The Best Digital Tools Every Singapore Marketer Should Have

The Best Digital Tools Every Singapore Marketer Should Have

Online marketing is a huge investment for both small and big investors. More so, the investment currency is not always in the form of dollars. Internet technology offers huge online marketing tools for investors. However, not all the online marketing tools are worth the time it takes to test them. Are you spending your money and time on the best digital marketing tools? Worry no more; we have listed the best digital tools that will increase your leads and investments, boost your revenues and keep your business booming. Furthermore, the list has indicated the pricing and free trial information.


Social Media Tools


  1. Google Alerts


Google alerts you notifications of the social media digital platforms that are driving traffic to your site. You will get alerts each time your keywords or brand are mentioned. It is a free to use and super powerful tool.

Price: free


  1. Buffer


Why waste a lot of your time and energy updating all your social media platforms accounts? Buffer provides the best solution for you. It enables you to manage your several social media accounts from a single dashboard. More so, buffer gives you consolidated analysis of your posts across the social media platforms. It hence becomes easier for you to access the posts and content that are doing well and those that are not doing well.

Price: free for a single user with a maximum of 3 social accounts; pro plan is $15/mo with the 7-day trial; business plans start at $99/mo with a 14-day trial.


  1. SocialMention


The process of automating and streamlining your social media progress is a challenge to many. Social mention program allows you to check on your social media presence. This program software helps you monitor four significant metrics, i.e., passion, strength, sentiment and reach.

Social mention analytics

Price: free


  1. Facebook Page Insights


Facebook page insights are suitable for anyone who deals with Facebook advertising and marketing needs. This program is useful outside of Facebook as it makes you aware of your customer’s behavior by checking behind the curtains.

Price: free


  1. TweetDeck


This is one of the top-ranked digital tools in this list. Tweetdeck comes with many useful features and is easy to use. It is the best digital twitter tool available.

Price: free


  1. Meltwater


It is important to keep track of all posts about your online marketing business. Meltwater program utilizes al-driven analytics and real-time in efforts of optimizing companies. This enables you to get the best-performance trends and keywords in real-time. You will hence be able to gauge your marketing performance against your antagonists.

Price: prepared quotes only


  1. Sales Navigator


Sales Navigator is one of the powerful digital marketing tools. This program enables you to view social media activities and profiles in your Gmail inbox directly -namely LinkedIn-. This information is useful in intensifying and grasping holding your network.

Price: starts at $64.99/mo. If billed annually (or $79.99/mo); a free trial is dependent on meeting specific criteria


  1. IFTTT


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This is one of the digital tools that you should not miss out. It is based on ‘if this then that’ formula and lets you launch targeted actions. IFTTT can be interlinked with lots of social media networks and different digital tools making it one of the most superior tools.

IFTTT recipes

Not only can you make hundreds of integrations, but you can also create your integrated action ‘recipes.’

Price: free

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  1. Facebook Audience Insights


Facebook audience insights work on a similar concept to that of Facebook page insights by tipping about the inside information of your followers. However, this program focus on your competitor’s audience insight rather than your audience.

Price: free


  1. Qzzr


Qzzr is the perfect digital tool for creating shareable social media content that drives traffic with consistency to websites and landing pages. It features quiz creation that allows you to develop various tools on various topics for easy and quick social media distribution.

Price; $24.99/mo.,14-day trial

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SEO and Rankings Tools …


  1. Google Trends


Google trend is among the great Google products. This digital marketing tool gives you the ability to search keywords by volume. You are hence able to identify the perspective of different long-tail and short search terms.

Price: Free


  1. Google Pagespeed Insights


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Google pagespeed insights are crucial in establishing the factors in conversion and bounce rates. This program will give you the idea to get your website speed real-time analysis.

Price: free


  1. Google Analytics by Monsterinsights


This is a unique and perfect analytic programmer on the internet. You only need to connect it to your WordPress site and get the hundreds of metrics. With this program, you can use it to track highly relevant and specific conversion goals.

Price: $99+/year


  1. Quicksprout


You cannot afford to miss out this opportunity. Quicksprout makes you learn similar sites so that you can think of a way to out-shine them in the search rankings. You just have to input the URL of your antagonist then tap on the ‘login with Google’ button to get started.

Price: free




Keywords are the foundation of every marketing campaign or SEO. outlines the list of important long tail keywords useful in targeting customers.

Price: pro plans Start at $48/mo.


  1. SpyFu


Strategy in online marketing is critical. Spyfu enables you to unleash the bank links and all your competitors content that makes them outrank you. You will be able to know the most profitable keywords of your competitors hence planning on new SEO and PPC opportunities strategy.

Price: $33+/mo.,30 -day money back guarantee


  1. Alexa


Alexa is one of the oldest digital program tools in online marketing existing since 1996. This program is best for benchmarking and comparison of your website progress to others. Alexa gives practical analytical insights for optimizing your website and comparing yourself to other competitors.

Price: not free., 7-day free trial


  1. Siteliner


This programmer is useful in identifying duplicate content that can be the main SEO killers. With this digital tool, you just enter the URL for a website or blog site, and you will get the results immediately.

Price: free for websites up to 250 pages


  1. Browseo


Browseo enables you to discover new things each time you use it. The program places your website in a search engine lens showing you the particular hierarchy of the elements. Browseo is easy to use. Input your site URL into the Browseo, and the rest is automatically done.

Price: free


  1. SEMRush


SEMRush is ranked highly among online marketing tools. This is because it gives you awareness of your competitors plans, strategy, and best keywords that puts you a one step ahead in the game. SEMRush provide you with access to SEO, content and advertising tools to keep you at the top searching results.

Price: $99.95+/mo.


Content marketing tools…


  1. Grammarly


Grammarly is a digital marketing tool with the best built-in automatic editors. This software has outdone human editors and spellcheckers with its fast and easy editing procedure. The program automatically checks anything you write or publish in a browser.

Price: free; premium starts at $29.95/mo.


  1. Visage


Visage is a powerful tool that enables you to correctly bond with your audience. This is more important for newbies as the visual content demand increases. You are sure of developing gorgeous visuals and expressing your creativity to your audience with this digital tool.

Price: Quote only


  1. Hemingway App


An online blog has a good flow of words and easily readable. Hemingway helps you improve on your writing by identifying passive voice, superfluous words and hard -to- read sentences.

Price: free


  1. Placelt


This app has been developed to serve one purpose specifically. That is to place images of your product, app or website into real -global online environments, I.e., mobile phones, smartphones, computers, and tablet screens.

Price: $29 unlimited subscription


  1. Evernote


Evernote is one of the most versatile online marketing tools. This tool makes your internet browsing easy regarding resources, research notes or to do lists. With Evernote, outline and research process is just but a walkover.

Price: free for basic; $69.99/year for premium


  1. Piktochart


Piktochart gives you a library of more than a thousand images to keep you running in no time. This is very useful as infographics are powerful features of generating high returns. With Piktochart, you can generate engaging and attractive infographics even with no experience.

Price: start for free; $12.50+/mo.


  1. Headline Analyzer


Headlines are among the most significant elements of content writing. The title of your online work will directly influence the number of clicks to be it a new article, a blog post, or a YouTube video. Headline analyzer establishes the effectiveness of your titles before you post the final product. It will then give you a score rating and suggestions on how to make your headline better.

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Price: free


  1. Spredfast


Spredfast is an analytic tool that gives you the best platform for gauging your marketing content effectiveness. This digital tool analyses by impressions, output, and actions. Additionally, Spredfast compares several marketing campaigns against one another. It is available as a free demo.

Price: the demo is free; quote required


  1. Feedly


Feedly is a super powerful tool essential for all content marketers. With Feedly, you can organise all the content you want to check up while keeping the tabs on and all in a commonplace. This gives you the ability to categorise the material keeping the essential posts at the appropriate place.

Price: free trial; contact for quote


  1. Wideo


Wideo is a unique digital tool that is outstanding for creating short and simple video clips. This online video creation tool makes it possible for you to create animated videos made with objects, images, shapes, texts, movement, and audio. You will design, edit and share your videos free of charge.

Price: $19+/mo.,7-day free trial


Email marketing tools…


  1. WPForms


Wpforms is the top searched WordPress building tool. You use it to get the information you need upfront and also get in touch with your audience. This program features drag-and-drop interface to customise your forms completely.

Price: $79/mo., 14-day money back guarantee


  1. Optinmonster


Lead generation can never be assumed when talking about email digital marketing tools. Lead generation creates a pop up to engage readers in what you want to offer. Moreover, this program creates campaigns that are triggered to abandoning audience before you lose them forever. Optinmonster integrates with global email marketing service making the campaigns easy and fast.

Price: $19+/mo.,7-day free trial


  1. Freshmail


Are you searching for a unique and creative streamlined email templates? Worry no more, Freshmail gives you the best solution. With this tool, you will choose from hundreds of media blocks, images, typefaces, buttons, content sections and more.

Price: $ 14+/mo.,30-day free trial


  1. Putmails


With putmail, you don’t have to know the email appearance once received in the inbox. Putmail provides you with a functional and immediate preview of your next campaign.

Price: free


Measurement tools…


  1. Localytics


Localytics is one of the famous and unique tools used by many big companies throughout the world. The tool combines different elements such as smart targeting, user insights marketing automation, into a single platform for user’s engagement.

Price: free demo; contact for quote


  1. Mixpanel


VpMixpanel is regarded as the most potent analytic platform globally. This tool gives you a platform to measure and examine your web and mobile functions. The unique thing about Mixpanel is that it analyzes customers not based on page views but their actions.

Price: free; startup $999/year; Enterprise must contact for quote


  1. Inspectlet


Inspectlet offers precisely what the customers need. It lets you examine the user’s activity via screen capture, eye-tracking heat maps, and interaction analytics. You can know how your audience is interacting with your website and fix the problems they might be experiencing.

Price: free plan; $39+/mo.


Influencer tools…


  1. Google Analytics URL Builder


This program creates individual links used for individual influencers. With these individual links, you can be able to keep track of your social media efforts and try them for revenue. Featuring an additional chrome extension, the tool is easy to use and highly valuable.


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  1. FollowerWonk


This digital tool is critical in achieving your online marketing goals of growing an excellent market reputation for your brand. With FollowerWonk, you will discover relevant track followers, Twitter users, search bios, sort followers and more.


  1. BuzzStream


This programming tool is undoubtedly the fastest in building your brand. Buzzstream helps you to win over influencers in your industry. This is simply by making it easy to research about the influencers and reach out to them through private, personalised communications.

Price: free trial; $24+/mo.


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