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Website Analytics Tools: What Should I Use?

website analytics tools in Singapore

Web analytic tools can help you gain insight on whether your SEO strategy is working. There is a multitude of web analytics tools, and most people do not know how to choose the right one. In this article, we look at the best website analytics tools in Singapore.

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Web analytics tools also show you what competitors are doing differently to increase their conversions, and what users do when they visit your site. You will need the right combination of web analytic tools to understand the modern customer, so be sure to read on to the end for 10 of the best website analytics tools in Singapore.

Google Analytics

This is arguably the gold standard when it comes to web analytics tools. It provides all the basic information you will need, and it has an easy setup. With data from Google Analytics, you will learn how visitors found your site, how they interacted with it, as well as when they left.

You cannot go wrong with Google Analytics, and it is easy to integrate with a diverse number of platforms. Google Analytics is free, but businesses that requires large amounts of data, they should try Google Analytics 360, the premium version of Google Analytics.

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Few web analytics tools can compare to Google Analytics, but Clicky comes close. With that said, Clicky adds several features that Google Analytics lacks. For example, you can see what is happening in your site in real time using the Big Screen Feature. This includes the number of visitors live on your site at any given time, where they are on your site, and the when they leave.

Other than this, Clicky has an inbuilt Twitter analytics feature that allows you to track the mentions your business is has on Twitter. You can get most of the features on the free version, but for business, you will need the premium features, which come at the cost of at least $9.99 per month.

website analytics tools in Singapore

Crazy Egg

This web analytics tool can generate scroll maps and heat maps that show you how site visitors scroll through the site and where they clicked. It is also a perfect tool for running A/B testing, and besides this, it is an easy to use web analytics tool. Crazy Egg has four pricing options, with the basic plan going for $29 a month. The pro version of the tool goes for $189 per month, but the good thing is that you get 30 days to try Crazy egg free.


Do you ever wonder how site visitors are interacting with your content? Chartbeat will come in handy especially if you publish a lot of content and do not have the time and energy to track every article of content. This tool brings all the data in one place for you to analyse. For the prices, Chartbeat has not disclosed their prices on their website, but third-party sources estimate that it costs around $7000 per year.


The modern customer is unpredictable, and many businesses find it a difficult task to follow up and convert the generated leads. Kissmetrics is a tool that allows you to gather data on a customer’s journey down the sales funnel. It tracks individual customers through the multiple visits they make to your site. The data generated will enable you understand why and how they make purchasing decisions.

You also get an inbuilt email marketing functionality that allows you to automate how you send emails to your leads given the behaviour that they show on your site. Pricing starts at $500 per month.

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This tool combines the functionalities of an analytics tool and a marketing tool. SEMrush comes with a standard PPC- and SEO-tracking functionality, but it has become popular for its competitive analysis and keyword research tools.

SEMrush allows you to identify the keywords that your competitors are using. This way, you gain insights on how to plan your strategy and find keywords that will increase traffic and improve conversion without depending on a competitor’s strategy. Pricing starts at $99.95 per month, but the business version starts at $399.95 a month.


Testing a site is one of the best ways to ensure that you are offering the best UX for your visitors. However, you need specialised software that will make the process faster and error-free. This is where Optimizely comes in; it will help you run A/B tests on your site and with the ensuing data, and you can optimise it accordingly.

You will have to contact their sales team for a quotation since they do not have the prices listed on their site. Third party sources however, estimate that the costs can run as high as $36,000 per year.


This web analytics tool formally known as Piwik is a popular alternative to Google Analytics. Its rise in popularity is because of the fact that you host it on your server. This means that you own all your data and this increases the privacy of your data. You can customise Matomo to suit your needs, and it comes with over 70 plugins if you need extra features. More so, Matomo is free, but you have to pay for specific plugins.


This analytics tool captures everything a visitor does on your site including, form submission, where they click, search, and page views. Heap will help you understand user behaviour and give insight on how they are interacting with the site.

Heap has two significant benefits; it is easy to use, yet thorough. If you record less than 5000 visitors per month, then you can use it free. If you need more than basic data about your site, you need to contact their sales or support team for a quote. Third-party sources report that the minimum amount payable is around $500 per month.


Mixpanel’s signature feature is event tracking. Mixpanel lets you specify the events that you want to monitor on your site. There are different packages offered with the prices for the pro version starting at $999 per year. However, you can try the free version to learn how Mixpanel works. Irrespective of the package you choose, the Mixpanel support team offers excellent customer service to all its users.

What to Consider When Selecting a Web Analytics Tool

There are tens if not hundreds of web analytics tools available today, and you need to do your due diligence to choose the right one. Integrating a web analytics tool with your site is not only expensive but also time-consuming. Here is a useful guide that you ought to consider when looking for the best website analytics tools in Singapore for your website.

Know What You Want

This seems like the obvious thing, but many people settle on a web analytics tool without knowing what they need it to do for them. Make a list of the things that the tool must do to allow to make your data more accessible. Be sure to share our vision and goals with our preferred website development agency in Singapore. 

Know What You Want To Track

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A website has several metrics that need tracking, and without a solid plan of what you want to track, you will be wasting time. The easiest way of knowing what to monitor is making a list of questions that the analytics tool must answer.

website analytics tools in Singapore

Identify the Technical Requirements

Each analytics tool has its set of technical requirements. Think about what you want such as, do you want to do server-to-server implementation or a front-end implementation. Also, consider if you will use the fully server-to-server or SDKs. This is not only important when shopping for an analytics tool but it will also guide you in identifying the level of technical support you need.

Request for Demos or Free Versions

Unless you are using a free analytics tool such as Google Analytics, then you need to know what you are paying for in advance. However, you need to be prepared knowing what you need form website analytics tools in Singapore. Better yet, get an experienced web analyst to test the tool before you make the payment.

Request a Snapshot of Their Product Roadmap

While this is not obvious during the sales process, you should seek to understand the intention of why they developed the tool. This way you will know if they are willing to improve on their product or it will become obsolete in a few months or years.

Get a Proof of Concept

Any credible vendor will give you full access to the tool for an agreed amount of time. They should not charge you to run a proof of concept. By the time you are asking for a proof of concept, you are at the point where you are ready to make a purchase. Remember that they can take a lot of your time, but even so, a vendor ought to be willing to be patient with you to do your due diligence.

While no single web analytics tool will handle everything, try different tools if your budget allows. With the above list, you are sure to find the best website analytics tools in Singapore that will provide the solutions to your needs.

We, MediaOne, have robust tools that we use to carry out comprehensive website audits and make recommendations. Our team will help you implement the recommendations and interpret the reports to be sure that your site is working optimally. Get in touch with us for more details about our digital marketing and website design services in Singapore. We are ready and excited to help your business get a firm footing in the lucrative digital world. 



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