Best Ingredients to Make Your Singapore Website Kick-Ass

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A website is the platforms which every tech astute individual these days use to interact with different people and products, from every part of the world. website design is the most crucial aspect of designing a customer-friendly website. An appealing, unsophisticated and effective website ensures users relate to them, to convince them to click on that download icon.

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Singapore might be a small country but, the Asian country is positioning itself as a technological hub by funding digital connection of the entire country. Ensuring the whole country is connected to the internet grid makes it rank among the few countries in the world that provide this necessary infrastructure to its citizens. This article discusses the key components that will make your Singapore website kick ass.

Simple Icons

Simple, relatable icons are the go-to if you are interested in the development of a simple website that any person, either tech-savvy or not to can operate efficiently because the icons and prompts on your page are easy to use. The ability of a website to be used by any person is the most critical consideration in the development of any web platform. Google and Apple adopting Material Design and Flat Design respectively, will influence the look of your website on the most important mobile platforms.

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Social media capabilities

Social media is the gateway to the heart of any internet user these days. Social media are platforms provided on the internet that enable us to interact with people in every part of the world. With advancement in technology, social media tools like Facebook, have become the new modes of advertising and interacting with different cadres of customers, everywhere around the world. Enhancing your social media presence requires fusing of social network prompts on your website, to enable visitors of the website exchange information on your product and improve your online presence on social media networks.


It is considered one of the core elements of web designing. The ability to create a running theme for your website to increase customer engagement by the collective narrative to draw and keep the concentration of a user. Interactive storytelling brings the curiosity of a visitor and maintains it in the website, influencing the ability to consume your product. It is therefore paramount, to develop the best storytelling design for seamless communication of your website’s theme.

High-Quality Images

Human beings are known to be visual beings. The effect of a picture is so massive that we can remember memories of our childhood, things that happen many years ago when we are fully grown adults. A reasonable budget permits you to sort the services of professionals for quality, exceptional images for your website. Quality imagery on your website improves the legitimacy of your product.

Hidden Menus

Technological leaps have seen a change in the manner which buyers think when shopping. Modern devices like mobile phones have enabled people to access the internet and markets at the pleasure of their houses, workplace, and institutions of learning. Mobile devices have limited screens which is why, features like hidden menus are developed for definite, organized websites. What this property helps keeps your website spotless and tidy.

Distinct contact page design

A sound website design ensures incorporation of the functions of the layout and contact-abled website. An attractive website is one which constitutes the ability of a website visitor to reach the owner of business smoothly. A quality website should provide the following prompts: your email address, phone contacts, fax number, the location of your business if you have a physical address. In the event this information is required to fill query form on your website, ensure your website is customized for mobile phone screens and call-to-action prompts are visible.

Choose a layout that works for your website theme

The arrangement of a website spurs the interest of your target market. The aesthetics of your website design provides the basis which your clients interact with your business on the internet. Therefore, the typography should be in tandem with the theme of your website. For example, a toy website layout should not be the same to that of a corporate web page. It is paramount, to have your target population in mind when designing your website.

Cohesion on all pages

Maintaining consistent web pages for your website with the exemption of your homepage which should have compelling typography to seize the attention of your visitors. The other pages of your website should be by the homepage to forge consistency when browsing through your website. It is essential to apply the same label, colors, and typography for the entire website. The use of like components on the website enhance readability and consistency.

Concise interface

The ability to pass relevant information in a few words is necessary for communicating the company’s information to the intended markets. It is vital to maintaining a clutter-free website to make the website relatable with the expected clients. Maintenance is done by, using whitespace, preferring ghost keys and, ensuring harmony between words and pictures.

Practical colour schemes

The main elements of an aesthetically-sound website are a relatable color combination by the website designer. Selection of appropriate color combinations should complement the main components of a website like a logo, graphics. There are two central color schemes to use in designing a website. The color schemes are analogous and complementary colors. Complementary colors are antagonizing or opposite colors in the color wheel. It is advisable to use this color scheme to develop an audacious color variation on your website. Analogous colors are colors that are bordering each other on the color wheel. It is used to add beauty and appearance to your website.

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To conclude, development of your website with the discussed criteria, you are assured of a kick-ass website to penetrate any markets in Singapore.

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