4 Best Web Hosting Companies For Singapore Websites in 2019

best web hosting

You need the best web hosting in Singapore for your website to function efficiently. A web host is the foundation of your site. There are many web hosting companies in Singapore. Due to this, it can be hard to know which among them is the best.

Best Web Hosting in Singapore: What Are the Factors to Consider?

There are various factors which you should consider before you outsource for a web hosting service. These factors are;

Speed: If your web page cannot load within 5 seconds, then you will have lower levels of traffic.  No user can wait for an extra minute for your page to load. An excellent web hosting service has a high speed. 

Speed Where Your Target Audience Is: If your target audience is in Singapore, then the best web hosting in Singapore will have a high-speed rate there.

Price: Always choose a web hosting service which is affordable.

Storage and Bandwidth: These two will determine your traffic levels and the amount of content you will put on your website. It is advisable to choose a web hosting service provider that either has a high or an unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

Security: Of course, you would not like your website to be hacked easily. A proper web hosting company must have valid security credentials and an automatic system which can scan malware.

Backup: Your information is valuable, and it can easily get lost. A reliable web hosting service will either have a daily or a weekly back up plan.

Uptime: The best web hosting service will always guarantee you a 99.9% uptime. After all, you do not want your website to be downtime all the time.

Customer Care Service: Things can go berserk at any time. An efficient web hosting company should have a quick, professional, and excellent customer care service team on standby always.

Here are the four best web hosting service providers in Singapore;

Number 1: SiteGround

World Speed Score: A +

Speed in Sydney + Singapore + Japan: 57ms

Price (SGD): 8.00/mo

Official Website URL: https://www.siteground.com

SiteGround is a web hosting company which is internationally known. With the company’s distinct features, you are sure of getting the best web hosting in Singapore.

SiteGround has a fantastic customer care system. Therefore, your queries will be promptly answered. What is unique about SiteGround is that they won’t transfer your issues to several departments. Instead, all your questions will be answered by a competent and polite web hosting expert. Even if your queries are small, SiteGround will always have an answer for you.

best web hosting

With SiteGround, you can host as many websites as you would like. It also has a high storage capacity of 20 GB. Its bandwidth can accommodate up to 25,000 visitors, which is a relatively high number. Moreover, SiteGround is fast and affordable. With its ready to use caching system, SiteGround has a unique advantage over other web hosting companies in Singapore.

In fact, SiteGround has been recognized by WordPress as a leading web hosting service provider. This is a remarkable achievement. Most of the web hosting companies in Singapore have not yet received this recognition. The company also has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Number 2: Exabytes SG

World Speed Score: A

Speed in Sydney + Singapore + Japan: 115ms

Price (SGD): 14.99/mo

Official Website URL: https://www.exabytes.sg/

Exabytes is one of the oldest web hosting companies in Singapore. It was established in 2001. Exabytes is the best local service provider of web hosting in Singapore.

This company offers unlimited bandwidth. It has a 10GB SSD storage space which is quite efficient. Moreover, Exabytes offers a 100-day money back guarantee if you choose to purchase its web hosting services. It also has a free daily back up system; a feature which gives it an extra advantage when compared to other web hosting companies.

Apart from web hosting, Exabytes also offer other services such as web design and web development. At Exabytes, you will get all the equipment necessary to build your website in one place. This is quite convenient.

Number 3: A2 Hosting

World Speed Score: A +

Speed in Sydney + Singapore + Japan: 137ms

Price (SGD): 7.28/mo

Official Website URL: https://www.a2hosting.com/

A2 Hosting is an international web hosting service provider based in Singapore. It has a friendly customer care team. A2 Hosting is also unbelievably fast; with a global speed rate of 176.13ms and a Singapore based speed rate of 137ms. Based on these values, your web page can load within 5 seconds if you use A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting also has unlimited bandwidth, infinite storage space and an unlimited number of websites in which you can host it with. These features make A2 Hosting to be an amazing web hosting service provider.

Moreover, A2 Hosting is compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and many other web design companies. This compatibility feature makes A2 Hosting to stand out from other web hosting service providers. 

To purchase web hosting services from A2 Hosting, you need a measly 7.28 SGD. This is affordable.

Number 4: Vodien

World Speed Score: A

Speed in Sydney + Singapore + Japan: 150ms

Price (SGD): 50.00/mo

Official Website URL: https://www.vodien.com/

Vodien offers one of the best web hosting in Singapore. It has a 24/7 customer care service system which is quick to help you out. Vodien also provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

This service provider also has an automatic weekly back up system. Vodien’s web hosting service is also compatible with WordPress. It is also fast; with a global speed rate of 195.38ms and a Singapore based speed rate of 150ms.

best web hosting

Moreover, Vodien has an unlimited bandwidth; therefore, your website can get as many visitors as you would like. It also has a high storage capacity of 20GB. With Vodien as your web hosting service provider, you can host up to 10 websites with it.

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