edenspiekermann website design


We love it! The website tears down the boundaries of wireframes and comes up with a in your face – red no less! – awe-inspiring shout to sit up and pay attention. Its message is clear: if we can get you excited here, we can get people excited about your brand anywhere. Engage us if you want a take no prisoners brand consultancy!



Singapore Best Web Design (SBWD)

Singapore Best Web Design has been established since 2009. They provide services and expertise to SMEs primarily in Singapore and also Asia Pacific. Thier agency has successfully delivered over 250 projects of various scales and services to satisfied clients over the years.

At the core of the agency, is a team of passionate people boasting expertise across a wide range of disciplines; creative designers, development gurus, experienced marketing and business consultants. This ensures that each project undertaken will be completed with smart business sense that fits your industry and target market.

Address : 81 Ubi Ave 4 #08-12 UB. One Singapore 408830

Website :


JS-Solutions Networks Pte Ltd


Established in 2006, JS-Solutions Networks is a web design and development company in Singapore. We specialize in responsive corporate website design, web hosting and eCommerce website development.

We strive to create modern mobile responsive web designs that will effectively promote our client’s products and services to their target audience. Our commitment to you includes providing quality web designs, reliable hosting services and easy-to-use web applications. 

Some of their clients include Hong Leong Corporation Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore Airlines Ltd, Chasen Holdings Ltd, Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd, Amtronic Pte Ltd


  • Website Design
  • Linux and Windows Web Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration

Address:  6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, North View Bizhub, #07-17, Singapore 768090

Telephone: (65) 6756 3527


Website Design Take Away Points

With the above list of the best-designed website in Singapore, here are some takeaway points you can use as inspiration for your website.

Less is more

The problem with most websites in not only Singapore but also other parts of the world is that the owners want too much information on the site and it ends up being wordy and boring. Minimalism is catching on, and with the use of videos and high-resolution pictures, you can give your audience a more immersive user experience.

Use Appropriate Media

The White Rabbit website can easily give the wrong perception of what the business is all about but scrolling down the visitor gets an idea of what they do. It is a gamble that has worked on their part. However, the same might not work for your brand. You ought to be vigilant about the media uploaded on your website. There are many images and videos to choose from and all it takes is purposeful research.


While it might be a whole different ball game from web design, content is a critical factor in the making of a good website. A site such as has hundreds of hours of content ranging from text to a vast photo gallery. When it comes to content, keep your reader in mind to ensure you deliver quality. Also, strive to upload SEO optimised content to rank high on search engine results pages for organic traffic.

Custom Icons

Some of the top-ranking websites in Singapore always go out of their way to design fun and interactive icons to improve the visitor’s experience on the site. Websites that use the old conventional icons come off as boring and have a hard time converting browsers into paying customers. In this light, go out of your way and research for icons that resonate with your niche for a better user interface.

CTAs and Pop-ups

The Blush Boss is one of the website sites on this list that has managed to constantly get new visitors to subscribe to their mailing list. They have a delayed sign-up pop-up, and this gives the visitor time to browse the content. By the time the CTA pops up on the browser, they will most likely subscribe to the newsletter as well as follow their social media pages.

On the other hand, The BOLDR Watches website has a very appealing design, and they have a CTA for visitors to sign up to their newsletter. However, it does not have CTA to direct visitors to buy their watches. Concisely, when it comes to pop-ups and CTAs have your priorities right before taking the website live.

Hire a Professional

There are many website building platforms, and they are responsible for the burgeoning number of websites. However, doing a website yourself could take more time and use more resources than what a professional web designer would have used.

Professional web designers also have several tricks up their sleeves such as SEO, among other parameters that could be alien to you. Below are some things you must consider when hiring a web designer in Singapore.

  • Their experience and qualifications
  • Their approach to design
  • After-sales services such as maintenance
  • The SERP ranking of the sites they have built before

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The above list of the best website designs in Singapore is nowhere near conclusive, but these are the best of the best. You could use these sites as a source of inspiration for designing your website. Be sure to leave a link to your website in the comment section below; we will review it and give an honest and unbiased rating.



5 Outstanding Website Design in Singapore

1) Nestbloom website
2) 3-Sixty Brand Communications website
3) Visual Mass website
4) The BOLDR Watchesn website
5) ION Orchard website


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