20 Best E-commerce Analytics Software in Singapore

In Singapore, studies show that 8 out of 10 people rely on the internet to find information about products and services they want to purchase. This makes it necessary for online vendors to invest in an e-commerce website in Singapore to increase brand visibility and engagement.

As an e-commerce website owner, you need to create exceptional customer experiences on your site. Today, online vendors are at a loss to build e-commerce sites that match the customer’s desired online shopping desires.

This means that you need to carry out website optimisation in Singapore and as much data as possible on your customers to provide a seamless shopping experience in Singapore. This is where e analytics software combines with e-commerce SEO in Singapore.

However, there are hundreds of e-commerce analytics software available in Singapore today, and you ought to look at the entire e-commerce website package in Singapore to make the right choice.



Shopify is an e-commerce platform that has become world-famous for its easy-to-use interface as well as a robust set of features. This includes an online selling platform, selling on social media, as well as in brick and mortar stores.

On top of this, Shopify is one of the best e-commerce websites in Singapore analytics tools today, and it helps to track growth and sales using actual customer data efficiently.

The best thing about Shopify as an analytics tool in Singapore is that it offers a free trial period. During this time, you can test all the elements and see if it works for you. On top of getting a general overview of the analytics data, Shopify has three stunning features; the Live View, Overview dashboard, and key financial features.

The overview feature allows you to monitor your e-commerce store’s performance across all your sales channel. It shows all the visitor data, orders, and sales, in a central location. The data is presented visually via graphs as well as numeric figures for easy analysis.

More so, Shopify allows you real-time data tracking from any device. You should choose Shopify for the following reasons

  • Live View
  • Detailed reports
  • Custom reports



Looker is an e-commerce analytics tool that has powerful analytics features that allow you to get better insights from your data. It has all the tools needed for immersive data analytics, it is a unique, true business intelligence platform, and it works well with your e-commerce SEO in Singapore.

It applies SQL, and this allows users to ask simple and sophisticated questions using everyday business terms. We recommend that you sign up for the free version to know if the features will work with your e-commerce website in Singapore.

Looker gives you industry-specific solutions for e-commerce analytics, and it transforms insights into actions. It does this by giving you an overview of your preferred statistics. On top of this, Looker stores customer information in the system, which makes it easy to offer personalised shopping activities.

Looker also has all the critical metrics about your store on a central console, and this provides a way to understand your inventory, categories, and brand. Here are reasons why you should choose Looker

  • Data visualisation
  • LookML
  • Embedded analytics



Do you struggle with knowing what to do with your e-commerce analytics data? Yotpo transforms your customer feedback into actionable insights to improve your business decisions with the customer in mind.

This is a user-generated content marketing platform, and with the proper analytics data, you will be able to maximise brand recognition, loyalty, and engagement. What is more, Yotpo is one of the best e-commerce analytics tools in Singapore to encourage customer feedback.

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Yotpo provides online vendors with an opportunity to extract consumer data from their e-commerce website in Singapore by breaking the feedback using natural language analysis and sentiment analysis. You will also be able to measure your business operations over time, as well as look for e-commerce web design opportunities that will help improve your customer experience and workflow in Singapore.

With the data you get from Yotpo, you will be able to know how you compare regarding the industry benchmarks. Better yet, Yotpo integrates with other popular e-commerce platforms, and this creates an opportunity to maximise user-generated content.

Does this sound like the right analytics tool for your e-commerce website optimisation in Singapore? Sign up for the free trial period and test the different aspects of Yotpo. With that said, here are the reasons why you should sign up

  • Breakdown of customer-feedback
  • Track and monitor trends
  • Easy e-commerce platform integration

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Bright Pearl

This is a cloud-based Omni-channel retail software and solution for both retailers and wholesalers. It is perfect for managing sales transactions, customers, and inventory in a central location. It also has a reporting suite that gives users in-depth analytics data from the e-commerce platform that comes in handy when planning to scale the business.

Moreover, Brightpearl has real-time retail KPI reports and dashboards to assist users to keep their business operations in check. This makes it one of the best analytics software to have in an e-commerce package in Singapore.

This tool is suitable for building tailor-made reports that you can use to extract insights for making performance-driven business decisions. Other than showing you the most active customers, what they are buying, and giving you ways of motivating them to make more purchases, Brightpearl can help you reach out to inactive customers through targeting, retargeting marketing campaigns, and SEO Advertising in Singapore.

If you feel like Brightpearl is the tool for you, sign up for the free trial, and explore the features they have on offer. Here are more reasons why you should Brightpearl

  • Comprehensive sales and stocks report
  • Product optimisation
  • Supports various business types


Seller App

This is behavior-oriented e-commerce analytics software specially built to empower vendors on Amazon to sell smarter. It is a straightforward tool in that it offers you data-driven insights that will shape your product decisions, which will maximise the ROI from SEO Advertising in Singapore.

SellerPrime also reduces the time it takes to carry out product research and thus, you can leverage your e-commerce workflow by filtering the target results. It differs from other e-commerce analytics software on this list in that it has a bigger focus on the products you are selling not on the customers alone.

If you are looking for a tool that will optimise your product listings aimed at increasing product views and sales, as well as narrowing down the most profitable products in an instant, then Seller prime is for you. Sing up for a free trial and see what it can do for your e-commerce website in Singapore.

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Here are three reasons why you should choose SellerPrime

  • Optimised workflows
  • Built for Amazon Seller
  • Product intelligence and research



This web and mobile e-commerce analytics tool specialises in tracking customer data. It will capture how a customer interacts with your brand from mobile, to cloud services, or web platforms. Heap will track all the customers’ clicks, transactions, emails, and submissions without requiring a tracking code be part of your e-commerce web design in Singapore.

Other than the retroactive analysing of customer behaviour, Heap ensures that the data from all your data sources is measurable and ready for analysis. Virtual Event is its most acclaimed feature that empowers you to reduce your overhead recorded in implementation and data maintenance. It does this by reducing the time it takes to generate the required data for interaction and analysis.

Does this sound like the software you can integrate with your e-commerce website in Singapore needs? Sign up for the free trial period and try out its features. Here are three uses that might sway your choice

  • Advanced attribution
  • Product Engagement
  • Ability to see all the actions before conversion



This is an analytics API as well as a customer data platform that streamlines how you capture data from different customer touchpoints. It allows for the collection of data from mobile and web browsers as well as from a cloud app and server, after which it loads it into the system.

Segment’s data analytics allows you to gather a large amount of data from multiple and unique sources and turn it into comprehensive reports without a fuss. It is a perfect tool for marketplaces, retail, and B2B software.

If this sounds like the right tool to include in your e-commerce website package in Singapore, then sign up for the free trial period. However, these reasons will tell you why you should signup

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  • Simple API
  • You can view how your data is extracted, transformed, and loaded
  • It supports over 200 data sources and destinations

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

This tool, on the other hand, specialises in creating virtual heatmaps and website analytics. Crazy Egg expedites user testing and analysis and organises valuable data by use of visualisation tools in a variety of formats.

Crazy Egg is best known for being one of the best conversation rate optimisation software keen on collecting customer behaviour insights. This will give you data-driven approaches on how to leverage your e-commerce business in Singapore.

It offers a variety of visualisation tools including Scrollmap, Heatmap, and their signature tool. You will also benefit from A/B testing that will expedite the process of creating experiments and analysing results.

This easy-to-use platform is also quick to set up, and your team can quickly adapt to the system irrespective of their technical competencies. Sign up for your free trial, and see if it works for your business. Here are reasons why you should signup for Crazy Egg

  • Real-time and in-depth customer behaviour
  • Side-by-side comparisons of different reports to see how the changes and optimisations evolved
  • Heatmaps to show you where a visitor has been on your website



If you take customer management seriously, then you need to look at Kissmetrics. The tool gives you robust analytics, which shows you what your customers have been up to on your website and the most popular products.

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These analytics are best applied at figuring out behavior-based engagement which is vital in acquiring, engaging, and growing your customers. Kissmetrics uses deep insights to study your customers to improve brand engagement through targeted email campaigns and Facebook ads.

This tool will surely help you beef up your e-commerce package in Singapore. Sign up for the free trial and see what it can do for your business. With that said, here are three reasons you should try it

  • Campaign-impact measurement
  • Audience segmentation
  • Audience Analysis



This tool excels in user and product analytics for web and mobile among other platforms. It will show you how your e-commerce website in Singapore acquires, engages, and retains customers. It specialises in user analytics that allows you to learn and understand how your customers engage with your marketing campaigns, experiences, and products.

Mixpanel integrates machine learning to undertake complex behavioural analytics, after which it produces answers within seconds. The insights provided allow you to refine your website’s customer experience.

It is a fine tool aimed at empowering e-commerce sites to understand their customers. You can use the metrics to create a seamless shopping experience, build customer loyalty, to complement your in-store and digital shopping experience.

If Mixpanel sounds like the tool to improve your e-commerce website in Singapore, go ahead and sign up for the free trials. Here are three reasons why you should

  • Automatic insights
  • Deep customer behaviour understanding
  • Instant Answers

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud

This is an integrated digital marketing solution that you should use to gain deeper customer insights. However, when it is applied to e-commerce, the Adobe Marketing Cloud allows you to understand your customers and not by just looking at the site visits and clicks.

The tool utilises customer intelligence through audience enrichment, cross-channel analysis, prediction, and segmentation to extract useful and actionable data. All the functions are carried out in real-time, and you can share them with every, member of your team

Here are reasons why you should sign up for Adobe Marketing Cloud

  • It compiles visitor data on both mobile and web browsers, and you can know what makes visitors return to your website
  • Collects data-driven predictions will help you plan for future business processes
  • Personifies customer experiences to improve lead conversion, which you can achieve through analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics will give you insights into your sources of traffic and the site itself. It is free, and it gives you access to comprehensive reports from funnel vision techniques and high-level dashboards. For this and more reasons GA is necessary to have too for website optimisation in Singapore.

This tool is arguably the best and most popular for collecting data such as traffic sources, bounce rates, and sessions. Google Analytics will present the data in the form of graphs, which makes it easy for beginners to use it.

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e-commerce website in Singapore

You should use, mainly for the following reasons

  • Comprehensive e-commerce reports
  • A basic overview of the reports
  • Realistic behavioural insights to improve e-commerce web design in Singapore and increase conversions


This tool stands apart from the rest in this list in that it offers real-time customer analytics service. It incorporates a data-driven approach in providing answers to teams for smart decision-making without using complex SQL queries.

Woopra will provide analytics for any business question since it captures each touchpoint in the customer’s journey. The platform gives a holistic view of all the crucial information necessary to develop strategies in making smart decisions.

Woopra ensures that you get a clear understanding of your customers’ preferences and behaviours, and you can use this to create personalised and enjoyable shopping experiences on your e-commerce website in Singapore. Here are three reasons why you should choose Woopra

  • Single-click integration
  • Real-time individual-level analysis
  • Personalised interaction triggers


Like Woopra, Clicky is also a real-time web analytics platform, used for monitoring, analysing insights, and reacting to the traffic in a data-oriented manner. Its greatest feature is that it shows you the number of customers that are on your site at any given time, and on the page, you are currently viewing.

With Clicky, you can also launch heatmaps according to visitor, segment, or page without leaving the site. Clicky also has a bot detection and blocking element to ensure that you are getting real activities and events on your site.

Here are reasons why you should sign up to Clicky to enhance your e-commerce website package in Singapore

  • Website uptime monitoring from at least seven locations in the world
  • Open API
  • You get white label analytics



This tool is built around e-commerce, and it specialises in empowering customer experience across multiple channels. Its key capabilities include data export, custom, and calculated metrics, integration with Power BI Services, analytics reports customisation, and more.

You will also get insights into your employee’s activities including the pages and content they are currently navigating, as well as how they interact with each other and the customers. Here are three extra reasons why you should sign up with Webtrends

  • Unlimited custom reporting
  • Adoption measurement
  • Ability to create unlimited custom dashboards



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This tool comes in handy when you want to track and monitor real user experience on your e-commerce website in Singapore. It records and reproduces for session play, streamlines the debugging process, assists customers, and driver conversions.

FullStory delivers the consolidated insights via Page Insights to determine where your customers spend time on your site and the most popular content. It is an intuitive analytics tool, which allows you to move fluidly between a particular customer and the associated aggregate data.  Here are reasons why you should incorporate it into your e-commerce website in Singapore

  • It provides click maps
  • The inspect mode allows you to see how many impressions an element on your UI got
  • Visitor recordings


The StatCounter gives you analytics for monitoring, analysing, and understanding your website visitors in real-time. Its top analytics features include live visitor map, bounce rate tracking, visitor labels, and visitor paths.

However, it has a specialisation as a product analytics tool that provides a comprehensive way of tracking your visitors every time they visit, leave, and return to your e-commerce website. StatCounter will also monitor how customers navigate your site.

Here are extra reasons why you should add StatCounter to your e-commerce website package in Singapore

  • The desktop features are available on smartphones and tablets
  • Offers a complete admin control solution
  • Custom period for your summary statistics



This is an omnichannel e-commerce tool built to help a variety of businesses to manage their e-commerce operations from one place. Octopus lacks analytics or business intelligence tools, but it makes up for having one of the best data management solutions.

This allows you to use the data to plan for your business operations and predict business performance. You can integrate it with a variety of shopping carts POS systems, and online marketplaces.

With that, you can then move on to create comprehensive reports that you can use to pinpoint the ways you can improve your operations. Here are three reasons you should use Octopus alongside your e-commerce SEO in Singapore

  • It unifies e-commerce management
  • It has seamless integration with a variety of systems
  • It has automated data synchronisation

IXXO Multi-Vendor Software


It is an online marketplace builder, and a management tool that makes the launch of a marketplace easy. The software provides you with full control over every aspect of your marketplace as well as the ability to cater to an unlimited amount of visitors.

The software provides analytics such as traffic on the most popular categories, sales of specific customers and vendors, sales per country, the most viewed products, to name a few. IXXO Multi-Vendor Software is powered by a high-performance network infrastructure, which means that vendors can sell 24/7.

These three attributes should nudge you to sign up for the free trial

  • Easy to use marketplace builder
  • Full marketplace control
  • Customisable commissions and check-out fees


RJ Metrics

This software offers data infrastructure and analytics, which makes for seamless business intelligence solutions. It is built to help you acquire and convert leads as well as retain customers. On top of this, you will have access to advanced analytics, and it works with your existing data source.

Moreover, RJMetrics pipes the data to a single and central data warehouse. The software has a simple and easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop metrics for one-click filtering and easy chart customisations. Here are reasons why you should sign up with RJMetrics

  • It gives you clear feedback on customer behaviour
  • Conversion rate optimisation and customer loyalty programs
  • Accurate revenue metrics


Before choosing any of the above e-commerce analytics software, you need to have a proper strategy for e-commerce websites in Singapore. However, we hope that these software options will help you better understand your e-commerce business in Singapore.

Contact us today for digital marketing and website design services in Singapore. Our team will do all the proper website optimisation to ensure you get enough brand visibility, interaction, and engagement.

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