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Looking for the best website design practices in Singapore for high conversions? In the current competitive and dynamic digital marketing realm in Singapore, the first more than impression. Every visitor who lands on your websites  judges the design of your website regardless of the page they are on or what they are looking for on the site.

A recent study revealed that more than 75% of online customers determine the credibility of a business based on the design of their website. This means that a poor design will turn off potential customers even though your business is legit.

Before we look at the best website design practices in Singapore, here is another fact to help you understand how vital it is to create a good impression. 94% of first impressions are solely based on website design. The perception that you give to visitors will determine if they are going to read a single word of the content posted on the homepage or any other page.

11 Best Website Design Practices for High Conversions in Singapore

Branding Should be Consistent

The difference between successful digital marketers in Singapore and their counterparts is that they understand how branding influences conversions. Make sure that you use consistent branding on the entire website. Apple is a good example of a business that uses branding to get more customers. Every aspect of their website conveys the brand’s core values: elegance, essential tools, and sleek design.

best website design practices in Singapore

Before you start the new web design project, decide the kind of message and story that you want to convey to the audience. The story should be based on your brand core values and the customers you are targeting.

White Space between Your Website Elements

White space, commonly referred to as negative space, is essential to your Singapore business website design as it allows other website elements to pop out. Grouping all the elements together will overwhelming potential customers and encourage them to close the tab.

Make use of padding and margins to increase the amount of space between the copy, images and other elements when designing your website.

Cut down the Options Available to Customers

Hick’s Law states that increasing the number of options, you offer to someone results in an increase in decision time. This concept is referred to as the analysis paralysis. One of the effective ways of motivating customers who are ready to convert but are overwhelmed with choices is by suggesting the desired action straightaway.


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For example, instead of presenting ten products to potential customers, suggest one on the landing page or main homepage. Apple has mastered this art; they use it to spark conversion after launching a new device. Even though they have hundreds of products, they focus on only one product, and this makes it easy for the customers to decide whether to buy the product or browse the entire product catalogue.

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Consider Compressing Images

According to MachMetrics, the best business websites in Singapore load in three seconds. Research shows that most sites take more time to load fully.


Consumer attention spans do not favour long load times. If you are to succeed in increasing conversions, you have to come up with ways of reducing page load times. This will, in turn, improve the overall website page speed. One way of achieving this goal is by compressing images.  Smush, a lightweight WordPress plugin can help you do this with ease.

Sprinkle Breadcrumbs on It

Think of your Singapore site as a geographical map that is filled with many different destinations. The target audience can end up on any destinations depending on their origin. Nonetheless, they need to know where they are.

Breadcrumbs are the small but vital signs that you come across at the supermarket that shows you where you are and give directions of other locations.

They are of paramount importance especially to e-commerce websites that have dozens of nested product categories. Clicking on any of the breadcrumbs will help them find their way to the right website page without contacting your support team.

Leverage Contrast and Different Colours

The contrast will make certain essential website elements pop out. If you want your visitors to take advantage of a particular discount, make sure that you use more contrast on those sections of your website.


In the above picture, the goal is to encourage the visitors to click on one of the CTAs presented in an orange color. There is also a subtle link “Return to Site” that they can click to go to the homepage. Such contrast will increase conversions and make your website more user-friendly.

Consider Animating Popups and Top Bars

Unlike other tricks that we have already discussed, this one can either increase or hinder your conversions. You need to be subtle because if the animations annoy or are not appealing to our visitors, they will click away without sparing a second to navigate other sections of your website.

If done correctly, slightly animated top bars and popups can capture the attention of the prospects and boost your website conversion rate.

Group Similar Elements Together

The Law of Similarity or Gestalt Principle should be applied in our website design project. Our minds are wired to group similar elements together when we view a site.

Similarity can be achieved using some essential elements such as size, colors, and shapes. How can this information increase my website’s conversion rate? It is simple, experiments with different shapes, colors and sizes on the most critical sites to make associations. For instance, you can decide to group a testimonial and CTA next to each other on the landing page.


website design banner


Even though the CTA and testimonial are not directly related, the eye will perceive them as two parts of a whole because of the similar colours and shapes. The prospects may decide to click on the CTA after reading the testimonial.

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Include Human Faces

Many Singapore digital marketing experts agree that a human face elicits positive emotions and responses when displayed in the right section of the website. Be it empathy, excitement, or happiness; such emotions will help your business win more customers in the competitive digital marketing realm.

The human brain is engineered to read human faces, whether we view a photo on a website or see someone in person. The facial expressions can influence how we feel about a business, service or product.

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Be unique by using quality photographs of people to tell the target audience where to look. For example, a photo of someone looking at a call to action or heading will compel your website visitors to look at it too!


The above picture also uses other best website design best practices we have already discussed such as contrast and color to control the movement of eyes.

Use Familiarity to your Advantage

The online consumers in Singapore are quickly becoming conditioned to expect to see certain things when they land on a website. For example, when shopping for a treadmill on an e-commerce website, they are conditioned to look for certain elements such as “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” CTAs.

Amazon “Add to Cart,” for example, is posted on every product page. Why, because the target customers are already familiar with it and they know exactly what to do when they come across it.

The point is, experiment with a different call to actions, but be vigilant to stray too far from the norm that your target website visitors are accustomed to or understand.

Understand the Path of Least Resistance

Earlier on, we said that you should avoid giving your consumers too many options. However, you can increase the conversion rate by applying alternative website design best practices to capitalize on the consumers’ desire to get a product or service for free or at a discounted price.

In a recent experiment done by Placester, placing a “Buy Now” button next to “Request a Demo” button in the header navigation bar then creating a simple buy now form that alerted the sales team when someone was ready to purchase the product right away drastically increased the conversion rate of the free demo. The “Buy Now” button made the demo more attractive to the target customers since it was free.

Presenting the path of least resistance to prospects can dramatically increase conversion rate and save you money and time for other Singapore digital marketing campaigns.

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