The Best Tuition Centres in Singapore

the best tuition centres in singapore

Globally, the private tutoring industry continues to experience expansive growth. The industry across all levels of education is already a trillion-dollar industry. More and more, students are inclined to ace and excel in competitive exams making private tuition a must-have.

In different continents, achieving academic success is an elusive feat for students at different levels. Highly performing learners and those struggling to succeed in various subject areas are likely to opt for supplementary assistance to improve their performance.

The proliferation of private tuition centres largely stems from inadequate education systems and their failure to address unique student needs. Also, a dwindling supply of qualified teachers and declining school infrastructure has led to the popularity of private tuition as the better alternative.

Today, the availability of tuition services makes it possible for students struggling to keep up with their classmates to inch up comprehension skills. Additionally, tuition services prepare students to face academic challenges with the confidence that they will emerge victors.

What’s a tuition centre?

Indeed, tuition centres are a boon for students seeking to boost, not only their academic mastery but also their performance in exams.

A tuition centre is a private educational institution that offers tuition services in different subjects. The emphasis in a tuition centre is to prepare a student to perform better in questions and exams.

To achieve this, these establishments resort to different tactics, including the provision of comprehensive teaching notes, innovative coaching techniques, and professional learning materials and tools.

Tuition centres focus on developing student knowledge to enable them to grasp subject matter and context in-depth. Also, these institutions emphasize on improving a learner’s skill to help them handle exam problems and questions quickly.

Given that Tuition centres provide tailored modules and lessons, they double up as institutions where you can acquire exceptional results without bearing the brunt of services offered in typical learning centres.

Simply, these centres are a quick remedy to a students’ failing grades, and they illustrate the reasons why private tutoring is money and time well spent for your children.

Why Tuition centres are Popular in Singapore?

With the ever-increasing pressure for Singaporean students to perform excellently in academics, it becomes crucial for a majority to enrol in tuition centres across the country. 

This is one generic aspect that has given the rise in popularity to these tuition establishments. Other than helping learners to face new academic challenges confidently, other reasons make tuition centres a favourite with students. These include:

Professional tutors for every need

Different students come with varying capacities of learning. Some have learning difficulties in science-based subjects while others face problems learning languages or the arts. Fortunately, tuition centres present professionally trained, certified, and accredited tutors in every discipline.

Regardless of the tutor preference you have, these centres readily provide experts who can handle your learning difficulties expertly.

Services according to your budget

Registering in a Tuition centre doesn’t have to burn a hole through your wallet. In Singapore, these institutions offer services according to different student financial capacities.

Their popularity further grows, given that they offer quality coaching despite your budget. Notably, administrators in these institutions take time to advise students and their parents/guardians on their different offerings before the lessons start.

Flexible teaching procedures and conditions

Enrolling into a private tuition centre in Singapore comes with advantages, including flexibility in operation.

 If you find that a specific tutor doesn’t address your pressing needs, you have the liberty to request another tutor. Remember, you don’t have to wait for days for your preferred teacher to show up; it happens straight away.

Improvement in Exam Scores and Grades

Students in different Singaporean education institutes are always competing. Given that tuition centres in the country are known to help learners to ace their tests and exams, they have become favourites with learners who want to work smart and succeed in their exams.

Largely, tuition centres arms learners with every possible skill and tact that gives students the confidence that they will perform better in every upcoming test.

Student-focused approach

Private tuition centres in Singapore operate on a one-on-one approach when handling students. This means a struggling student gets adequate attention from a specialised subject tutor. Compared to the mass student tutoring approach, a scholar will enjoy quality coaching that enables them to solve academic problems confidently.

Types of tuition

The kind of tuition program you choose for yourself or your kids depends on what you want to achieve from such a program. There are different types of tuition programs offered in Singapore. Primarily, they’re provided by private tutors in private tuition centres and home settings

The services offered cater to different needs depending on you or your children’s abilities, budget, time, and the intensity of training. With the right tutor, you’ll master critical tips to enable you to handle tough exam questions.

In Singapore, private tuition is ideal for students sitting different exams including:

  • PSLE- which consists of Mathematics, English, Mother Tongue, and Science
  • O-LEVEL- requires tutoring in subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, Local language, and Combined Humanities.
  • A-LEVEL- consisting of Languages, History, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Art, POA

Group Tuition

This is one of the most preferred options by parents. Private group tuition services are offered in tuition centres, unlike the conventional classes offered in schools. Here, groups can be formed according to the subject, student level, and ability. These groups can be small groups of 5-7 students, and some accommodate up to 15 students.

Success here depends on the availability to engage highly qualified tutors who know how to motivate and push individual students according to their capabilities.

Even thigh this is an affordable option for the average Singaporean parent, you need to avoid cheap offers if you expect success. The format is ideal for students taking PSLE, O level, A level, graduate and masters degree level among others.

Private Tuition

Private tuition is the ideal option for parents or learners who want a more intimate interaction with their tutor. Socially challenged students will find this beneficial since they have the tutor(s) all to themselves.

If your child isn’t able to concentrate and perform well in class, this format provides a dedicated one-to-one approach.

With private, in-home tutoring, a tutor needs to pay attention to a student’s weakness by providing customised lessons, flexible schedules, and motivation.

This helps learners acquire smart tricks to tackle tests, exam questions while identifying possible exam topics to focus on. The one-to-one sessions are perfect for students in the PSLE, O and A level, Secondary, Junior college, and advanced levels.

Online Tuition

As the name suggests, online tuition services are offered virtually. A student or tutor doesn’t need to travel. Subjects are taught, assessed, and reviewed online.

The virtual nature of online tutoring makes tuition affordable as long as the required infrastructure is available. With a reliable internet connection, students can interact with tutors remotely, and sessions can be arranged flexibly.

In an online tuition session, students can interact with tutors via chat boxes or video. Tutors can prepare, record, and upload notes, and students can download then on the other end. This option is ideal for Primary, Secondary, Technical, or Junior college-level students.

The Singapore context

There’s no denying that Singapore has one of the most profound education systems globally. Traditionally, Singaporeans display a unique commitment to academic excellence. There is a discernible focus on educational excellence across the country.

The fact is that over 97% of Singaporeans students have enrolled in a private tuition or enrichment class. A further 80 %believes that coaching is necessary, especially for below-par students. Further, this is enforced by the “Kiasu” culture that translates into the fear of being left out if students fail to get impressive grades compared to their peers.

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A majority of Singaporeans parents will not think twice when it comes to spending their monthly salaries on tuition. On average, an ordinary Singaporean household will spend between $155 and $255 on private tutoring.

Even though these figures vary from household to the other, spending $500 for most families isn’t a strange occurrence. Remember, Singapore, unlike many other countries, is known to spend double the global average on education.

Given the competitive academic environment, it seems inevitable for Singaporean students to proceed without enrolling for tuition at some point.  The ambitious plan is driven by parents who want their children to secure slots at prestigious schools or universities.

While many want their children to pass, a more significant number seems fixated on strategies that can help these students to score A-grades. This is one reason why many parents prefer tuition classes that provide performance and exam-oriented lessons

Is private tuition effective in Singapore?

Results from industry surveys in the recent past indicate that 4 out of 10 respondents believed that private tuition is the only remedy to a student’s poor grades.

 In other Asian countries, a majority of respondents in similar surveys agreed private tuition helped students to amp up their grades, in-class skills, learning capacity, and overall confidence.

Notably, the efficacy of private tutoring in Singapore depends on various factors. These include tutor qualifications and competency, student motivation and receptiveness, the curriculum, and time management in the process.


How Much Do Singaporeans Spend on Tuition

Private tuition isn’t a basic need. In Singapore, it’s a peculiar want driven by parent and student desires. It’s not uncommon for group tuition sessions to cost anywhere between $200 and $300 with 1 to 1 tuition sessions ranging $100/hour.

These costs tend to be justified, given the activities behind the scenes. These may include assessing and marking tests, complaining feedback, and designing further lessons, especially if the tuition is 1 to 1 basis. Eventually, this leads many households to spend up to 25% of their monthly income, depending on their earning capacity.


Questions you should ask a prospective tutor/tuition centre

The majority of students looking for Physics, Chemistry, Social sciences, or Maths tuition do so intending to perform better in these subjects. Arguably, tutors in these centres are dedicated to the provision of quality academic assistance.

But how do you go about choosing a reputable tuition centre in Singapore? Here are some questions to ask prospective tutors/tuition centres before you make a decision

·     Are your teachers qualified and certified

A discerning tuition centre worth its reputation will hire highly qualified tutors/teachers. You need to query their professional aptitude and attitude. There is no point of entrusting your child to a tutor who is condescending, indifferent and with zero connection to the student(s)/

Importantly, you need to verify whether the teacher engages students in a way that they are motivated to learn. If a student is comfortable while interacting with a tutor, it becomes easy for learning to take place. An excellent tutor-student relation is a perfect recipe for honing learning skills and succeeding in tests/ exams.

Whereas a tutor’s qualifications matter, it’s essential to check their level of experience. For instance, a career ex-teacher is likely to have in-depth expertise compared to newbie tutors. Seasoned tutors impart knowledge more efficiently and effectively.

The experience that an ex-teacher holds enables him to prepare students for exams, not to mention he/she can assist learners with proven exam strategies.

Are they specialised?

An excellent tutor need not possess skills in all subjects. It’s essential to avoid the teacher who is a jack of all trades. For instance, you need to go for a maths specialist if you or your child has difficulties in math topics. The said tutor needs to be highly qualified and with encouraging testimonials.

At the same time, you need to note that a Tutor who is proficient in a given subject at a lower learning level may not be well-equipped to teach the same subject at an advanced level.

Do you have professional teaching Materials?

The best tuition centre should have adequate teaching material and tools. However, quality trumps quantity in this context. Learning materials and tools should conform to the recommended syllabus standards.

You need to verify that the materials being used are in line with the curriculum. You should opt for a centre where they offer notes that are personally prepared and overseen by the tutor.

Tuition centres shouldn’t rely on personalised materials that might jeopardise the overall performance of their students. It’s essential to ensure that the tuition centre is registered, accredited, and licensed to provide extra support.

What’s the Class Size?

In a tuition centre, class size is important. A small, manageable class fulfils student needs better than an overcrowded one. The learner is guaranteed well thought out answers to questions, and the teacher can comfortably dedicate their time to individual students one at time.

A large class is challenging to manage, and a teacher might not be in a position to identify and handle individual weaknesses

What’s the Cost?

In Singapore, education is a treasured investment. When choosing a tuition centre, the issue of price is paramount. This doesn’t mean that you should pick the cheapest option. In this industry, cost and quality go hand in hand. A pricey but experienced centre can provide better outcomes compared to a cheap offer from a new centre.

Payment policies

It’s important to query the payment policies that a given tuition centre in Singapore provides. According to your budget, you need to know whether they charge upfront, per session, or via instalments.

At the same time, ask the administrators to lay down their terms and conditions, including contract and cancelation terms. Some centres will charge for minor changes such as class timing.

Do you have testimonials?

Nothing speaks better about a tuition centre than its testimonials. Some establishments have perfect propositions on paper, but they fail when it comes to service delivery. Ask to see their testimonials to gauge their effectiveness, proficiency, and professionalism. Alternatively, you can assess what parents or former students have to say about their competence.

Since some centres present skewed testimonials, it’s important to interrogate the qualities that make parents and students content with the services offered. You need to ask whether the centre allows parents to get a feel of their classes in session.


In Singapore, technology and the internet have revolutionised the ways things are done down to the education sector.

Increasing tuition enrolment; online and offline seem to be taking shape, not to mention the numbers are going up as parents seek to get the best education for their children. Here are some trends forming the future of the Singaporean private tuition sector

Increasing enrolment in tuition

As a renowned tuition nation, Singapore records an upward of up to $1.1 billion as money spent on tuition. The tuition bug hasn’t caught up with the high-end cluster, but it ropes in the average household as well. This seems to be the reason why enrolment in tuition centres is on an all-time high.

International students, including those from ex-pat families in the country, form a considerable percentage of learners looking to qualify for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education or International Baccalaureate exams.

Notably, the number of students in this category has risen from less than 100 in 2015 to more than 1000 in 2018-2019. This number reflects students in the one-to-one arrangement, meaning more students are enrolling in group tuition and regular education, and the numbers aren’t decreasing anytime soon.

Stress-free life for parents

The average Singaporean parent is ever busy, and most of them lack time to sit their children thorough homework and school-based assignments.

Many of them lack the necessary academic skills needed to teach children systematically. The entry of tuition has given parents peace of mind knowing that their children are in the right tuition and enrichment classes.

Moving forward, parents are likely to enjoy stress-free living, knowing that qualified teachers will drive their children towards the coveted academic excellence across Singapore. Given that private tuition provides teachers with additional income, it seems to be a win-win situation for parents, teachers, and students too.


Online tuition is becoming viable

Private tutoring in Singapore is going online. It already is. This promises to add to the convenience of students studying online form any location. Fortunately, tutors can offer group tutoring and 1-on-1 sessions without traveling. This is promising from a financial perspective.

Other than enjoying the cost benefits and the versatility of online tutoring, students and tutors can avoid the rigours associated with co-coordinating conventional tuition programs.

Virtual tutoring is pushing tuition vendors in Singapore to go the extra mile. With eliminated overhead costs for facilities and teaching materials, these players can now provide efficiency and flexibility in the course of offering tuition. In the future, the popularity of online private tutoring classes will drive growth in the private tuition industry by more than 10%

Expected year on year growth

Rife competition with the Singaporean private tuition industry is another aspect that is expected to drive enrolments.

The entire Asia-Pacific region, Singapore included, continues to emphasize academic excellence. As such, the amount spent on private tuition is expected to increase. Research indicates that the amount paid by Singaporean parents is almost double the amount spent by western countries on video games. 

Also, developed and developing Asia Pacific economies stand to experience immense growth of the private tutoring market as households continue to increase their spend on education.

Why tuition is important/useful

In Singapore, private tuition centres have become popular. This can be attributed to their capacity to help students to improve their subject grasp and academic grades.

Students aiming to improve their aptitude and understanding of a given subject benefit enormously after enrolling in the tuition centres of their choice.

Customised lesson plans

Tuition centres guarantee students numerous perks, including customised lesson plans and teaching modules. In fact, you have a tutor all to yourself.

 A student who finds it challenging to keep up with the pace of the rest of the class enjoy relief once they hire a private tutor. In this setting, you’re likely to pay attention to difficult topic areas that are hard to grasp in the typical class setting.

Adjusted pace of learning

In a tuition centre, the teacher can change the pace of learning, widen the subject focus, not to mention they will deliver lesson objectives on a personalised level. Once the tutor identifies your weakness, it’s easy to zero in on these weaknesses.

In the end, a student can polish their abilities and preparedness for learning and exams. Remember, in a tuition centre, the student has the chance to ask all the nagging questions, and the teacher can answer them according to the student’s learning capacity.

Tutoring offers a sneak preview

Private tutoring is less a chance to preview a given topic before it is taught in class. Tutors enable the student to pre-learn different concepts, and they can stay ahead of the rest in class. Arguably, this is a confidence booster that motivates a learner to go for more.

If a student is confident about an upcoming subject topic, they are like to perform better in class and exams. For nervous and introverted students, private tutoring enables them to express themselves better in a one-to-one setting.

Improved Exam Marks and Grades

In a tuition centre, the emphasis is laid on helping students to perform better in exams. Tutors dedicate more time to assisting the students to improve in challenging subjects.

The teachers provide support and tactics that help learners to concentrate on weak subject areas. As a result, students acquire invaluable test and exam tips that help them to achieve their grade objectives. Remember, tutors in these centres are qualified to identify a student’s weak points in given subjects.

Additionally, it’s easy for students to take advantage of special enrichment/backup classes and remedial lessons that boost their overall performance.

The average financial cost of tuition

The average cost of tuition in Singapore depends on numerous factors. Key among these include the tutor’s level of experience and skills. Teachers with years of experience will charge more compared to newbies in the industry. Mostly, in-demand tutors will affix additional fees with seasoned teachers charging 30-50 % more.

Tutor qualifications

The majority of tutors in Singapore come with the National Institute of Education (NIE) certification, and they tend to charge up to 50 % more compared to the average market price.

Graduate tutors and those already teaching will charge more compared to their part-time counterparts. Also, tutors who offer additional enrichment services on top of basic tutoring are likely to charge you more.

Private or agency based tutors

In cases where a tutor isn’t registered with an agency, they will have the prerogative to fix their fees. Agency affiliated tutors tend to charge less though you need to check whether potential tutors charge on a per hour basis or a predetermined amount.

Student level

A Student’s level determines the amount a private tutor is likely to charge. If you’re a student at A-level or Masters’ level. You can expect to pay higher than a student in lower ranks.

For instance, if you’re hiring a tutor for your mandarin classes, the charges might vary between $30 and $35 for the primary level.

If you’re at the secondary school level, you can expect the fee to go up to $45. If you’re learning the same at the Junior college level, the charges can go up to $60 and $120 for advanced degrees. Remember, these charges rely on the grade and the qualifications of a tutor.

Essential Considerations before Enrolling To a Private Tuition Centre in Singapore

Amidst the craze to perform well academically, you need to consider some crucial aspects that guarantee your success in the end. Not all tuition centres are made the same.

Always prioritise on a centre that maximises the potential of every student under their care. Always choose a centre that guarantees small group sessions where the student number doesn’t exceed the 4-8 bracket.

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Before spending your money on private tuition, check whether a given centre provides qualified, certified, and experienced teachers. If you’re under the care of seasoned, NIE trained/graduate tutors; the chances are that you’ll achieve your objectives.

If you prefer the one-to-one tutoring, ensure that you pick competent teachers with the passion for motivating and inspiring. You must engage a specialist with a deeply seated understanding of the curriculum. For instance, NIE accredited teachers will have a superb grasp of the syllabus as directed by the MOE.

Customised coaching materials

The essence of enrolling you or your children to a tuition centre is to help them ace their exams. As such, consider picking a centre that provides training that is tailored to fit your core needs.

Every student has unique capabilities in the class setting. You must avoid tutors or institutions that offer a blanket tutoring approach. A centre that provides personalised attention notes and assessment will quickly identify student weaknesses and work towards improving weak areas.

Getting progress feedback

Enrolling in a private tuition centre comes with an objective. Without a preview of your performance, it can be fruitless. Always consider a tuition centre or a tutor that gives feedback on your progress or that of your child. Given the ease of communication in the internet era, a quick SMS is enough.

Tuition centres that make it easy for parents or individuals to evaluate their progress contributes to the process positively.

Best Math Tutors and Tuition Centres Singapore (Primary to JC level)

Mathematics is a crucial subject in the MOE syllabus. Whether you’re sitting for PSLE, O-Level, A, or Junior college-level exams, it’s vital to seek supplementary tuition. Here are 5 of the best tutors/tuition centres in Singapore.

Edukate Yishun English Math and Science Tutor Tuition Centre

Edukate Yishun Tuition Centre is run by graduate tutors who cater to the needs of Primary and Secondary students.

The centre features small group tuition with 4-8 per group. It’s renowned as an excellent centre for Primary 1-6 Maths and Science tuition and Sec1 Sec 4 Maths and Science Tuition.

Contacts: Yishun Ave 4, Block 664, Singapore 760664

Open 24 hours

Phone: +65 8823 1234

E-mail by Appointments:

Edukate Tuition Centre English Mathematics and Science Tutor Singapore

EduKate Tuition Centre is a reputable Primary and Secondary tuition centre. It features Maths and Science lessons with free material provided to students.

The centre guarantees A-grade distinctions. It’s compliant with MOE/NIE/ UNI SEAB syllabus requirements. The centre provides IGCSE tuition for international IB diploma and IP students

Contacts: 20 Paterson Rd, Singapore 238509

Closes- 9PM

Phone: +65 8222 6327


Math Prodigies Learning Centre

Math Prodigies Learning Centre is a specialist tuition centre for Maths. It caters to the needs of primary and secondary students in the PSLE and O level category.

The centre has pioneered a highly coveted Holistic Math Mastery™ Approach which helps students to handle Maths problems easily

Adress: Jalan Masjid Kembangan Suites #01-07

Singapore 418941

Contact: 6635-8490 / 8363-5713



Mr. Yee Kian Toung

Mr. Yee Kian Toung is a revered maths tutor. He runs the website.

As an accomplished Maths tutor, he holds MOE qualifications and 14 years of teaching experience. Mr. Yee assists Maths students to transit from Primary to Secondary levels, and he runs small group classes.

Contact and Address: 115 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150115

Hours: Closes 12 AM

Phone: +65 9638 1204

Miss Loi’s Temple/Jφss Sticks Tuition Centre

This holistic centre is home to one of the most decorated Maths tutors in Singapore. Miss Loi’s Temple, also known as the Joss Sticks Tuition Centre has a stellar record helping students who perform dismally in the maths subject. The centre is one of the best for O Level Mathematic students.

Location: Goldhill Plaza Mall

157A Thomson Rd, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307610

Hours: Opens 3:30 PM

Phone: +65 9380 5290

Appointments by URL:

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