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Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs

We want to know what’s in your SEO toolbox.

Winning this year may come down to which SEO software you use and how well you’ve mastered them.

In other words, you’re just as good as the SEO software you use.

So, what’s in your marketing mix?

We’ve analysed almost every SEO tool/software on the market, from Moz to Ahrefs, SEMrush to Raven Tools.

Since the tools are starting to overlap in features and functionality, you do not want to invest in them blindly lest you end up with two or more SEO software solutions that do pretty much the same thing.

So, What’s SEO in 2022?

SEO in 2022 = Deep Content + Marketing Automation + Keywords + Modelling + social media + Multi-Channel Attribution.

According to Bryan Grossbauch, senior SEO Consultant at Searchmetrics, SEO in 2022 will be more about sophisticated customer understanding, predictive analysis, and smart technology all feeding into one another…  and the successful SEOs of 2022 will be those who figure out how to make it work.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of the best SEO Software To Use In 2022

All-in-One SEO Tools

These tools cover almost all aspects of SEO. 

You can use the tools to do keyword research, link building, content creation, and content marketing.

They include Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Raven Tools, and Buzzsumo.


Ahrefs is our #1 pick for the best all-in-one SEO tool. 

It does everything: keyword research, link building, content creation, and social media.

You can also get useful insights on your competitors with Ahrefs, which is particularly useful for link building.

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 20

Ahrefs Provides the following SEO data:

Competitive Analysis: Find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for, the number of backlinks they have, their most shared content, and the amount of traffic each keyword drives.

Keyword Research: Get tons of keyword ideas with Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. You can also find new keywords to target and measure their search volumes with the Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty feature.

Backlink Research: Find new backlinks and link building opportunities with Ahrefs Site Explorer 

Rank Tracking: Get accurate rank reports based on locations.

Web Monitoring: Find out what your competitors are doing, what link-building activities they’re up to, what keywords they’re cashing in on, and more.

Ahrefs offer a $7 seven-day trial, after which you’ll have to choose between four of their pricing plans.

Pricing Plans:

    • Lite plan: $99/month
    • Standard plan: $179/month
    • Advanced plan: $399/month
    • Agency plan: $999/month


Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 18

Moz Pro is trusted by over 500 000 web owners worldwide, which goes to show how good it is.

You can use their web version or download their browser extension (handy for quick checks).

Moz offers the following SEO data:

    • Track Keyword Rankings: Moz’s Rank Tracker tool helps you watch your keyword rankings across multiple locations.
    • Search Analytics: Find out how your pages are performing in search. You can also identify where each page ranks for a given keyword.
    • Rank Tracking: Track your rank across multiple locations and compare your results with competitors.
    • Content Optimisation: Find out how your content is performing with Moz’s Search Analytics.
    • Link Research: Find new links and opportunities.

Analytics and Regular Reporting: Get regular reports on your website’s health.

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Moz offers a 30-day free trial.  

After which you’ll have to choose from their four pricing plans: 

    • Moz Standard: $99/month for two users
    • Moz Medium: $179/month for 10 users
    • Moz Large: $249/month for 25 users
    • Moz Premium: $599/month for 40 users

Annual billing can save you up to 20% of the cost.

SEO Powersuite

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 19

SEO Powersuite is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

You need to download and install SEO Powersuite on your machine.

The tool covers almost all aspects of SEO.

It’s an excellent package of SEO tools, combining backlinking and auditing tools. It comes with a complete set of tools that makes SEO a snap and straightforward. 

It offers the following SEO data:

    • Keyword Research and rank Monitoring: Get accurate rank reports based on their rank tracker locations.
    • Site Auditing and On-page Optimisation: Analyse your site’s keywords and see how you rank against your competitors. Check to see if you have any issues with on-page SEO.
    • Link Building: Find new link-building opportunities, analyse the anchor text of the links you already have, and more.
    • Backlink Research and Auditing: Analyse your competitors’ backlinks, find out how they’re performing, and see if you can get any link opportunities.

SEO Powersuite has a free version, good enough for occasional SEO checks.

There are two paid options, however: 

    • Professional for $299
    • Enterprise for $699


Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 16

Woorank provides a web-based SEO analysis.

It’s a website review tool and SEO checker, all in one package, with tons of powerful tools for web admins.

Woorank offers the following SEO data:

    • In-depth Website Review, Downloadable in PDF: Find out how your website performs against the latest SEO best practices and discover opportunities to improve.
    • Competitive Analysis: Get an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ SEO efforts and rankings.
    • Technical Review: Discover the technical issues that may be affecting your website’s performance in search.
    • Marketing Checklist: Crosscheck your marketing efforts against best SEO practices. See what problems or issues your website may have.
    • Powerful Keyword Tool: Get accurate keyword suggestions based on your seed keywords.
    • On-page Analysis: Check if your website is SEO-friendly or not. Get more insight into what’s going right and what’s going wrong.

Woorank is a great tool for web admins and SEOs, quite affordable, as well. They have a 14-day free trial, after which you’ll have to choose from three of their paid plans:

    • Pro plan for $59.99/m
    • A premium plan for 179.99/m
    • Enterprise for 249.99/m

The Pro plan should work just fine if it’s your site or a single project. But if you’re juggling up to five projects, then perhaps you should consider the premium plan. 

The enterprise plan works great with SEO agencies with dozens of clients. 


Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 17

Bright Local provides small businesses with an affordable way to manage their online reviews.

It offers the following SEO data:

    • Tracking Local Rankings: Run an SEO audit to improve your local search performance.
    • Monitor and Respond to Reviews: Track your reviews and build a good reputation with your customers. 
    • Maximise Your Local Visibility: Use the citation builder to get listed on important directories and maximise visibility. 
    • Conversion: Convert Your Site’s Visitors into Sales-Ready Leads

Bright Local’s local SEO software is available for a 14-day free trial, after which you’ll have to choose from their four pricing plans: 

    • Single business plan @29/m (track up to three locations)
    • Multi-business plan @49/m (track up to six different locations
    • SEO-pro plan @79/m (track up to six different locations
    • Enterprise plan, prices available upon request (track more than 100 different locations

Tools for Finding Topics Ideas

SEO and content marketing go hand in hand.

The more content you create, the better your search rankings. However, creating high-quality and unique content isn’t easy.

You can start by finding brilliant post ideas and great topics to write about. That requires a good deal of research.

The good thing is that there are plenty of SEO tools that you can use to analyse popular queries and organise them into brilliant topic ideas. 

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a popular Idea generation tool designed by the PR giant CoverageBook. It offers terrific content ideas. All you have to do is enter a seed keyword, and the application will work out its magic and churn out hundreds of content ideas.

The tool is 100% free to use. But it also has a pro plan that generates content ideas based on additional metrics, like geo-location. 

The tool generates tons of content ideas, like the ones listed in the picture below:

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 14

The platform has both free and paid plans.

The free plan is a bit limited. It’s a good plan for your own SEO if you’re only looking to generate a few content ideas.

Their pro plan offers unlimited searches, customer support, location-based results, data comparison, and more.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyser

EMV Headline Analyzer is a free tool designed to evaluate your headline and determine if it’s emotionally friendly or triggers the right feelings. 

Let’s run this article’s headline, “the Best SEO Software for the Year 2022,” and see what it says:

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 12

As you can see, this headline doesn’t evoke strong emotional feelings. It has a pretty low Emotional Marketing Value Score. Therefore, it might not motivate the reader well enough to continue reading.

Now let’s try to improve on it and see what we get.  

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 13

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 9

This second headline increases the EMV score to 30.77% (from the initial 14%). It shows that given the two options; users are more likely to click on the second headline than the first.

Portent Ideas Generator

Portent Ideas Generator is another free tool that offers unique content topics.

It works like Answer the Public, only that it doesn’t give you additional metrics. It’s focused entirely on generating content topics, one at a time.

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 11

You just have to enter your keyword, and the tool will generate a topic for you. If you don’t like it, click on “See another title,” and it will proceed to create another article title for you.  

Some of the generated ideas will be a bit off. But you can always refresh it for new ones. After all, the tool is 100% free. 

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is another excellent choice of blog topic generator. It’s also simple — just open the tool and enter up to five keywords noun and leave the rest to the tool.  

You’ll be provided with five topic ideas to write about. You can also fill a special form and unlock 250 more ideas.

The tool is 100% free.

Tools for Conducting Competitor Research

SEO is a competitive profession. You have to stay ahead of your competitors and beat them at their own game.

Assuming your competitors are doing SEO the right way, you should try to find what they’re doing and see if there’s any way to one-up them.

Remember that SEO is a zero-sum game. The more you rank higher, the less your competitors will.


SEMRush is the most popular competitor research tool on the market, and for a good reason. It’s great for tracking your competitor’s keywords, content marketing efforts, pay-per-click ads, backlinks, organic traffic, and more.

SEMrush will give you deep insights into any website’s traffic. You’ll get to know where the traffic is coming from and how users engage with your website. 

The tool will generate a full report such as the one shown below: 

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 10

SEMrush provides the following SEO data: 

    • The number of visits the websites is getting
    • How long does an average visit last
    • How many people bounce off the website after visiting it (after only viewing one page)
    • What’s the website’s source of traffic
    • Top organic keywords the website ranks for
    • What’re the website’s main organic competitors 

SEMrush has four different pricing plans to choose from:

    • Pro plan for $99/m (the basic tools plus five projects for tracking your website and monitoring your competitors). You can track up to 500 keywords under this plan. 
    • Guru plan @199/m (extended tool features, up to 50 projects). You can track up to 1500 keywords with this plan. 
    • Business plan @ $399/m (extended tool features, 200 projects). You can track up to 5000 keywords with this plan.
    • The enterprise plan comes with more advanced features. You can also track an unlimited number of keywords. However, you have to apply to the company to receive a custom quote. 

Opt for annual billing to receive a major discount on your chosen plan.


Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 8

SEOQuake is a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. 

It’s a free plugin that allows you to see the metrics for any website or page you’re tracking. 

It also features an SEO bar that generates instant stats on any webpage you visit. If you don’t like reading the SEO report from the additional bar in your browser, you might want to opt for the SEO dashboard. All the information you need is just one click away.

Not only that: You’ll also get a full report of that page’s keyword usage, downloadable in a CSV format. 


Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 7

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool that’s particularly good with competitor research. The tools boast an impressive number of features.

Here are some of its SEO features:

  • Your Direct competitors
  • The keywords they’re ranking for
  • Statistics on their source of traffic
  • Their ad budgets
  • and more

You’ll fall in love with this tool. If not for the simple reports, it’s for infographics and visualisation. 

Their free version offers a daily limit of 30 queries. 

To run more queries than that, you’ll have to choose from their four pricing plans: 

  • The lite plan at $69/m
  • The standard plan at $149/m
  • The advanced plan at $299/m
  • The enterprise plan at $499/m

Opting for an annual billing will get you a 20% discount. You have to note that each plan gives you access to over nine Yandex and 230 Google databases.


Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 6

Mangools is another versatile tool perfect for spying on your competitors. It’s a feature-rich tool that allows you to spy on your competitors and monitor their backlinks, organic traffic, keywords, social media visibility, domain authority, SERP analysis tools, and more.

Here’s a simple rundown of some of these features:

  • KWFinder: You can use KWFinder to access your competitors’ keywords, keyword difficulty, and a few other metrics. 
  • SERP checker: Gain insights into what users search for in over 52 countries. 
  • Site Profiler: Place your competitors under the spotlight. Learn about their link profile, their traffic, and so much more. 

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You can take advantage of the tool’s 10-day free trial. As for price, choose from one of their pricing plans:

  • Basic plan @$49/m
  • Premium plan @$69/m
  • Agency @$129/m

Every advanced package gives you access to more options and features. 

We recommend you pay year to enjoy up to 40% discounted rates. 

Word tracker Scout

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 5

Word tracker is a chrome extension that analyses your competitors’ websites for keywords.  

It then generates a list of keywords your competitors are ranking for (searched by volume). 

It’s a simple tool with a straightforward user interface

Most users have reported that keyword Scout is an excellent tool for those just starting and are looking for an SEO tool with a low learning curve. 

Word tracker scout is free to use.

Google-tailored SEO Tools

As the dominant search engine, Google leads by example. They have plenty of tools that cater to the needs of both webmasters and their crawlers. Their SEO tools show us that they’re dedicated not only to crawling the web but to bettering it as well.

Google Search Console

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 4

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Google Search Console is a free tool for web admins and SEOs at all levels. 

It provides a clean and detailed report that gives you insight into your site’s current performance, what it lacks, and how it can be improved.

Sign up for a free account, and you’ll get access to lots of valuable features:

    • SEO stats: The tool features a handy SEO stats section. It helps you identify and monitor your site’s position (on the SERP).
    • Internal links: You can use the GSC to monitor your internal links. Access all of them, whether they’re present on the XML sitemap or not.
    • Crawl: Check crawl errors and other crawl-related issues such as duplicate or missing pages, redirects, index, lock, and so on.
    • URL Parameters: Access your site’s URL parameters for more comprehensive navigation.

The GSC will help you out with the following:

    • Optimise your content: It will help you optimise your site content by showing you which search queries people use to get to your site. 
    • Help You Rank Your Pages: The tool will show you which pages rank high in the Google search results.
    • Help You Correct Errors: It will send you timely notifications on your site’s errors. 

The tool also comes with a simple and intuitive user interface. 

There’s no need to be intimidated by the search console.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s free web analytics tool. 

It shows you information about your website’s performance, your site’s audience, and how to improve it.

It will give you a clear picture of how people interact with your site.

Features included in this SEO tool include:

    • Audience: Gives you a demographic analysis of your site’s audience.
    • Geo-locations: Find out where your visitors are located. 
    • Behaviour Flow: Identify the paths users take when navigating your site.
    • Device Performance: Find out which devices your visitors are using.
    • Behaviour Reports: Get insights into how users behave on your site.

You can improve the way Google Analytics works by adding code snippets to your website, creating profiles (for multiple sites), or configuring your accounts to track specific activities.

It’s a free tool that will help you optimise the way people interact with your site.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool that lets you see how frequently specific terms are searched in different parts of the world. 

It also shows you the popularity of various search queries over time, among other things.

Google Suggest

Google Suggest is a simple tool that provides search engine users with more ideas for their search queries. When you type something in the Google search bar, the tool will serve up different suggestions based on what you’re typing.

You can use it to find additional ideas for keywords. 

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 3

Simply enter your keyword, and the search bar will give you similar keywords that you can potentially rank for. It’s a free tool – all you need to do is enter your website’s URL in the search bar, and you’ll get a helpful list of keywords to optimise your site for. 

Bulk Google Rank Checker

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 2

Bulk Google Rank Checker is a free tool that lets you check how your website ranks for a particular keyword.

It’s a simple tool to use. Open the site, and in the table provided, choose a search engine, enter the website you want to check, and add your keyword(s). Note that you can add up to 10 different keywords.

Lastly, check the captcha before clicking on “Perform Check.”

Panguin Tool

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 1

The Panguin tool is a powerful optimisation tool used by many digital marketers to track their pages’ ranking fluctuations.

You can use the tool to investigate if you’ve failed to comply with Google’s algorithm updates. 

If there’s any scheduled Google update, you can use the tool to figure out if your site was affected by it and get some suggestions on how to fix it. 

The tool also provides you with insights into the organic traffic changes after any Google update or other significant events that may affect your rankings.

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Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 29

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool is an easy-to-use tool that lets you test your website for mobile friendliness. 

All you have to do is enter the URL of your page. The tool will then analyse your page, determine whether it’s mobile-friendly or not, and give you some suggestions on how to make it more mobile-friendly.

The tool will also provide you with a screenshot of how the site looks on a mobile device. 

Tools for Conducting Keyword Research

Now let’s get to the most critical part of SEO — keyword research.  

This step plays a crucial role in your SEO efforts; you get to pick which keywords to focus on in your optimisation process. The following tools can help you conduct optimised keyword research: 

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 28 is a simple keyword research tool that helps you generate new keywords using Google’s Autocomplete. 

To use the tool, simply enter your target keyword in the search bar and click on “Generate Keywords.” The tool will then give you a list of long-tail keywords related to your initial seed keyword.

Their pro plan lifts some of its limitations and unlocks more metrics, such as search volume, trend, CPC (in USD), and level of competition (low, medium, or high). 


Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 27

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool that delivers loads of keyword suggestions in seconds.

Simply enter your domain name or target keyword and choose your location to use the tool. Then, click on “Search.” Ubersuggest will then generate hundreds of keywords that you can use to build your website.

The tool provides the following list of SEO data:

    • How many organic keywords do you rank for?
    • What is the estimated amount of traffic your website receives per month? 
    • What’s your domain authority?
    • How many backlinks does your site have? And how many of these links are NoFollow?


Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 26

KWFinder is a simple analytical tool that provides keywords and domain overview. You can even adjust its settings by country or language.

However, you need a Mangool account to use KWFinder. So, go ahead and sign up with Mangool and then use the logging details to sign into KWFinder.

Next, you can enter your seed keyword, and the tool will analyze its popularity, KD, CPC, PPC, and other characteristics.

What’s more? The tool will also generate long-tail variations of the keyword specific to your particular location.


Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 25

SpyFu is a spying Kung Fu as the name suggests.  

The tool lets you analyse your competitors’ websites, uncover their keywords, examine their backlink profiles, and so on. 

Find out what keywords the site ranks for, what keywords they buy, and their estimated PPC clicks.

Every provided research field has a detailed explanation of what the measurement means and what it signifies. 

The tool isn’t free. It offers three pricing plans to choose from:

    • Basic plan @39/m
    • Professional plan @78/m
    • Team plan @299/m

Each of these plans offers unlimited access to all the metrics and tools. The only difference is that the more expensive you go, the more you gain access to additional perks, such as more sales leads, domain contacts, and so forth. 

Seed Keywords

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 24

Seed Keywords is a free keyword research tool that lets you research keywords by creating a scenario.

For example, let’s say you’re selling bags online and want to know what kind of keywords your customers use when searching for a bag online. 

You can create a scenario where you type in “bags” as the seed keyword and then select characteristics that describe a typical searcher of a bag. You can even add other details such as location, interests, income level, etc.

In the above example, the scenario you create can be something like, “Are you a lady and would love to buy a Louis Vuitton bag? How would you search for it on Google?”

You can then share it with your contacts and get to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth instead of relying on data analysis.


Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 23

CaniRank is a simple SEO software that uses AI to provide real recommendations for promoting your website. Every recommendation comes with detailed DIY instructions.

They also have a keyword research feature that informs you on what your competitors are trying to accomplish. 

You can filter keywords based on search volume, ranking difficulty, and ads. 

The tool comes with four pricing plans:

    • Free
    • DIY Individual @$49/m
    • DIY Pro @$79/m
    • DIY Agency @$299/m


Majestic updates its data several times per day to provide accurate, real-time results.

It’s a simple tool that lets you enter a keyword and determine what pages are ranking for it.

The tool has three pricing plans:

    • The Lite plan @$49.99/m/user
    • The Pro plan is @99.99/m/user. This pricing plan comes with more SEO features and metrics. 
    • The API plan @399.99/m/five users. 
    • It’s worth mentioning that the search explorer option is only available under the pro plan.

Keywords Everywhere 

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 22

Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension that works with Firefox and Chrome. 

You can start by installing the extension.

Next, head over to and enter your keyword in the search bar.  

The extension will then appear on the right-hand side of your browser and automatically start displaying tons of keyword data: search volume, level of competition, and cost per click.

It will also show other variations of the keywords and their corresponding metrics.

SEO Auditing Tools

SEO auditing is where you evaluate your website based on the best SEO practices provided by Google. These practices are never constant. They are subject to change. 

The developers often change the tools we will be reviewing in this section, but generally, each follows Google’s guidelines.

These tools assess your website based on factors such as keyword presence, content quality & authority, technical SEO, mobile-friendliness, crawlability, site speed, backlink profile, and so on.


SEOptimer is a popular SEO auditing and reporting tool. It’s a simple tool that reviews your website content to pinpoint some of its failures and suggest necessary fixes.

Just enter your website’s URL in the box provided and click on Audit. The site will analyse it and present a full SEO audit report to you.

Best SEO Software To Get Success on Google SERPs 21

Here’s what makes SEOptimer special:

    • Simple interface, newbie-friendly
    • White-label PDF reports
    • Ability to customize the report in your preferred language and other perks

The tool comes with four pricing plans to choose from:

    • DIY SEO @$19/month
    • White Label @$29/month
    • White Label + embedding @$59/month

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a downloadable SEO audit software available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

The software gathers on-site data to analyse it in real-time and provide you with a full report.

The tool analyses the following:

    • Any trace of broken links
    • Page titles and metadata
    • XML site maps
    • Site architecture
    • Duplicate content

Also, it seamlessly integrated with Google Analytics and a host of other SEO tools. 

Their free version has all the basic site audit features with a 500-crawl limit. Their pro version goes $149/year and has more advanced features and no crawl limit. 


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