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Most people dream of running their businesses, but the problem is that few people have the experience required to run one. Statistics show that half of the businesses close down before their second anniversary, while less than half of those that remain make it to the fifth anniversary.

Seeing the grim statistics, franchising ideas would be a great place to start since the franchisor will offer all the guidance you need to run the store. With that said, franchising is expensive, and you are required to stick to the franchisor’s instructions on how to run the business. Despite this, many people have found success in running franchises.

Many factors contribute to the success of a franchising ideas business, but the first has to be choosing the right brand. To help you make the best decision, we have compiled a list of the best franchising ideas for Singapore.  In most cases, you will have to contact the franchisor directly to get the franchising fee information.

We have categorised the franchises according to the popular industries in Singapore, which are food and beverage, retail, and education. Read on to the end and identify the best franchise idea in Singapore that will work best for you.

Food Franchises

The food business when properly managed, can be a source of income for several generations. Singaporean’s like comfort foods and premium pastries, and this makes the food and beverage industry a lucrative for franchise businesses. These are the best food franchises in Singapore.

Prima Deli

This is a premium bakery chain that serves Singaporean, French, Asian, and Western cakes, buns, bread, and a wide range of pastries. It is the first and biggest halal home-grown bakery franchise in Singapore, with as many as 40 outlets around the country. You will need anywhere between SGD$120,000 to SGD$ 250,000 as the initial capital investment.

They have spelled out the requirements necessary for you to become a franchisee such as the size of the shop, employees and so much more are spelled out in the Franchise Agreement. For more information about the Prima Deli franchise, visit their website.

Old Chang Kee

The franchise started as a small stall in a coffee shop back in 1956, and it has grown to have outlets in Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia, with the latest addition being the London branch. Old Chang Kee is renowned for its Rex Curry Puffs, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, fish balls, and a wide variety of Singapore’s favourite comfort foods.

Old Chang Kee has a strict Franchise policy, and you must stick to it for you to operate your store.  You will need an initial investment of between SGD$200,000 and SGD$300,000.

Killiney Kopitiam

Since 1919, Killiney Kopitiam has been serving Hainanese style brewed tea and coffee and charcoal grilled bread toasts to Singaporeans. Today, it has franchises in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia. More so, it has risen from a breakfast restaurant to a full-scale restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As a Killiney Kopitiam franchisee, you will receive a manual that covers everything from food and beverage preparation, customer service, and equipment specifications. You will also get marketing, advertising, and promotion support. However, you need at least SGD$150,000 for the initial investment. Be sure to contact them about the franchise fee.

Wee Nam Kee

The restaurant is renowned for its Hainanese chicken rice. It has received rave reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor, and it attracts diners from all over the world. It has opened franchises stores all over Singapore, and they have extended to the Philippines and other countries in the South East Asian region.

To be a franchise, you will need an initial capital investment of SGD$500,000. Wee Nam Kee also has a royalty of between 5-10% and an advertising fee of 1%. The restaurant has four outlets in Singapore, and the owner was named as the Top Hawker by AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards 2010.

Nanyang Old Coffee

They serve traditional Singaporean coffee with the cafés styled to resemble the 1940s Singapore style. It currently has 9 outlets in Singapore with room for more. It has a strict food hygiene and quality policy, and it borrows from the 1940 café concept where they roasted and ground coffee enough for daily use.

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If you are interested in the old hand technique of coffee treatment, then you need to visit their franchise page of the website. You will need an initial capital investment of between S$30,000 and S$90,000. Nanyang Old Coffee charges a franchise fee of between S$18,000 and S$30,000 and royalty of 5%.

Retail Franchises

Singaporeans love to shop from renowned brands, it gives them a sense of security that they are buying the best quality. New brands take a long while before they gain traction, and so you are best placed to go with one of the popular retail franchises in Singapore. These are the most preferred retail franchises


This is an original Singaporean retail brand that has been in existence since 1998, and it has positioned itself as a market leader offering convenient services ranging from quick services to food and beverage. It takes up to six months from enquiry to taking over a franchise store, and you can read all about the roadmap on the Cheers website.

If you are interested in owning a Cheers franchise store, you need an initial capital investment of between SGD$40,000 and SGD$200,000. Cheers will operate the store for a minimum of one year to determine its suitability.

Fully Promoted

This is a leading provider of embroidery, printed apparel, promotional products, and personalized gift services. The store has been in operation for 17 years, and it has positioned itself as the premier promotional marketing partner for SMEs all over the world. It is currently accepting franchisees from Singapore, and the minimum initial capital investment is SGD$200,000.

You will get franchise assistance through a third party and occasional training. Visit their website for more information on how to become a Fully Promoted franchise.

Bebe de Paris

Bebe de Paris is a successful ecommerce company selling both mother and baby gifts to individuals and corporates. The company has over twenty years’ experience in the industry, and they are looking for franchisees to help them build a global network for baby and mother gifts. They already have four successful franchises one in Mexico, Spain, the UK, and Saudi Arabia.

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The company is actively seeking franchisees in Singapore. The minimum initial capital investment is set at SGD$178,000. With the average price of baby and mother gifts being around SGD$279, you could be making approximately SGD$1,412,000 in the next half a decade. Visit their website for more information about becoming a Bebe de Paris franchisee in Singapore.

Carré d’artistes

Singapore is a country bubbling with culture, and most people are searching for ways they can purchase original and authentic contemporary art. Carré d’artistes is an innovative sales model that helps make contemporary art affordable to everyone. The first franchise opened in France in 2001, and since then it has grown to a network of 35 galleries in 12 countries with more than 50,000 artworks sold every year.

To be a Carré d’artistes, you need a minimum initial investment of SGD$80,000, and you will pay 7% royalty fee on the sales made from the gallery. You will get training and artwork delivered upon request. Be sure to check out their website for more information on the requirements to be a franchisee.

Venture X

There is an increasing need for office space in Singapore with the country being a hub for tech and innovative businesses in the Pan-Asian region. Venture X is a leading provider of revolutionary designed, private membership office and meeting space for entrepreneurs as well as professionals. You will have the unique opportunity of selling Venture X franchises in your region.

You will need a minimum initial investment of SGD$200,000, and you will get training on how to run the franchise and third-party financing assistance. Venture X will work with you in the process of selecting the appropriate location, lease negotiation, financing options, build outs, among others. You can learn more about Venture X franchise opportunities from their website.

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Education Franchises

Singaporeans take education matters very seriously, and they will pay top dollar for quality education for their children. If you are interested in being part of the education sector, these are the franchises to consider.

Advanced Montessori International

This is one of the most recognized learning institutions in the world, and you can partner with them and help children understand the benefits offered by the Singaporean education system. The Singaporean education curriculum is regarded as one of the best in the world, but many citizens do not share the sentiments, with many of the view that the system is too stressful and results oriented.

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Advanced Montessori International is inviting interested parties to be part of their franchise in Singapore and help school going children overcome the challenges they face in the current education system. You will need a minimum initial investment of SGD$70,000, and you will receive the training required to run a school. Learn more about their services and franchising opportunities on their website.

LEAP ShoolHouse

This is an institution with programs for children aged between 8 months and 6 years. The programs help the children develop their literacy in Mandarin and English languages. It currently has six outlets, four of them in Singapore, one in Indonesia, and the other in China. With parents getting busier at work, introducing their children to early childhood learning is becoming popular, and this makes LEAP SchoolHouse a perfect franchising opportunity.

The franchising fee is dependent on the territory Enrichment, but for the pre-school, the fee is set at 12%. You will need a minimum capital investment of between SGD$300,000 and SGD$500,000 for the pre-school and between SGD$50,000 and SGD$80,000 for the Enrichment section.


Tuition is big business in Singapore and parents, and guardians prefer the brands that have been proven to work for their children. Mathnasium is one of those brands that deliver a unique balance between opportunity and investment. You have the chance to improve the children’s literacy in mathematics and earn a tidy sum while at it.

Becoming a Mathnasium franchisee in Singapore will mean that you will be responsible for all the units in the country since they do not allow sub-franchising. You will need a minimum initial capital investment of SGD$900,000, and you will get all the training you need. For information on their ideal franchisee, be sure to check out their website.

Accelium EDU

This is an institution that strives to develop self-awareness, strategic thinking skills, persistence, and focus using digital strategy games to children. The program has been taken up in over 30 countries with over 4 million children enrolled. Accelium EDU is looking to partner up with Singaporean distributors in offering schools an attractive and student-centred methodology to enhance their learning skills.

To become an Accelium EDU franchisee in Singapore, you will need a minimum initial capital investment of SGD$12000. They will provide you with all the training you require.

Gold’s Gym

If you are more into health, lifestyle, and fitness, then you could go for the Gold’s Gym franchise opportunity. Unlike other franchises on this list, Gold’s Gym does not ask for franchise fees. Gold’s Gym is the largest personal training network in Southeast Asia, and they are looking to enter the Singaporean market. You will get a new and fully equipped gym upon sign up.

You will need a minimum initial capital investment of SGD$45,000, and you also get financial assistance from the company. It gets better, you do not need to be a personal trainer or a business trained individual to become a Gold’s Gym franchisee since they will train you in all aspects of the business from customer care to administration to being a personal trainer.


Franchises are a better way to get into a business. You not only get a proven business, but you also get to ride on the marketing and advertising campaigns of other branches. Most franchisors will give you the necessary training, and if you manage the franchise appropriately, you can start earning huge profits between the first 6 months and one year.

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Wherever your passion lies, you will find that at least one of the above franchises will work for you. Be sure to make enquiries before you make any investment. With that said, we wish you all the best as you start your franchise business.



How does Business Franchising works in Singapore

Franchising in Singapore does not need to register, no disclosure requires for Singapore laws.

What Product is best for franchising?

– Toys
– Food: Restaurant
– Fashion Beauty
– Handy man/DIY

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