5 Best Tools For Your Marketing Analysis: Tips For Singapore


Marketing analysis tools can supercharge your marketing campaign. As a marketer, you need these tools to scale your digital operations. You also need them to create campaigns that both convert and educate people. But most importantly, you need them to facilitate your decision-making process and to gain an edge over your competitors.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re entering a new market, launching a new line of product, or looking for new customers. Your success, for the most part, depends on the research that you’re willing to do. Marketing analysis tool also places you in an excellent position to identify new business opportunities and to generate even more business with returning clients or customers.

In other words, there’s no limit as to what you can do so long as you’re equipped with the right tools of the trade. It goes without mentioning that you can gather data on branding, product design, sales channels, advertising concepts, and customer services.

And, it’s the insights that you gather that together help you shape up your business strategies and plan. Besides, they can help you measure how successful your current activities are so you can figure out where to adjust.

The Difference Between Web Analytics and Marketing Analytics

Let’s clear the confusion Singapore marketers always have. Web analytics and marketing analytics are not the same thing. They’re both essential digital analysis platforms that a marketer can’t afford to ignore, yes. But they differ in both functionality and specialization.

Web analytics only focus on the elements that affect a customer’s journey, including how your visitors interact with the different aspects of your website or marketing campaign. These interactions include pages views, Click-Through Rates (CTR), and the time your visitors spent on a particular webpage. In brief, web analytics feed you with ideas on how your site’s visitors or customers behave.

Marketing analytics, on the other hand, take on a broader perspective. It’s centred around your marketing activities and campaign marketing mix modelling, multichannel attribution, and the distribution of all your marketing effort. Everything associated with marketing analytics revolves around maximizing your Return on Investing (ROI).

So, in other words, marketing analysis tools help you weigh the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Benefits of Marketing Analysis Tools

marketing analysis

One of the most prominent challenges marketers have been facing is gaining an aerial view of the customers they’re targeting. And that’s partly because you have to figure out how to integrate data from so many sources. In fact, only 17 percent of the companies report of having succeeded in gaining a holistic view of their customers. 

Suffice it to say that having disparate data is the biggest hurdle the marketing fraternity has to tackle in the implementation phase of data-driven marketing data. So while CRM is the nearest thing to achieving a 360 degrees view on customers, marketers are increasingly beginning to turn to predictive analytics.

At the core, marketing analytics tools can help you maximize and optimise your marketing efforts by placing you in a position to take advantage of your customer data.

That said, here are more benefits that are associated with marketing analytics. Read through them to familiarise yourself with them first before you can go ahead and figure out what set of tools resonate best with your marketing needs.

360 degrees view on your customers across channels

It’s taxing even to think that the customers you’re targeting are spread across multiple channels — both online and in the physical, meat world. You have to figure out how to view your customers on-site, at call centres, in kiosks, on social media, and so on.

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And that’s exactly where marketing analysis solutions come in. They let you integrate, access, and analyse customer data from all these sources from one common central point.

Personalised Marketing

Through marketing analysis tools, you can quickly discover how your customers behave in defined segments. You can also predict how they’re likely to respond when presented with different offers.

That way, you can tailor your content, delivery, and the timing of your campaigns to match the individual taste and preferences of your customers.

Enhance Your Social Media Strategies

With marketing analytics, you can quickly identify influencers and get their unique perspective on how the market works. This allows you to fit all the pieces together and develop an extensive picture of your customers. You can afterward use it to improve your social media strategies for better engagement.

Improve Your Customer Engagement in Real-time

Marketing analytics allows you to combine speed and intelligence to gain an edge over your competitors. It puts you in the right position to engage your customers, both online and offline.

This also helps to create more clarity, in addition to taking the hassle off your decision-making process.

Anticipate Customer Behaviour

Don’t be caught off-guard. Not when there exists a series of tools that you could use to predict the shift that’s about to sweep over.

How Social Media Changed Marketing

With these tools, you can be sure you’ll always be one step ahead of your customers. You’ll know what they’re about to do before they even get a chance to think about it.

Put you in position to use data as a critical strategic asset.

With some of these solutions, it’s possible to maintain balance between governance and privacy. The tools give you enough info to protect your interests and those of your customers without invading anyone’s privacy.

5 Best Tools For Your Marketing Analysis: Tips For Singapore

Now with that dragged out of the way, we can now zoom in to 5 marketing analysis tools that you could take advantage of today for a more effective marketing and conversion strategy.


Gracing up the top spot on our list is none other than Mixplanel. Billed as one of the most advanced mobile and web analytics, Mixpanel lets you track user activity on your site in real time. That way, you should be able to figure out how to optimise your content for better engagement in the future.

Its use stretch far beyond tracking your web usage. It also tracks how your users interact on social media and various mobile apps.

The best part is that you don’t have to have any prior coding skill to take advantage of Mixpanel. If anything, they have one of the most user-friendly interfaces, and which should only take you a few minutes to figure out.

Who’s Mixpanel Designed For?

Some of the big names in the marketing industry use Mixpanel. Examples include Salesforce, Twitch, and Autodesk. Its competitive pricing is also affordable for small businesses that wish to take advantage of the platform but are operating on a squeezed budget.

Any web or mobile app owner has a lot to benefit from the insights that Mixpanel offers.

How Much Does Mixpanel Cost

You’re allowed to use Mixpanel for free up to 25, 000 data points a month. For those who don’t know, a data point is a defined user action. So, when a user clicks on a button or takes a specific action, that’s what Mixpanel refers to as a data point.

In brief, Mixpanel pricing starts from free to $779 per year. They even have an option for customized pricing. Just reach out to them via their phone number and discuss on the pricing issue or if you’re more interested in sliding charges where you pay depending on the volume of data the tool will have analysed.


Want to find out why your leads aren’t completing your forms? Well, formisimo is the tool for you. The tool provides eight detail reports that give you powerful insights on the performance of your forms.

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First is the form overview, which shows you the actual number of visitors that access your form; how many of them start filling it; and how many end up completing it successfully.

Then there’s the drop-off report which lets you find out at what particular field are the bulk of your users dropping off. How many of these users are abandoning the form at this point?

Next is the most correlated field, which goes on to point out the list of fields that appear to be the primary cause of frustrations to users. Also worth mentioning is their real time report, which shows you how users interact with your site.

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Who’s Formisimo Designed For?

Formisimo is designed for web owners who have integrated web forms to their website or sales funnel. Again, Formisimo is being used by some of the world’s leading brands and sites including Uber and Toyota.

Their pricing is also reasonable, which means small businesses can also benefit from using their analytics.

How much Does Formisimo Cost?

Formisimo has two pricing packages. First is the their startup package, which goes for $50 per month. And second is their agencies package which goes for $180 per month.

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing is a super-advanced, all-inclusive marketing system that compresses all your marketing effort at one point with the sole aim of helping your traffic grow while increasing conversions.

It also has a drag-and-drop feature that you could use to create an engaging website that’s super responsive across devices.

The tool also allows you to set up personalised landing pages that you could use for your campaigns, in addition to helping you distribute dynamic HTML messages. Even more important is that it lets you integrate information from a broad range of other systems. And the best part is that you don’t need any prior coding training to get any of this done.

So Who’s Hubspot Marketing Designed For?

Hubspot is a marketing tool for anyone that’s looking for a complete, all-rounded marketing tool for their products and services. It’s also the perfect tool for anyone who wants to keep track of a buyer’s journey. This tool keeps track of every stage one has to go through in a successful inbound marketing plan.

The Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence AI in Ecommerce

It lets you monitor your buyers every step of the way. You get to see at what instance did they become leads. What pages do they prefer looking and when exactly did they decide to become customers.

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It even goes to show you at what particular instance did a customer become a marketing lead.

Lastly, Hubspot marketing is designed to help you see the lifecycle of your leads and where they are in their buyer’s journey and at what time is it right for you to approach them and lock in a sale.

How Much Does HubSpot Marketing Cost?

HubSpot price ranges from free to $4320 for their enterprise package. They also have $68 per month package and another package that goes for $1050 per month.


If there’s anything that’s proving to be extremely difficult to predict, then it’s social media trends. Things change sporadically on social media, with nothing to clue you in on what’s about to come. Something happens, and it’s all trending all of a sudden.

BuzzSumo is an essential tool that scours through the hallowed walls of social media and digs around for topics that are trending. Just specify the time range, and the tool will have all the data you need regarding what’s hot and new.

BuzzSumo has over-stretched functionalities. Examples include content type filters, keyword search operators, influencer marketing features, and advanced keyword search operators, to name a few.

The tool also exposes you to a list of topics that are gaining much traction within your industry. With this information, you can know how to mould your content and attain relevancy and traction.

Who’s BuzzSumo Designed for?

Any web owner or marketer can benefit from using BuzzSumo. It’s to be however noted that the tool was created with social media specialists, bloggers, and content marketers in mind. Meaning, these are people that will be benefiting from it the most.

It’s the tool you want to have in your back pocket if you’re planning on keeping up with the hottest topics in your field of operation.

How Much Does it Cost to Use BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo has a three-tiered pricing plan.

Their cheapest pricing plan goes for a measly $99 per month, where their most expensive package requires you to shell out $999 per month for it. At the middle, there’s their agency plan which goes for $299 per month.


CrazzyEgg is one of the most sought-after online marketing tool that lets you keep track of your website’s operations. The tool is designed to help you understand the interest of your customers on a much deeper scale. In so doing, you can quickly come up with a strategy to help you max out the profit you’re making.

And do you want to know who else uses Crazyegg? Well, some of the big companies such as Dell, Yahoo, eBay, Intel, and Hilton. This goes on to show how much of an invaluable tool crazy egg really is.

What Does it do?

With CrazyEgg, it’s possible to discover hidden profits based on the activities of your users. For instance:

Heat map: This section of the report serves you with picture of all the places that your visitors clicked on your website. It’s meant to show you what’s hot and what isn’t so you can make the necessary adjustments on your website and ramp up your conversions.

Scroll map: This section shows you how far down your visitors scrolled while checking out your site. It lets you know where the bulk of your visitors abandon your website or if they scroll to the end.

Overlay reports: This report will indicate the number of clicks individual elements on your website receives.

Confetti: This section of the report goes a step further to sort out the clicks you’re getting. It can sort the clicks based on referrals, search terms, and so forth.

After signing up with CrazyEgg, you’ll be provided with an account that features a dashboard. Here, you can track and control almost anything directly from the dashboard, without any form of strain.

The Final Thought

This is a great set of marketing analysis tools. But read through it keeping in mind that this list is no way exhaustive. The list could possibly run to a hundred if we were to include all the marketing analysis tools we know. You’ll, however, agree that these tools are among the best of what the market has to offer.

To learn more about market analysis or why your business isn’t faring on that well, drop us a message today and let’s talk about the next best course of action when doing digital marketing in Singapore.

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