Best Landing Page WordPress Plugins For Your Singapore Website

best landing page WordPress plugins

Looking for the best landing page WordPress plugins? Generating traffic for your website is not as simple as thought by a majority of web users. It is the thought of many that homepages are the fundamentals for creating and operating a successful online marketing campaign. However, this is far from the truth. For you to run a successful marketing campaign, you should ensure every campaign is redirected to the appropriate landing page. The landing page is preferred to a homepage because they are always designed to convert for a particular ad campaign.

Let us put this into perspective. For example, you want to transmit very important information to your subscribers. You do not want to direct your subscribers to a packed page where they have to struggle to find their way through your website.

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The last thing you want is to disturb your followers by redirecting them to numerous pages to find the information you intended to pass to them. Hence, you should use landing pages to guide your followers to the specific pages you want. More importantly, you need to install the best landing page WordPress plugins.

Elements of A Good Landing Page

The most important component of a landing page is that it should relate to the advertisement you are re-routing your followers from.

  • Drag and drop feature, CSS and HTML. These three are a must-include when you are not considering your site from scratch.
  • Split testing is also essential. It helps you compare among different versions of your page that works better. Hence, it helps you adopt the most effective page to work with.
  • Responsive design. A responsive design helps your website to be optimised for computers and mobile devices. Your landing page design should be designed in a way that is responsive to all devices regardless of the device’s features.

The Best Landing Page WordPress Plugins

This article will recommend some landing page plugins for your WordPress.

OptimizePress 2.0

For drag and drop lovers, this is the landing page WordPress plugin that works for you. The drag and drop feature from Optimize 2.0 is not the only blockbuster feature on this functional plugin. It can create striking and optimised landing pages. The pages are created in real-time using a broadcasting editor. It is capable of showing you all the tweaks you are making on the landing page. This feature comes handy because it makes it possible to adjust any mistakes that you might have done during the creation process. This is enabled by its editing tool, LiveEditor.

This plugin has very many drag and drop elements that you can choose to develop pages. It allows you to develop a variety of different types of pages. These include long form, sales and marketing and other different types of pages.

Even though creating your page is easy if you know what you should do, Optimize2.0 provides you with 30 different templates that can guide you when developing your website from scratch.

It can be used by anyone. It does not require technical proficiency to operate. This makes it the ideal plugin for people on a strict budget.

OptimizePress comes in a plugin and theme version hence it executes two functions at once. You do not have to procure a plugin for themes and for creating landing pages separately. Save money and buy.

best landing page WordPress plugins

OptimizePress 2.0.

It has a security feature that gives you the opportunity to restrict and give access to users on the merit of membership level.

Price: $97 for main packages, $297 for professional packages and $197 for publisher bouquet.

Thrive Landing pages/ Thrive Architect

Thrive Themes advertise these plugins like two different plugins. However, when you buy either of the two, you automatically get the other one for free.

It has an inline drag and drop feature that makes the editing process very interesting. You do not require any coding experience to build your landing page.

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It differs from its precursor in three ways.

  • It has numerous designing options.
  • Has a full-width layout
  • Clean coding

Landing pages

This plugin was created with the aim of enhancing email list. It has a functional graphics editor that that allows you to view changes you make to your landing page as you make them. The real-time monitoring of the developments is very important. First, it helps you save on the cost of having to redo a landing page when you already finished creating the page.

Secondly, the real-time adjustments help you tweak your page as you go instead of having to wait for it to finish being created. The included conversion statistics are ways of optimising your page.

Landing pages are A/B split testing enabled. The A/B split testing helps you compare between competing pages. The results of the comparison are used to determine the best page that can convert properly.

Landing pages have inbuilt design templates, or it is designed in a way that you can create your landing page from scratch.

It has paid, and free add-ons like WordPress Leads and WordPress Calls to Action.

In case you want to use this plugin for setting autoresponders for email marketing platforms, you will require a paid add-on.

Price: Free

WP Lead Plus Squeeze Page Creator

WP Lead Plus is the best for creating spectacular and receptive squeeze pages. Squeeze pages are the pages where you can request your users for the email data. Hence, when you are contemplating developing a comprehensive email list, squeeze pages are the way to go.

It comes with almost 15 inbuilt templates that are very easy to use. The plugin is so advance that it enables you to create your popups and opt-in forms on your website. It has a special feature that enables you to create unblockable popups. The unblockable popups are a good way of executing an inbound marketing strategy.

The premium version possesses an advanced exit intent technology. This technology intends to discourage you from leaving by sensing if you want to leave and serves you with a popup. It also has A/B split testing.

Price: $47 for every website you own.


This landing page builder was made majorly with mobile devices in mind. InstaBuilder 2.0 can create mobile responsive designs. Mobile responsive landing pages are optimised for use on mobile devices. This means the landing page can be fully loaded on a mobile device or even a PC should need be.

It has a drag and drop capability. The drag and drop technology save the user the time, energy, know-how one would require to operate InstaBuilder 2.0. The drag and drop tech are accompanied with different templates that give you the user a variety of models to work with.

It has great design components which include images, graphics, audios buttons, tabbed contents. The features gives you total control of the design and the functions used to create the design.

Finally, it has an advanced statistics and analytics system that are used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Price: $77 for a single website, $97 for a multi-website permit or $197 for a develop license.

Parallax Gravity

The best feature of Parallax Gravity is its ability to create different types of landing pages. It, therefore, gives users options to choose from when designing landing pages for a certain marketing campaign.

Parallax Gravity is ideal for designing landing pages optimised for tablet and mobile devices. This feature makes it a gem. Optimising your pages for mobile devices is not always easy. Hence, WordPress plugins like Parallax Gravity are hard to come by. Additionally, it is SEO friendly. This means that this plugin supports customised keywords.

Landing pages are developed to support a single marketing campaign. However, should the campaign be over and there are people still visiting your site. You do not have to worry because it has a unique feature that allows people to be redirected to certain pages from a specific URL.

Parallax Gravity furnishes you with data to monitor the performance of your campaigns. This function is enabled by Google Analytics.

Price: $17 for one website license.

PT Instant

The highlight feature of this plugin is how it discerns those who might have signed up and those who have not signed up yet. For those who have registered, PT Instant has an inbuilt “I remember you” prompt. This prompt is meant to limit the number of times users have to sign up to get access to a website.

The pricing of PT Instant is very dynamic to include a popular bouquet that enables you to choose the types of actions you want to achieve with your landing page. The bouquet allows you to delay revealing of Call to Actions and opt-in forms.

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Affiliate policies, term of services (TOS) and the privacy pages are displayed automatically for legal purposes. The process of filling these legal pages is straightforward, and you only have to undertake it once.

PT Instant has a function that supports the addition of maps to your website so that your visitors can access you wherever you are. The visitors only have to scan a QR code, and they are directed to your location. This feature is essential for businesses with physical business outlets.

Price: $97 for a personal license

Impact Template Editor

Impact Template Editor helps you break from the norm. It has various kinds of templates accompanied by colourful themes to help you develop any type of landing page. Impact gives you total charge in how you design your page. However, it has a downside. To effectively use Impact, you have to possess a certain degree of technical knowledge on developing or designing.

The technical know-how required may disadvantage people who are not computer literate. However, if you possess some knowledge in web development, then this type of hindrances cannot cause you problems.

Impact enables real-time broadcasting of the designing process. The instantaneous streaming of this process helps you make instant adjustments as you develop a page. You can make changes immediately you realise there is a problem. It saves you the time and money you would use in future to make adjustments to your page. The Impact Hooks is used by Impact to add customised texts, JavaScript, CSS or HTML to a page.

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Impact develops landing pages that are very responsive. Responsive landing page templates are known to create quality pages appropriate for tablets and mobile traffic.

Impact is meant for people with the technical knowledge required for developing a page. Hence, with other numerous plugins offering drag and drop properties, you can consider other options.

Price: Offered from $27


SeedProd is a unique plugin. Among all the plugins on this list, it is the only plugin that allows you to develop a landing page even without a website. Your website could be in the developing stage, but you want to begin attracting visitors. At this point is where SeedProd comes in. It allows you to gather visitors’ email addresses during the development stage. It is also possible to collect the emails during the maintenance process.

best landing page WordPress plugins

This email collection function is reinforced with up to date email marketing features for effective collection of visitors’ email addresses. To increase engagements, SeedProd allows you to add your social media icons on to the landing page model you are building. This helps your social media followers to track your landing page and website easily. The visibility you get on social media also helps you enhance your social media profiles. An enhanced social media presence helps expand your social media presence and reach.

If you wish your visitors to be informed and engaged on the launching of your website, SeedProd allows you to insert a countdown timer.

SeedProd is an important plugin to keep close in case you are doing maintenance, or you want to launch a website.

Price: $49 for a developer permit or $29 for a personal license.

How to Know the Best Plugin for You?

For speed- Thrive Landing Pages is the best option for you. Apart from speed, it has functional templates that produce quality landing pages.

For a free solution- WP Landing Pages will work for you. It’s A/B split testing, and the free add-ons make it as a must-have.

For building your list- WP Lead Plus is the ideal option. What stands out with WP Lead Plus is the unblockable popups. They push the advert you want to put across regardless of the visitor’s preference. It is recommended for growing your email list.

For an aesthetically sound page- Thrive Architect is the plugin you should install. It is ideal for developing engaging and appealing landing pages.


All the landing page plugins on this list deserve to be in this list in their own rights. Each has a different function that they offer in creating a quality landing page. However, it is important to take factors such as pricing, the variety of features, template collection and ease of use to make an informed decision about the best landing page WordPress plugins that works for you.

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