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Social media has quite a humble background, starting as an innovative way for individuals to connect on the internet. Now, it has become an essential means through which businesses and sites catch the attention of their audience. Most business owners in Singapore say that social media is their second most significant cause of traffic to their websites.

Social media has evolved for the past few years. Sharing information and promoting content are more vibrant and connected. In the past, websites generated subscribers to their material through RSS feeds, which would analyse content from blogs and headlines.

Currently, most individuals prefer monitoring and managing their content using social media networks. To boost traffic to your site, you need to integrate buttons for sharing content through social media on your site. There are various options to select from – so this article will discuss the best widgets for showing your buttons for sharing your content through social media with maximum effectiveness.

Why do I need social sharing buttons on my website?

The content on your website is now ready for consumption, all you need is to increase the number of visitors. To generate traffic from your target audience, you can use social sharing buttons. Social networks provide a platform and voice to any person desiring to engage, giving users an opportunity to interact with others who have similar interests as them.

About 2.3 billion individuals are on social media. If you want to generate massive traffic to your website, it is crucial that you add social media buttons to your website. Ensuring this enables your readers to share the content on your site instantly through their favourite social media platform.

However, you should create content that your visitors will want to share and engage with to improve your ranking on SERPs. And enhancing your presence on social media can impact the SEO and content strategy of your website positively if they are both connected using social media buttons.

social media

Which Are the Most Excellent Social Share Widgets and Buttons for Your Site?

The list below outlines the most prominent social share buttons identified through thorough analysis:

  1. Sharexy.Com – Social Networking Service

It is a widget offered for free with the intention of integrating social sharing buttons on your site. Sharexy has all the fundamentals of social sharing.

The widget offers users with various types of buttons to choose from – static, floating or both. Being a free service, Sharexy prides an excellent customisation aspect. You can create your buttons through the Sharexy widget constructor. The widget also provides a Buzz aspect, enhancing movement and visual interest to social media sharing buttons and urging your visitors to share your material.


  1. Widgets may be floating, static, or both
  2. It has a tracking code for tracking social shares

iii. Buttons are compatible and responsive with mobile devices

  1. You can use the Sharexy Widget Constructor tool to create a customised widget
  2. It is available as a specific plugin for WordPress developers


Sharexy is a free widget for individuals who want to boost their presence online.

  1. SumoMe – Social Share Buttons (

SumoMe is a platform that provides you with various marketing tools meant to boost traffic to your website and monitor the success of your social networking.

It offers users with several social sharing buttons that are mobile friendly – it provides access points for more than 65 social networks.


  1. It has a unique feature for highlighting that allows users to select some of the content on your site and share it via social media.
  2. Has a tracking code that enables you to track your social shares.

iii. You can determine the most popular content on your website based on the number of shares.

  1. The buttons are mobile friendly and responsive
  2. It comes with various attractive and customizable themes.
  3. It is user-friendly and has a drag and drop feature that makes it easy for non-developers to model their layout.


A SumoMe plan containing basic features is free. You can upgrade to a paid plan with premium features at a price starting from $29 each month.

  1. SocialWarfare.Com – Social Media Sharing Toolbox (Warfareplugins.Com)

Social Warfare is a robust plugin that is full of features. It offers users with fully customizable options that grant you complete control over how it works. It has more than 5,000 possible combinations for styling.


  1. Has a tracking code that assists you to monitor social shares
  2. You can organise your favourite posts depending on the number of shares

iii. It shows the number of shares to determine the popularity of your content

  1. Enables shareability through sharable quotes and custom tweets
  2. You can add specific descriptions and images to your Pinterest Content
  3. Responsive buttons that are friendly with mobile devices

vii. Customised buttons that are grounded on the theme of your website

viii. Endless theme options for social buttons


Social Warfare is a cheap platform for social sharing buttons. Spend $29 annually; if you are not satisfied, they have a 45-day money back assurance.

  1. – Content Growth

Shareaholic has established their name as an efficient digital marketing tool. Website designers around the world utilise Shareaholic to enhance their website traffic and increase user engagement.


  1. Can increase followers through RSS Feeds and Social Analytics
  2. Increase your income using banner ads and in-image ads

iii. Has Outstream video and Anchor overlay ads to enhance the visual impacts

  1. Compatible with all mobile devices
  2. Customizable button styles
  3. More than 100 good-looking social share buttons


This platform offers a free trial, but you can get their premium package at $95 per month.

  1. – Share Via Social Media

Buffer’s objective is to make sharing content on social media simple. It is being used by more than 4 million websites to monitor their digital marketing efforts.


  1. Calendar and RSS feeds attract long-term users
  2. Has social analytics to track the performance of your content

iii. Tracking and link shortening eases the process of sharing

  1. Gif and video uploader ensure that you upload the right size of these elements
  2. You can create and produce your images through Pablo image creator
  3. It is mobile compatible and responsive

vii. Scheduled posts

viii. Visually striking social media sharing buttons


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Buffer offers three levels of service. Their free package is the best for individuals who want to increase presence on social media. For the paid plans, you can get ten different social buttons and schedule 100 posts per platform at $10 each month. With the other plan, you can manage 25 platforms and schedule 2000 posts per platform at $99+ each month.

  1. AddToAny.Com – Icons for Social Sharing

AddToAny keeps their promises, claiming to be the best social sharing platform in the world.


  1. No signup is needed to enjoy their services
  2. It has a lightweight code that is enhanced for fast loading

iii. Users have full control over the platform

  1. Has backward compatibility and cross-browser to improve your reach
  2. Integrated with Google analytics for ease of data analysis
  3. It has world-class content delivery networks, CDNs, for efficient and fast loading

vii. has traditional social sharing icons in their initial size

viii. buttons are in vectored form and mobile friendly


AddToAny is a free service.

  1. Monarch – WordPress Plugin for Social Sharing (

Monarch is a plugin full of features, which makes it a successful social sharing plugin. It contains more than 85 themes for WordPress and can connect to more than 20 social platforms.


  1. Shows the share tallies to help you determine the popularity of your content
  2. Buttons are fully customizable regarding hover effects, shape and colour

iii. Has a sidebar orientation

  1. Displays sharing pop-ups over time to encourage visitors to share your content via social media
  2. Has flying buttons to enhance the UX
  3. Puts the buttons below or above your content in a customised way that fits the template of your site.


Monarch comes at a low price of $89 per year. It is best for web developers who are self-sufficient.

  1. ShareThis.Com – Free Share Icons

ShareThis is an established provider of social sharing buttons. They offer social media buttons that are visually attractive and inform of bars. It has more than 120 social platforms, offering visitors to your website increased methods of sharing your content


  1. Has excellent navigation management and content widget options
  2. Offers reports and analytics for each social platform

iii. Provides users with API access for easier customisation

  1. Can be connected with social profiles for uniform sharing
  2. Available for both WordPress and custom PHP sites


ShareThis Plugin is free.

  1. AddThis.Com – Boost Your Likes

AddThis is a provider of social media buttons with a massive base of users. Over 15 million websites are currently using it because of its maximum functionality. They even have social media follow buttons.

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  1. Tools for building your email lists
  2. Tools for promoting your links to assist you to determine the right page to promote

iii. Automated recommendations for content to subscribers by suggesting related posts to them

  1. You can customise the considerations for targeted pop-ups
  2. Directly connects to over 200 social platforms
  3. Assists in building and analysing of social URLs

vii. Has a wide range of navigation widgets for content management

viii. Contains reports and analytics for each social media network

  1. You can get custom topics with API
  2. Connects fully with your social media pages
  3. It is available for Joomla, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Shopify, Magneto, and WordPress.


A basic package is free. You can upgrade to a premium plan with extra features at $10 per month.

  1. GetSocial.Io – Automated Social Media Analytics

It is a premium platform for analysing and hosting content. It comes with options for following buttons, pop-ups, and share buttons. GetSocial was developed to analyse, automate, and increase the reach of your content through social networks.


  1. Strategy Assistance to assist you to achieve long-term goals
  2. Creates and analysing social URLs

iii. Facebook Automation to help you benefit from Facebook

  1. Has Viral Alerts that shows you what is trending among your target consumers
  2. Shows you behind-the-scene shares through Dark Social Tracking tool
  3. Gives you Real-time Analytics

vii. Has advanced customisation options

viii. It works for both Shopify and WordPress domains

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  1. It Integrates with Google Analytics for maximum page analysis
  2. Integrates with MailChimp for efficiently targeted brand promotion
  3. Has Subscriber Pop-Ups and Subscriber Bars to invite followers

xii. Has options for floating (mobile) Follow and Share bars.


The are various plans if you want to use GetSocial VPS. The starter plan that has all the necessary tools and analytics costs $39 each month or $390 annually. An advanced plan that includes the features of a basic plan plus URL building tools and an automation widget – it costs $690 annually or $69 each month. There are also plans that are specific to Shopify and WordPress domains. Those that are Shopify specific cost $9 per month while those that are specific to WordPress cost $99 per year.


Everybody has a different view of what is helpful and what is a waste of resources when it comes to sharing content on social media. The list above is intended to assist you to decide your preferred tools. You can determine the best by trying out a few from this list.

Experiment using various customisations and styling features. Determine the loading speed after adding multiple social media buttons. Avoid using a button if your website loads slowly when you add it. Find a strategic position on your site to position your social buttons to ensure users can easily see them.

At the end of the day, your content will increase its reach when you add social media buttons on your website to make it easy for clients to share your valuable content with others. We hope that the above social media buttons assist you in getting the best tool for your digital content marketing efforts.

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