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PPC Singapore: What Are the PPC Platforms and How to Start

PPC Singapore_ What Are the PPC Platforms and How to Start

When it comes to the best PPC platforms in Singapore, AdWords and Bing are not your only options. There are tons of other platforms that you can use to market your brand. The PPC model has experienced massive success in recent years. As a result, many companies that provide PPC platforms have emerged on a bid to have a piece of the cake.

What makes the less-popular PPC networks attractive is the fact that they contain dozens of competitive keywords, which are waiting to get discovered by advertisers. Similarly, the platforms typically specialise in a particular niche, be it mobile ads or content marketing.

Irrespective of whether you are looking for a new PPC network or a cheaper alternative, there are many excellent PPC networks that you should try out.

Here are some of the impressive PPC platforms that you can use for digital marketing in Singapore.


In as much as this platform isn’t well known, it easily ranks among the best PPC platforms in Singapore. The platform has lots of cheap clicks, something that makes it an excellent alternative to Adsense. Therefore, Bidvertiser should be your go-to-platform in case you get locked out of Adsense.

The platform displays all its ads on third-party websites, which have subscribed under the revenue share scheme. Therefore, publishers get a cut from the CTC for allowing ads to be displayed on their sites. Bidvertiser can is an excellent platform for small advertisers in Singapore who do not have the financial muscle to compete with bigger brads for advertising space.

As beneficial as the network is to advertisers, it isn’t that favourable to publishers since their payouts are comparatively lower compared to what they would get from platforms such as Adsense.

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Many online advertisers in Singapore regard AdRoll as the go-to retargeting network. The platform leverages the power of popular websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to help convert visitors into buyers.

With this platform, you will be able to bring back website visitors who have visited your pages in the past. AdRoll ads often run as users browse other websites. This is likely to grab their attention and bring them back.

AdRoll has an effective ad exchange, which enables it to run your ads on tons of different websites while constantly reminding users to revisit your site. The platform can help you reach up to 100% of past website visitors. This way, it stands out from other PPC networks.

Facebook Ads

This is one of the oldest PPC platforms on this list. Facebook Ads has been in existence for years. Unfortunately, advertisers in Singapore only started to make use of it recently. Unlike other networks, Facebook Ads allows marketers to use multiple targeting options, which aren’t available anywhere else.

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Rather than focusing on particular keywords, advertisers have the option of digging deeper to target individuals’ interests and likes. This isn’t a possibility when using traditional PPC networks for marketing your brand in Singapore or elsewhere.

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Another impressive feature of Facebook Ads is that advertisements are difficult to blog. When using other platforms such as Google, paid ads can be removed from the top of a search using simple ad blocking plugins. Such a situation isn’t ideal for advertisers who want their ads to get maximum exposure.

Facebook Ads seamlessly merges sponsored and promoted posts into the news feeds of new users, thus making it difficult to block the ads. As a result, the ads get maximum exposure, something that automatically translates in more clicks.

In recent years, Facebook Ads integrated Instagram to the network, thus making it possible for marketers to advertise on Instagram via a similar PPC networks. This increases the reach of their network since their ads will reach hard-to-target users who run adblocker and do not use Facebook.

The platform is a division of AOL and allows users to target specific sites as well as adjust their bids to cater to particular websites where they want to be seen. Notable websites on the inventory include Baidu,, and

What makes one of the best PPC platforms in Singapore is its impressive website inventory. Advertisers have control over the websites that they want their ads to appear on. Certainly, you do not want to miss out on an opportunity to advertise on prominent sites such as Baidu and ESPN. also offers marketers in Singapore affordable visibility. Irrespective of the budget at hand, your ads will receive lots of impressions since they will appear on sites that often receive millions of page views daily.

In as much as top bids on specific positions can be high, it’s still possible for advertisers to make minimum bids but still receive impressive exposure. This is due to the impressive volume of traffic that these websites receive.

By using as your go-to PPC platform, you will be targeting specific websites rather than specific users. Therefore, you are likely to experience low conversion rates at first since you will be attracting impulse clicks rather than clicks from users who are actively seeking your products or services.

How to Start Using The Best PPC Platforms In Singapore

Choosing the right PPC platform can work wonders for your brand. However, the abundance of networks means you can easily get confused by the options at hand. Since the goal of your PPC campaign is to generate quality leads that are likely you convert, you should choose a platform that guarantees maximum exposure on multiple platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Similarly, you need a PPC network that produces fast and measurable results. The initial investment may be considerable, but you can still create a successful PPC campaign by choosing the most suitable PPC platform.

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The easiest way of optimising your online marketing campaign is by choosing the best PPC platforms in Singapore. Every advertiser in Singapore is fighting for web visibility and a higher ranking on Google. With a good PPC network, you will gain that much-needed visibility besides being guaranteed lifetime customer potential.

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Get in touch with us for robust digital marketing campaigns for your Singapore business. We will help you create a results-oriented PPC campaign that will give you the utmost returns for every dollar that you spend on it. Contact us to discuss this more.


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