Online Ads: What Formats And Platforms Are Available For Singapore Marketers?

online ads in Singapore

The use of online ads in Singapore is a tried and tested strategy for creating brand awareness and generating leads. However, recent changes have made it necessary for marketers in Singapore to rethink about the most effective online ad formats and platforms to use.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the use of ad blockers. Similarly, social networks such as Facebook are imposing stricter algorithms to weed out spammers. You need to be aware of these changes since it will help you know about online ad formats and platforms that can amplify your message to as many people as possible.

There are dozens of channels that you can use to market your brand online. These channels have different metrics. Buying advertising space alone isn’t enough. You should ensure that you’re on the right platforms and that your ads are in the correct format.

Best Formats for Online Ads in Singapore

These are some of the ideal online ad formats and digital marketing trends that you can use to market your business. 

Banner Ads

Arguably, banner ads are the most widely-used online ad format. Banners typically contain short text or graphics for promoting a product or service. They are those visual objects found on webpages, and they provide hyperlinks to advertisers’ websites.

Users will open advertisers’ websites when and as they click on the banner ads. Banners provide information besides persuading buyers to purchase the product/service.

Pop-Up Online Ads in Singapore

These ads often appear on their own window when users either open or close a web page. Many users consider pop-up ads to be annoying and irritating. Most browsers come with in-built settings that allow users to block pop-up ads. Therefore, this online ad format may not give your brand the online visibility that you have been yearning for.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads open in users’ browser windows even when they click on links to new web pages. Typically, interstitial ads appear for several seconds before the intended webpages load. After that, the ads will close automatically so that the intended pages open in the current browser window.

online ads in Singapore

Banner Swapping

This isn’t an ad format per se. Banner swapping involves the exchange of links directly between websites. For instance, Company X will agree to display the banners of Company Y. Likewise, Company Y will display the banners of Company X in the form of links on its website.

Email Ads

The use of emails to market a brand may sound out-dated, but it can help you reach out to the intended audience. Emails can help you reach many people at the same time, and at a low cost. Nonetheless, unsolicited emails can elicit a negative response from the audience. On the flipside, solicited emails tend to be well-received.

Apart from the massive reach of email advertising, other advantages of this ad format include real-time tracking and unparalleled targeting. Emails are an effective way of generating leads and direct sales for your brand.

Mobile Video Ads

You can create high CPMs by using innovative 15-30 second lightweight mobile videos. Many users access the Internet via mobile devices. This is a lucrative market that you should explore. To fully capture the interest of mobile users, ensure that your videos are entertaining. This will guarantee optimum interaction.

Mobile Banner Ads

To reach out to mobile users, marketers are increasingly using online mobile banner ads in Singapore. These ads can help you monetise your mobile traffic instantly. They feature eye-catching designs that guarantee a massive reach. With mobile banner ads, it’s easier to increase brand awareness besides retaining your current customers.

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Native Ad Formats

Native advertising involves the strategic placement of sponsored listings at the end of a blog post. Often, these ads get camouflaged and integrated into the platform that they appear. You can promote your brands through native advertising by using networks such as Outbrain, AdBlade, and Taboola.

Best Online Ad Platforms for Singapore Marketers

Singaporeans are spending more time on the Internet than before. Therefore, you shouldn’t overlook the power of online ads in Singapore. Knowing about the best ad formats to use isn’t enough. You also need to be on the right channels so that as many people as possible see you.

Ad platforms act as a link between advertisers who are searching for advertising space online, and content publishers. If you are looking for the best online platforms in Singapore, here are some options to consider.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most prominent social media platform in Singapore. You should leverage the popularity of the platform to market your brand. In as much as Facebook promotes itself as a platform that allows users to connect with their friends and loved ones, many users interact with and follow brands on the platform.

By advertising on Facebook, Singapore marketers will be putting their brands in front of the largest social media platform. Facebook also has several advertising targeting options. Singapore marketers can post different ad types on this platform including native ads, interstitial ads, and in-stream video ads. Facebook’s Ads platform also targets Instagram users.


This advertising platform was acquired by Google in 2009 and has grown into one of the most sought-after mobile ad platforms. AdMob is beneficial to marketers who are aiming at monetising by showing their ads on mobile apps. When using this platform, marketers can choose the ads that they want to show.

Similarly, they can set filters so that only relevant ads get displayed. Within this ad platform, marketers can display four types of ads. These are banner ads, video ads, native ads, and full-page interstitial ads.


AdColony is one of the most trusted advertising platforms in Singapore. This is attested to by the fact that it’s used by notable organisations including Hilton Garden Inn Serangoon. With AdColony, a publisher can display video ads even during in-app usage.

The platform is particularly popular among mobile game developers who tend to display videos ads after gamers have completed a task or attained a certain level. Using this platform, Singapore marketers can target users based on different metrics.

These include platform (iOS or Android), device (iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, etc.), connection type (Wi-Fi, 4G, etc.), geography (country, town, etc.), demographics, and content (games, entertainment, etc.). Therefore, AdColony is the best platform for online ads in Singapore since it can help marketers reach to the right audience based on different metrics.


This is among the largest mobile ad platforms for Android. Airpush allows marketers to display 12 different ad formats including push notifications, video ads, overlay ads, landing page ads, rich media ads, and in-app banners.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads may not be as prominent as Google or Facebook ads, but this advertising platform can significantly boost your SEM campaign. The platform is relatively affordable when compared to Google. Singapore marketers will pay up to 70% less to advertise on Bing than Google.

This is a tremendous value because Bing receives an average of 5 billion hits every month. Affordability isn’t the only benefit that Singapore marketers get from using Bing’s mobile ad platform.

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Bing gives you control over the location, language, and scheduling of your campaigns. Moreover, you can leverage the Social Extensions app to funnel traffic to your social media pages, thus giving your campaigns a visibility boost.

Google Ads

Arguably, Google is the most prominent and widely-used platform for online ads in Singapore. Google Ads can get displayed both on mobile and desktop devices. One exciting feature about this platform is the device targeting functionality, which allows marketers and publishers to target either smartphone or tablet users.

When using Google Ads, marketers can publish ads within browsers, apps, and Google search results. You can post different types of ads via Google ads including image and text ads, video and image app promotion ads, and TrueView ads.

online ads in Singapore

Google Ads has access to the most prominent search engine. By using this platform, Singapore marketers get the opportunity to show their ads to the largest Internet audience. This results in more brand visibility, thus generating more leads and revenue.

Finding the Best Ad Format and Platform for Your Brand

Reaching the right audience isn’t as easy as it may seem. It requires you to be on the same channels that your audience is. If you are targeting millennials, for instance, Facebook or Instagram ads will be more effective than email marketing.

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The dynamic and multicultural nature of Singapore’s consumer market necessitates the need for marketers to use a mix of ad formats and platforms. This entails experimenting with different ad platforms and formats to determine those that produce optimal results.

By continually monitoring the effectiveness of different platforms and ad formats and making necessary arrangements, it will be easier for Singapore marketers to get the best out of each online marketing campaign.

How To Target Audiences In Online Ad Campaigns

The key to a successful online ad campaign is targeting a specific audience. Marketing in Singapore is a challenging task, mainly due to the presence of many businesses in every niche. Competition is at a record high, and consumers are increasingly ignoring ads. This calls for the use of smart ways to reach niche audiences and increase the success of online ad campaigns.

5 Proven Ways of Audience Targeting to Improve Your Online Ad Campaigns

If you are looking to improve your online ad campaigns, here is how to get started with audience targeting.

  • Pixel your campaigns
  • Identify your clickers and converters
  • Personalise your messages
  • Produce quality content
  • Expand your audience reach

The traditional approach to advertising is wasteful. You send message to the general public, and only a few people end up purchasing your stuff. Audience targeting, on the other hand, is a campaign based on consumer data and usually generates a better ROI than the old methods.

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Audience Targeting for Successful Online Ad Campaigns

For those looking to do online advertising in Singapore, you should follow these steps to increase your success rate.

Pixel Your Campaigns

Before you get started with online ads, ensure that you have adequate information about your existing clients. The best way of doing this is by placing pixels on your website and campaigns. Pixels are small bits of code put in a webpage to gather data about your visitors’ behaviour on your site.

Pixels are invisible unless you view the source of a webpage. They work by reading and placing cookies, which usually contain critical information about a user’s browsing patterns. This information is useful for targeting your online ad campaigns in Singapore.

Identify Your Clickers and Converters

Once you collect data using the pixel, you can use it to build an audience for your marketing campaign. You should identify the clickers and converters – these are the people who are already interested in your products and services. From here, your online ad campaigns should solely focus on this group.

After building a solid list of potential clients, you are ready to go into the analysis stage. Analysing your target audience gives you a better understanding of them. You will know their age, income level, profession, gender, and so forth. Also, you get better insights into their taste and preferences, as well as their online shopping habits.

Collecting this information is crucial for developing online ad campaigns in Singapore. A strategy that is based on data is more likely to be successful than random guesswork. With data, you know what your audience wants. Most importantly, you get to know what you cannot learn through personal interactions.

Personalise Your Messages

If you are an experienced digital marketer, you probably know the significance of personalised messages. To increase the success of your online ads, you must send messages that are relevant to your target audience.

You should use the information gained at the data collection phase to guide you in creating messages for your targeted audience. This way, you increase the chances of engagement than when you send a generic message.

For example, if your clickers and converters are into email marketing, you will need to include the subject in your subsequent messages.

By analysing your audience, you will discover that different sections of the audience have varying preferences. For instance, a segment of your audience may prefer a free trial, while others could be satisfied with a product demo when you pitch a product to them. When serving your ads to these groups, you must keep the varying preferences in mind.

Produce Quality Content

Besides targeting, another factor that affects your online ad campaigns is the quality of your content. Even if you target the right audience, poor content is unlikely to attract any attention. Many companies are investing in digital marketing, so you need exceptional content to have a chance of succeeding.

Here are some ways of improving the quality of your content.

  • Use a storytelling approach – instead of urging customers to purchase your products, tell them how it will solve their problems. If they find the story relevant, they are more likely to buy.
  • Use visual ads – it easier to digest information that is presented visually than reading large chunks of text. Your online ads campaign should have loads of visual content, such as infographics, interactive videos and images.

Expand Your Audience Reach

One of the many objectives of a marketing campaign is to increase the reach of a brand. The information you collect about your existing audience can be useful for this purpose.

There are two ways of expanding your reach – using lookalikes and through retargeting.


Lookalikes are people who are likely to be interested in your products because they have similar qualities to your existing customers. There are many ways of finding lookalikes, but you can always start with the clickers and converters mentioned earlier.

Alternatively, you can purchase data from a data provider. You can then target the users on the data set that have similar preferences to your clients. This ensures that you focus your online advertising in Singapore on people likely to buy your products.


Your personalised advert might reach the right person, but it is not a guarantee that they will convert. If a prospect does not convert at the first instance, you can bring them back through retargeting.

Retargeting allows you to deliver ads to people who visited your website without converting. You should optimise the subsequent ads based on the actions they took the first time they visited your site. For example, if they added an item to a cart but did not confirm the purchase, you can offer a discount or free shipping.

Google AdWords has a Similar Audiences future that allows you to find consumer with the same qualities as those in your retargeting list.


Here is a recap on how to use audience targeting to improve your online ad campaigns.

  • Pixel your campaigns – this is useful in collecting data about your current customers
  • Identify clickers and converter – this helps with narrowing down to people who are likely to purchase your products.
  • Personalise your messages – consumers are more likely to purchase a product if its advert is relevant to them.
  • Produce quality content – you need quality to grab the attention of your prospective clients.
  • Expand your audience reach – you can increase the scope of your ad campaign using lookalikes and retargeting.

In this age, your marketing strategies need to be data-driven to increase their effectiveness and reduce wastage of resources. Implementing audience targeting for your online ad campaigns is an excellent starting point.


Online advertising can help you reach a broader audience than you would when using traditional advertising avenues. There are multiple ad formats and platforms for rolling out online ads in Singapore. Marketers can only know which platforms or ad formats work best for them by testing out options that are under consideration. Our team of professional digital marketers can do this for you and create custom campaigns for your brand. Contact us today for more details. 




Best Formats for Online Ads in Singapore

Banner Ads
Pop-Up Online Ads in Singapore
Interstitial Ads
Banner Swapping
Email Ads
Mobile Video Ads
Mobile Banner Ads
Native Ad Formats

What are Best Online Ad Platforms for Singapore Marketers?

Facebook Ads
Bing Ads
Google Ads

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