Best Free SEO Tools For The Singapore Digital Marketer

Best Free SEO Tools For The Singapore Digital Marketer

The best things in life are free. That goes for amazing SEO tools as well. Why pay when you can get free help which makes your work all the more easier?

Here are the best and the most popular SEO tools you can use:



search for relevant keywords that I can use for my website

Stuck for great keyword ideas for use on your SEO campaign? Check out It works on a number of keyword platforms, whether you intend to use it for Amazon, YouTube, Google or the App Store. is an excellent alternative to Keyword Planner as it reveals long-tail keywords you won’t normally find.

  1. Structured Data Testing Tool


find out if my website coding structure is optimal

A user-friendly tool that can test schema markups and check on-page schema code? Sign us up! All that SDTT needs is the URL of the website and the markup, and it does the rest.

  1. GTMetrix


check the website download speed

SEO is all about the user experience. GTMetrix allows you to manage UX and how speedy you want your website to load. By checking on the stats such as loading speed and in areas where you could improve it, GTMetrix is a must-have SEO tool if you want a well-polished site. The reason why we pick GTMetrix above all other similar SEO tools is that it’s intuitively easy while providing enough options to satisfy any webmaster.

  1. Builtwith


check out what platform my website is built on

If you’re wondering how a particular website was built using what CMS tools and technology, then you’ll find the answer in Builtwith. This web profiler tool dissects the website down to the core components and it tells you what analytics program was used, among other things. It’s great to have when you want to peek under the hood of your website’s engine.

  1. Google / Bing


what google updates i should look out for in singapore

One of the best places to start your free SEO tool search is with the search engine that started it all. Google’s search engine doubles as an excellent SEO tool. Any webmaster should know that one has to be very familiar on how search engines work to gain a better understanding of SEO as a whole. You can use Bing or Google to scout link prospects, analyze SERP listings, check keyword rankings, find content scrapers and examine indexes.

  1. Google Keyword Planner


Speaking of which, no webmaster should be without the Google Keyword Planner. It’s the best of its kind when it comes to researching effective keywords. Feed it with a seed word and watch as the suggestion start coming in, with useful stats such as average monthly searches and other details.

  1. Google Search Console

    how to find good keywords for my industry

GSC is an excellent tool that puts out a comprehensive visual of how your website appears in search aspects. Moreover, it will give some useful advice on how you can rank up higher by changing certain site appearance elements. With this SEO audit tool, you can get HTML improvement suggestions, crawl errors and much more.

  1. Wayback Machine


Are you ready to witness the whole archive of the internet in all its history? Open up the Wayback Machine and put on your futuristic specs, because it’s time to travel back to time in style. You’ll see what the earliest website looked like. Audit the snapshots of how your site looked like before you noticed something off about the traffic. This is especially helpful if you haven’t had a back-up program yet.

  1. Redirect Path 2017


get free software to check website

Redirect Path is a Chrome extension that allows you to redirect site errors and discover HTTP malfunctions. With it, you’ll get to see what’s immediately wrong and have more time fixing it instead of looking for it. It’s a great plugin to use if you’re looking at a few site pages.

  1. Google Trends


Knowing exactly how your competition moves is essential to online success. Marketers will use any and all tools, including website audit tools to see where the trend is going. It’s definitely a huge advantage to have when you want a successful marketing campaign.

Google Trend is an easy tool that will show you what’s up in terms of search terms, similar topics and search entities. Having Google Trends close by is essential if you want to get the lion’s share and come up ahead in the competition. It’s always good to have a sense of shifting trends and query behavior. Bloggers, webmasters and marketers alike can improve their numbers by having information as to what’s hot and what’s not.

  1. Web Developer Toolbar


what free tools can I use to check my website issues

In the tech phase of your website SEO audit? Open up the Web Developer Toolbar. It will help you disable cookies, images, Javascript, CSS and others. It’s a bare-bones tool that does the job quite well.

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools


how can i check my website traffic statistics in singapore

The BWT is the little brother of the Google Search Console. It keeps you in the know on how your website is performing in at Bing. Believe it or not, Bing is where 20 percent of all the world’s internet traffic goes. You’ll see how the Bing engine works via on-page key word optimizations, indexation, crawling and other elements, things that you can use when it comes to ranking on Google’s search engine.

  1. SEO Spider Tool by Screaming Frog


tools you can use to track website ranking

One of the top web crawlers that’s absolutely free! You get the most essential data on all your URLs. It works well in conjunction with all the other SEO tools you’ll be using to analyze the data spewing out of the SEO Spider Tool.

  1. Moz


how to audit my website in singapore

The whole package of SEO tools. It’s a suite designed to help online marketers. There are some great tools that you can use, including the following:

– SERP Overlay can be found along the Mozbar. It shows important OSE metrics found in individual search results.

– Mozbar is a helpful browser toolbar that allows you to access some of Moz’s best SEO tools with just one click of a mouse button.

– Moz Local allows you to see a company’s local citations. It’s one of the first tools webmasters and professional SEO agencies use when they begin an SEO campaign on any website.

– Open Site Explorer gives you some helpful metrics in approximating link equity. Overall, it’s an awesome backlink analysis tool you should always have open.

  1. Google Analytics

how to use google analytics for singapore e-marketers


The big daddy sits right on top of the list. Any respectable web blogger, owner or webmaster will have used or will have come across Google Analytics at one point. It shows you one of the most important data in managing a website- how a visitor acts when he or she navigates around your website. It’s a behavioral analytics tool that no other SEO tool can match, and this is why Google Analytics stands high among the others.

May 07, 2017

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