7 Best Photoshop Actions for Web Designers in Singapore

best Photoshop actions for web designers

Looking for information about the best Photoshop actions for web designers? One of the essential tools for Singapore web designers is Photoshop. This tool allows them to create custom web layouts, graphics, and sketch prototype ideas for their clients. The action feature is one of the best aspects of Photoshop, and makes it a necessary tool if you are looking for a way to automate complex tasks that you do regularly.

What Are Photoshop Actions?

These are a series of steps carried out by the program and are recorded and saved as a single action. You can think of them as a programming code that can run concurrently with your current artboard. They are a time-saving tactic, and they can transform your work into unique and aesthetically pleasing designs at the click of a button.

These could include all the tasks you regularly do such as creating a new document, sketching a wireframe, resizing images, applying filters and more. Better yet, all these actions can be imported to Photoshop. This makes it easy for Singapore web designers to access libraries from other web designers and share files.

After identifying your best Photoshop actions, you can go on to create a library that you can playback back in one click.

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In this article, we look at the best Photoshop actions for web designers in Singapore. They will speed up your workflow and increase the efficiency of your overall web design process.  

1170 Grid System PS Action

This is an action created by Pixel Industry, and it allows web designers to create 1200 px wide canvasses with a 12-column grid layout. This action is free for download and can help you save time and expedite up your web design process.

Bootstrap Grid System Photoshop Action

This action allows web designers to create 1600 px wide artboards with a bootstrap grid system for a responsive layout design. Singapore web designers find it ideal especially when working on responsive web design projects, and it is free.

Long Shadow Generator

For Singapore web designers looking to apply long shadow effects to icon designs, the long shadow generator is one of the best Photoshop actions for web designers. It is available for download from Web3Canvas.

best Photoshop actions for web designers

With the Long Shadow Generator, you can add depth to your icon designs and transform your designs into stunning works of art. It has 4 actions that help you to create between 45- and 120-degree shadows for your icons and other web design projects.

iOS 7 Blur

The IOS 7 Blur allows you to create transparent screens with a single click. What this tool does is to create and build designs that give a blur effect on your iOS 7 screens.

Isometric 3D Perspective Action

This tool allows you to apply 3D perspectives to your images. More so, this action gives you access to three different types of 3D angles and depths. Before completing the design, the Isometric 3D perspective action allows you to preview your designs then proceed to transform them into stylised imagery.

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With that said, it comes in two versions, the free extension, which is great for personal use, and a commercial version, which gives more features for $9.

WP Filterise

WP Filterise is one of the best Photoshop actions for web designers that allow web designers to create and apply unique filters to their images. WP Filterise helps you create perfectly imposed images for your blog or an on-site article.

It comes in a package that consists of several features such as Instagram-like, one-click image, filtering, and WordPress Post Editor integration, filters image preview and more. WP Filterise has over 50 instant photo filters with hundreds of possibilities to combine filters and friendly support.

188 PS Action Ultimate Bundle

This bundle contains some of the best Photoshop actions for web designers, and the features allow you to create custom graphics and other website content. The bundle comprises of free Facebook timeline covers, vintage bundle, light actions, 28 season actions, B&W action set, HDR, time covers among other interesting effects.

While the 188 PS Action Ultimate Bundle is a premium Photoshop action, it comes at a discounted price of $34 for Singapore web designers.

How to Create Your Photoshop Action

For Singapore web designers using Photoshop regularly, premade bundles might not work for you given the set of repeat tasks that you do every day. Did you know that you could create custom Photoshop actions?

For example, if you resize and crop images regularly, you can record and automate this action by clicking on the window button and choose the actions panel. You will need to first set a name for the action, click on the record button, and walk through the various steps you want to automate. After you are done, click on the stop button next to the record button in the action’s panel.

How to Use Premade Photoshop Actions

Did you know that you could import and export Photoshop actions? You can download Photoshop action files in zip folder files from other Photoshop users and then export them to your Photoshop program. First, you need to extract the files in the zip folder and then export the files into Photoshop.

There are various ways of exporting your files to Photoshop. This includes

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  • Click on the action file
  • Copy the actions into the Photoshop desktop or
  • Drag and drop the action files into Photoshop’s action panel

Once you have imported the action files, hit play, and the action will transform the design into interesting works of art. The best thing about premade action files is that they are highly customisable, that is, you can change the actions to suit your web design needs.


Depending on the type of project you are working on, Photoshop can be a fantastic web design tool. It will not only speed up the web design process and help you get more work done. 

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We hope that the above tips will help you get more from Photoshop. Contact us today for professional website design services in Singapore.


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