Best Animation Libraries for UI Designers in Singapore

best free animated libraries

Looking for the best free animation libraries in Singapore? Look no further, the availability of free animation libraries in Singapore fuels front-end web design transformation that we have witnessed in recent years. During the late ‘90s, most designers in Singapore were creating static magazine layouts. Things have since changed since modern-day designers create digital machines that encompass thousands of coordinated and moving parts.

A great UI designer also needs to be good at animation. This means having a solid understanding of most web animation techniques. Generally, each library is perceived from the standpoint of code-savvy UI designer rather than a code guru developer.

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Some of the libraries are purely CSS-related while others are JavaScript. Nevertheless, none of the libraries require more than basic CSS/HTML knowledge to be useful. You simply need to link the library before adding a CSS. These are the best animation libraries that UI designers in Singapore should know about.


Animate .css is considered one of the best free animation libraries in Singapore due to its ease of use. Applying this animation library to your UI project is as simple as integrating the CSS and adding the necessary CSS classes to HTML elements. If you want to trigger animations on a specific event, you can use jQuery.

Animate.css has a minified file and a library size of 47 KB only. Therefore, it can get included in mobile files. Often, this animation library is packaged as an element in many large projects. It has an impressive ranking on GitHub. As remarkable as Animate.css is, it’s still undergoing active development.


There is an abundance of JavaScript animation libraries that you can use to undertake UI projects in Singapore. Even so, none of this beats Bounce.js in terms of functionality and uniqueness. This library is designed to deliver an array of unique and funny animations to your site.

Released in 2014, Bounce.js helps you create alluring CSS powered animations within the shortest time possible. This animation library has an incredibly small size of 17 KB only. The small size of this library is attributed to the fact that it comes with less than ten animation presets.

The animations that you will get from Bounce.js are not only smooth but also flawless. If you want to create “pop and bubble” animation types that require a low file size overhead, this is the best animation library for you.


Despite being relatively new, AnimeJS is among the best free animation libraries in Singapore. This animation library is renowned for its compelling design and versatility. With it, you can power HTML game animations without feeling overwhelmed or out of place.

best free animated libraries

AnimeJS is also remarkably fast, easy to learn and use. When using the animation library to undertake your projects, you will rarely find faults with it. Being a lightweight animation library, Anime JS works with individual CSS transforms, any JavaScript Objects, CSS properties, and DOM or SVG attributes.

Judging from the animation library’s GIF capture, it’s easy to understand why animators highly regard it. AnimeJS features stunning documentation, which demonstrates JavaScript code, working examples, and HTML in an attractive app environment. Simply put, if you are comfortable with JavaScript animation solutions, you shouldn’t ignore AnimeJS.

Magic Animations

For years, Magic Animations has been one of the best free animation libraries in Singapore. It comes with dozens of animations, most of which are unique to it. You can implement the animation library by the CSS file. Also, you can leverage animations from jQuery. The animation library similarly comes with a cool demo application.

Magic Animations has a library size of 36.5 KB. Its CSS3 signature animations have special effects including foolish effects, bomb effects, and magical effects. When undertaking a UI design project and you are looking for something out of the ordinary, you shouldn’t look beyond this animation library. It won’t disappoint you.


If you want to work with an animation library that comes with parallax effects, DynCSS should be your go-to option. The animation library’s demo shows just how impressive it is. DynCSS was released in 2014 and is lauded for its ability to make websites come to life.

Despite its simple interface, DynCSS has proved to be quite popular among UI designers in Singapore. One of the coolest features that this animation library offers is the variation of elements. This is explained in the animation library’s demo video.


When undertaking UI design the first time, it’s advisable to use an animation library that is designed to for shaking elements on your web pages. CSShake is one such library. It comes with lots of variations that can help you shake your web components.

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CSShake has a huge file size of 78.8 KB. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the functionality that the animation library has. The animations that you get from this library are clever. You wouldn’t need to integrate an additional animation library to experience non-shaking effects.

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Sometimes, UI designers need animation libraries that are designed for use with UI elements such as buttons. Hover.css features nice 2D transitions as well as dozens of well-crafted animations. Many consider Hover.css as one of the best free animation libraries in Singapore.

Applying this animation library to your own elements is easy. Hover.css has a library size of 104.2 KB. The library is the best option for animating distinct page elements including logos, buttons, featured images, and SVG components.

One of the most outstanding features about Hover.css is the all-inclusive list of routines that come with it. This explains the large file size of the animation library. The distinctive curls and speech bubbles effects are also impressive.

How to Choose The Best Free Animation Libraries In Singapore?

There are tons of free animation libraries that you can choose. The rule of the thumb is that you pick an animation library that combines sophistication and versatility with stability. Keep in mind the fact that using animation libraries in your web application will significantly improve interactivity.


More UI designers in Singapore are waking up to the realisation that animation libraries can make their clients websites more interesting, interactive, and fun to browse. You need to choose from the best free animation libraries in Singapore to ensure that your UI design projects bear the desired results.

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