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E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in different parts of the world, including Singapore. With a population of about six million, the country boasts of being one of the wealthiest across the globe. Its economy is stable, and people work with one of the fastest Internet connections, which contributes the rapid shift from traditional ways of doing business to e-commerce.

Combining all these aspects explains why Singapore is currently one of the fastest growing Asian economies. With good Internet penetration and speeds, over 80 percent of Singaporeans utilize and access the web every day. For this reason, e-commerce thrives with the high number of people accessing the Internet. Also, the fact that most people in Singapore are tech-savvy encourages e-commerce because they prefer making online transactions over walking into a physical store.

E-commerce in Singapore has been in an upward trajectory for the past few years, and that’s because most of these online retail stores have been investing heavily in great design ideas for their websites.

How were they able to achieve this? What factors qualify a particular website into an absolute winner and another — despite stacking the same products and an almost similar structure and layout — still falls flat?

Well, if you’re an ecommerce developer, then you don’t need to be reminded that developing a fully functional ecommerce website is NOT an easy feat. There’s a lot to streamline and take into consideration for the site you’re creating to match the industry standards.

The list below contains a number of ecommerce sites in Singapore that we handpicked after taking few things into consideration. It’s also safe to say that these e-commerce websites are among the most successful ones in Singapore, and this is partly because their designs are almost seamless.


20 Inspirational E-commerce Websites in Singapore


  1. Jadia Logistics


logistics e-commerce singapore

Items: Logistics services.

Description: The design sets out what it is all about from the start. It has a button that lets customers book services right from the homepage.

  1. Happy Office People


furniture e-commerce website singapore

Items: Office furniture.

Description: Given its type of products, this site uses colourful imagery to help buyers explore their options using their eyes.

  1. Kartoon Kracker


toys and games e-commerce website singapore

Items: Toys.

Description: The website design is colourful with banners of popular superhero characters that seek to call out the target audience of children.

  1. Mayer


household e-commerce store singapore

Items: Appliances.

Description: Mayer’s website is easy to navigate around at first glance. It is clean with quality imagery, which displays the various items on sale.

  1. Bioconcept


organic foods e-commerce website singapore

Items: Honey products.

Description: The design features excellent, breathtaking imagery with a yellow theme that exudes the kind of things on sale on the website.

  1. The 3 Kraters


wine and spirits e-commerce store singapore

Items: Alcoholic beverages.

Description: This website features a simple yet classy demeanour with elegant-looking imagery. The drinks are available according to different types of categories including age, price, brand, and type.

  1. AliExpress


online stores aliexpress singapore

Items: Everything.

Description: AliExpress is one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. It serves almost every country. The website features a clean and straightforward interface that is also mobile-friendly. Additionally, it is pleasing to the eye given its bright orange-themed colour scheme and a centred search bar at the top.

  1. Lovera Collections


home decor e-commerce shop concept singapore


Items: Home Décor.

Description: The website leans more towards photography to present the available items. It shows an array of sophisticated wares that would, undoubtedly, appeal to anyone looking for things to decorate their homes and kitchen.



travel and hotel e-commerce website

Items: Booking service.

Description: is a global hotel booking service that also serves Singapore. It features a simple design with a calendar to help in setting dates. This site is flexible and does not have many distractions.

  1. Sephora


beauty and cosmetics e-commerce design singapore

Items: Beauty and skincare products.

Description: Sephora’s site is also simple in design with a black and white theme that is easy on the eye. The homepage shows new products and a search bar, which is available for specific searches.

  1. Lorna Jane


clothes and accessories e-commerce website design singapore

Items: Sporting Apparel.

Description: Another niche site, Lorna Jane is clear at first glance about what it sells. The colours are vibrant, and the design is classy-looking with some gorgeous fonts. The design features moving images to make the shopping experience worthwhile with more for the shopper to see.

  1. Crocs


shoes and footwear e-commerce design singapore

Items: Footwear.

Description: Crocs features large clear images that make it easier for the buyer to shop. Different categories appear side by side for easy selection, making the shopping process quicker than having to scroll through a list of items on sale. A buyer can also perform a quick look at a product without leaving the search page.

  1. Shopee


household and consumer goods e-commerce shop singapore

Items: Everything.

Description: The Shopee website design is quite straightforward and manages to give an overview of everything it sells in the home page. It includes a search filter with many parameters for a buyer to set. Like other great sites, this one is also simple with minimal distractions.

  1. Courts


household and electrical e-commerce website design singapore

Items: Electronics and Furniture.

Description: This site features a large banner displaying discounts and the available hot products. As such, buyers can easily access common items without having to perform a search. The interface is clean with great colouring and high-quality images.

  1. The Tea Depot


tea and drinks e-commerce design concept singapore

Items: Tea.

Description: The site’s design is minimalistic but rich in imagery that highlights the different types of tea, which one can find.

  1. Reebonz


fashion and accessories e-store concept singapore

Items: Designer Wear.

Description: Considering the items on sale, the user interface features fancy fonts against a simple design. Since the customers on this site are after designer wear, it would only be right if the website design looks elegant. It does not have too many listed items considering that it focuses on the rare and expensive products.

  1. Yoox


online fashion e-commerce webstore singapore

Items: Apparel.

Description: The Yoox website is quite smooth with a clean black and white theme. This design makes the products stand out since it has little going on around the items. Categories are well-defined, making it easy for individual shoppers looking for ideas on what to get.

  1. Oto


health and fitness e-commerce website concept singapore

Items: Fitness equipment.

Description: The site deals in wellness and fitness products. In this regard, the site’s design exudes what healthy living entails with its imagery.

  1. Zalora


men and women fashion e-store concept singapore

Items: Apparel.

Description: Aesthetically, Zalora almost resembles Yoox. The categorisation aspect is also the same. Finding products is also easy with the simple theme and detailed search bar.

  1. Lazada


best e-commerce design concept singapore

Items: Everything.

Description: Lazada borrows a lot from AliExpress in regards to simplicity and a clean user interface. Categories, popular items, and other listings come against a white backdrop that makes everything clear. As a result, navigating through the sight should be a walk in the park for anyone.

The Rise And Necessity Of Providing E-Commerce In Websites Now

Major merchants in the country allow the use of credit card for online shopping, which further motivates individual Singaporeans to become online shoppers. Reports place the worth of the Singaporean e-commerce sector at approximately 5.4 billion dollars by 2025, representing five times its value back in 2016. At the current pace, the numbers in question are achievable. Different e-commerce websites are available to cater for the high demand in Singapore, with some operating as general stores while others niche-based. Competition is high among these websites, and simple aspects like design may be what separates the best from the rest. Here are some of the elements of a great e-commerce website.

Characteristics of a Good E-commerce Website

A great e-commerce website should have most, if not all, of the following essential elements for it to succeed.

  • Mobile friendly because most people use smartphones for online transactions these days.
  • An easy checkout process that is clear and swift.
  • Have guest signups instead of forcing customers to fill long registration forms.
  • Quality pictures and photography to attract buyers.
  • Clear return policies to help customers with purchase decisions.
  • Comprehensive product descriptions.
  • Simple design with clear labels to increase conversion rates.

Consistency is Key

Your primary concern is with branding your business. You want to keep the design coherent with the products you’re selling.

As a rule of thumb, ecommerce web designing demands that your customers should be able to associate your website with your product. With a sweeping glance, they should be able to tell the kind of products to expect once they decide to check out the site.

When designing an ecommerce website, it’s crucial that you start by making sure that every single element of the site — starting from the images and the color schemes, all the way to the text and font choices — perfectly defines your ecommerce brand.

For instance, if you’re planning to sell toys, it’s vital that you focus on making the site more playful and colorful. Also, if you plan to sell electronic gadgets, then the ecommerce web designer you choose should be focusing more on making the site look more techy and modern.

To keep it brief, the design idea you choose should be one that strives to match your site with the merchandise you’re selling to a T.


As cliche as this sounds, there’s more to gain by banking on simplicity than cluttering your site with unnecessary complications. Part of the reason some ecommerce websites stick out despite leaning more on the minimalistic side is that the designer behind the ecommerce webshop has mastered the art of less is more.

They know what their site’s visitors are interested in, and instead of being tempted to offer more, they try to provide them with the best of what they think will be enhancing their user experience.

Simplicity should be among the top things to prioritize on while developing an ecommerce web portal for your business. The best part is that it’s possible to achieve elegance while still cashing on simplicity; you just have to be creative about it.

Confirming this is a series of recent studies, most of which appear to comport with the fact that about 76% of consumers out there think ease of use is one of the most critical characteristics of an ecommerce shopping site.

Your objective should be to come up with an ecommerce store that helps the shoppers you attract get what they want much faster and without encountering any hardship while at it.

If anything, online sellers want to be able to go through with a purchase in a matter of minutes, if NOT seconds, once they decide to buy.

One thing with ecommerce web designing is that all your focus should be directed on user experience. The designing idea you come up with should factor on how you’ll be arranging the shopping categories and filters while allowing for easy comparison of the products in your ecommerce store.

The customers’ reviews should also be a cinch to find. Not forgetting, the FAQ section of the site should only be a twinkle away should the shopper decide to reach out for it.

Mobile Friendliness  

Mobile responsiveness still applies to ecommerce websites. Google made a directive that the online community has NO option than to conform to as is.

Google made it clear that any website that won’t be loading fine enough on a mobile device, as well, is at risk of tanking down in the SERPs. But that’s NOT even the scary part when you come to think of the fact that more than half of all the purchases online shoppers make will be carried out on a smartphone.

By responsive we mean the site should be able to automatically adapt to any screen size without losing its structure or any other vital element. Users are also NOT expected to feel the difference when loading the site whether on mobile or desktop.

An easily Recognizable Logo

Whether you’re running a branded store or startup shop, the first thing you’d want to do is to come up with an easily recognizable logo for your business.

Think of a logo as a reassuring symbol of your business or an element of trust that squashes any doubt your potential customers have concerning your business.

That’s one trick that favorite brands always have up their sleeves. They first created an easily-recognizable logo for their business, then spend the bulk of their time working around their brand, trying to develop a solid reputation for it.

So every time they release a product and slap the logo on it, users have no trouble trusting it.

You can start by looking for a qualified ecommerce graphics designer and share your idea of a logo with them. They should be able to help you create a stunning logo for your business. But even with this, be reminded that simplicity is still the way to go.

Back on your site, it’s essential that you try to make your logo visible by placing it at a strategic point on the site. Don’t go on over-complicating things, if your brand is popular enough, then a logo or mascot, accompanied by a beautiful image of your products together with the ‘Buy” button is enough for an amazing ecommerce design idea.

An Easy Checkout

An easy checkout system means your site’s visitors will have an easy time shopping on your website. This is an important first step to increase the conversion rate of your site. It also goes a long way to enhancing user experience.

If anything, there isn’t much difference between your ecommerce webshop and a standard brick and mortar store. When a customer visits a store, they have the option to ask questions or pick an item they want and then proceed to the counter to make payments.

One downside though is that the customer may be forced to queue as the account clerk attends to other customers. Or it could be that the clerk is briefly NOT available — and if this is the case, the customer is likely to be tempted to leave the store and buy the item elsewhere.

So in a way, your e-shop should be trying to mimic a functional physical store offering top-notch services. Starting with how potential customers visit your site. Just like we have aisles in physical stores that work to distinguish where to find a particular item, a good ecommerce store is expected to have everything organized into categories.

A simple organization will also demand that filters be among the first thing your visitors see upon landing on your site. But most importantly, the site should feature an easy checkout, live chat, and visible contact information that your visitors can use to contact you just in case they’re stuck and would like to use your help.

Also worth mentioning is that you should also be willing to offer free shipping and painless returns with money back guarantees, just in case any of the customers are dissatisfied with the product they get.

A Guest Sign-up or Check-out

Customers’ experience is of great importance in ecommerce. In whatever you do, the last thing you want to do is force your customers into doing something they’re NOT comfortable doing.

For instance, you don’t want to force them to sign up on your site when they’re NOT positively sure if they’ll be making return trips for another purchase.

So what you do is that you allow them to proceed with guest sign-ups or check-outs. It could be that they’re in a rush and as such lack the time to go through with an endless form-filling. With guest sign-ups, your customers are only allowed to enter relevant information while skipping the rest of the formalities to save time and unnecessary hassle.

They can enter their email addresses, followed by their billing and shipping address and that’s it. It’s also essential that you be extra polite while at it to get them to come back and consider signing up with you later on when they have the time.

In addition to enabling a quick transaction, guest checkouts also make it possible to remain anonymous while at it.

Use Quality Pictures and Illustrations

Images make it easy for you to sell a product online — NOT just any image, but high-quality ones that visually walk your customers through the details on the products you’re selling.

Ever visited an ecommerce store and saw a product that had a great description but with NO image placed next to it? What was your immediate reaction? Didn’t your level of trust drop from where it was to zero?

Same goes for blurry images that hide the details.  

The first thing that pops up in your mind every time you come across a listed product with no image or has poor imagery is suspicion. What is it that the company is trying to hide? Is the product in poor shape or standards?

The underlying customer knows so little about you and your business, and the only way you can get them to trust you and make up their mind to proceed with a purchase is by assuring them that you’ve got nothing to hide.

You’re even NOT supposed to create room for the idea to crop up in their mind — because once it does, it grows like a weed. And eventually, it becomes even harder for you to remove it.

Comprehensive Product Descriptions

Business owners often underestimate the importance of creating a selling product description. The web development aspect of the site can be up to snuff, but unless you dedicate enough time to crafting witty product descriptions that drive potential customers to make up their mind and make a purchase, then your site is far from doing you any good.

One common mistake many people make is copy-pasting the product description on the manufacturer’s website directly to their ecommerce store. Well, as a serious business owner looking to drive massive sales through search engines, then this is the worst mistake you can ever think of doing.

For what’s worth, Google has a harsh penalty on anyone that duplicates content. So unless you’re NOT looking to secure a prime ranking in the SERPs, then copying any piece of content directly on the internet and directly to your site is bound to do you more harm than good, soon or later.

Rewriting manufacturer’s description is NOT an option either. When you look at it, manufacturers always focus on the technical and feature specification of a product, most of which are too stilt and sometimes complicated to be understood by an average shopper.

What you should be focusing on instead is how you’re going to get your customers to make up their mind and proceed to check out — and the best approach to take is by trying to focus on product benefits while drafting the descriptions

Your customers want to read about what the product will be doing for them, and NOT what it’s made up of. They want to be told about how their life will be changing for the better once they decide to purchase the product.

When writing the description, try to wear the face of a salesperson on the spot. Your end goal is to get the customer to buy the product, so what should you be telling them to get them to buy?

Let’s Wrap it Up

While these post touches on some of the vital aspects of a great ecommerce store, most of the time, a great web designing idea will be operating within a brand’s standards. Meaning, it’s upon you to look deep into your business and analyze its needs before you can go ahead and consider hiring the services of a web developer to help you build a cool ecommerce website for your business.

For more information regarding ecommerce or help in setting up a stunning ecommerce store, you’re kindly invited to reach out to MediaOne today for free consultation or web development.

December 29, 2018

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