Best Marketing Strategies for Online Business in Singapore

digital marketing strategies for Singapore firms

Entrepreneurs are starting to realise that digital marketing in Singapore can be incredibly lucrative. This is because the percentage of individuals in Singapore who are online is among the largest worldwide. In fact, by 2014, it was found that 91% of Singaporeans were on the internet.

Perhaps this has a lot to do with it’s broadband speeds. Singapore citizens enjoy fast connections. Akamai Technologies, a company known for content delivery, has found that this island has one of the fastest peak speeds worldwide, at 94.8 Mb/s per second.

This type of connectivity leaves many to wonder how they can get the most out of their online marketing. Sure, they know the importance of digital marketing, but they have no idea which strategies can help them achieve the most. Let’s discuss a few of the best marketing strategies for online business in Singapore.

  1. SEO Strategies for Singapore Businesses

SEO, or search engine optimization, has become somewhat of a buzzword as more and more people start to understand its significance. Many even assume that since it has been talked about so much that it is no longer effective. However, SEO is far from a thing of the past. In fact, if anything, it has become more intricate and involved due to all of the changes that Google has made to its algorithm.

It’s no longer enough to use the right keywords. Business owners must now ensure that their website offers a great user experience. And this can be done through the use of white-hat marketing techniques. From content marketing to guest blogging, it’s essential that business owners create a strong and lasting relationship with their audience as well as a reputation as being an expert in your field.

The good news is that even if a business owner is new to online marketing, he or she can always hire SEO experts. An SEO team will stay up to date on all the changes Google makes as well as handle all of the technical issues. This will allows the person to put their focus and energy towards crafting the perfect brand. Whether the individual decides to hire an expert or take the time to learn on their own, the key to optimization is remaining consistent.

  1. PPC Marketing For Singapore Businesses

While there are many websites that are able to pull in tons of traffic, not all of it is quality traffic. Not everyone who visits their website is interested in what they have to sell. This means that there are very people who will actually buy their product or service.

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A great way to pull in high quality traffic is through the use of PPC marketing. PPC means pay-per-click and it gives business owners the ability to pay a fee each time someone clicks on one their ads. In other words, the business owner purchases visits to their website, rather than “earning” the visits organically.

Though it may seem simply, one of the biggest challenges of this strategy is allocating money in a way that ensures that the business gets a high ROI. Business owners who want to succeed with this strategy must have a strong grasp of math and they must know Google analytics and Adwords like the back of their hand. Only then will business owners be able to accurately predict their results. This strategy can be high risk. However, if done well, it can really pay off.

  1. Social Media Strategies for Singapore Businesses

70% of Singaporeans are currently active on social media which is more than double the global average of 34%. And it is not showing any signs of slowing down. This is exactly what makes social media such a powerful tool. However, many business owners are still struggling to use this tool efficiently.

If a business owner wants to promote his business well in Singapore, then it is crucial that he or she learns the ins and outs of each platform. Each has an optimal time to post every day. Each has its own language. Though they are all different, it is still possible to accomplish one, unified goal.

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The key to succeeding with this particularly strategy is creating a community for the audience. Yes, the number of followers is very important, however, what is even more important is how engaged a company’s followers are. The business needs to inject bits of personality into their messages. Customers should feel as if they are relating to real people, not just a brand. This means that business owners should base this strategy around asking their audience questions, making changes based on the feedback they receive, sharing information that is newsworthy rather than continuously promoting products or services, and sharing and liking the posts of others.

  1. Email Marketing Strategies for Singapore Businesses

While it is widely understood that one of the best ways to ensure high conversion rates is to develop a large mailing list, very few business owners know how to get the most out of this strategy.

If business owners would like to get the most out of this strategy, then there are few things they must keep in mind. It’s very important that they focus on personalisation and use customer data to create custom messages for each customer, such as their name in the subject line. They must send messages that are mobile friendly; in 2014, 42% of all emails related to marketing were opened on mobile devices and this number has only increased. Business owners should also test their emails by sending several variations to small samples of subscribers so that they know which gets the best results.

  1. Content Marketing Strategies For Singapore Businesses

It’s no secret, if a business wants to attract customers then it needs to put its best foot foward when it comes to content. With just one article, a website can go viral within a matter of a few hours. Not only does great content get people’s attention, but it helps to create a loyal following. The more time someone spends on a website the more likely they are to buy.

This is why there are an endless amount of websites dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs how to craft the perfect content marketing campaign. There are several steps involved in ensuring the success of this strategy. Businesses must first understand who their target market is so that they can personalizse their content. They must create content that will withstand the test of time and be relevant for a long while, better known as “evergreen” content. The content must always be fresh and original. Even if the subject has been approached before, it should offer a new angle. The content should also be easy to read and well-optimised.

  1. User Experience

User experience is hardly the first thing that most business owners think about when seeking the best strategies for their online business. However, user experience, also referred to as UX, is a huge determining factor in a company’s success. Why is this? Well, the more easily a customer is able to navigate though a website and the more aesthetically pleasing it is, the more likely they are to make a purchase. A well-built website lends to the company’s credibility and gives customers a sense of security.

The key to succeeding with their strategy is making sure the website loads very quickly as the ideal load time is no more than 4 seconds. There should be a clear call to action so that customers understand the main purpose of the page. The page should contain attention grabbing images. The contact information should be very visible. Also, there should be no broken links and the sentences should structured so that they are extremely easy to read.

  1. Marketing Automation

Another key marketing strategy for online Singapore businesses to automation. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the different forms of marketing. This is especially the case if the business is small or is working according to a limited budget. Not every business has the man power to stay on top of everything that needs to be done from day to day. However, there are ways to make these processes much easier and less time consuming.

Marketing automation ensures that your social media, email, PPC and other strategies are completely automated. It streamlines everything. Though, this particular strategy does take a certain degree of technical knowledge to get started. The business owner must be willing to learn more about various types of software platforms. Some companies hire outside help for this as it takes a specialised expertise.


The online success of a business depends on how effectively they market it. And while many of the strategies we discussed are not new, business owners still struggle with them. That’s why it is essential that Singapore entrepreneurs look past the “buzzwords” and do more research into what makes each strategy work. SEO is more than just making it onto the search engine listings, it’s about creating an experience. PPC is more than just paying for traffic, it’s allocating your money in a way that ensures a high ROI. Social media is more than advertising, it’s creating a community for your followers. Email marketing is about more than contacting your customer with your latest deal, it’s about tailoring the message specifically to them. Content marketing means more than using the right keywords, it’s about creating a loyal following. A great website is not just about branding, it’s about creating an experience that makes users trust you. With the help of marketing automation, all of these things can be taken care of with just a click of a button. Digital marketing offers an abundance of opportunities. It is up to the business owner to take them.

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