7 Types of Custom Web Applications to Help Simplify and Grow Your Business

custom web applications

It takes a lot of time and effort to identify custom web applications that can nurture a small business into a profitable venture. Having an in-depth understanding of the market alone isn’t enough. To increase sales and gain a competitive advantage in your niche, you must ensure that there’s seamless communication, task automation, and proper work management.

You cannot take care of all critical aspects of your business on your own. There are dozens of custom web application that you should leverage so that you not only simplify your business setup but also grow your business.

Here are seven custom web applications that you can use.

1. Project Management Systems

Owners of small businesses typically struggle when it comes to visualising everyday tasks as well as tracking their progress. Project management systems incorporate custom web applications that make it easy for you to oversee all aspects of your business.

Project management systems act as the pillar of all your tasks and projects, thus enabling you to manage your work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Most project management systems come with mobile apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With these apps, you’ll be able to stay on top of your business.

Project management systems also provide you with real-time charts, which help you monitor the progress of your projects. The dynamic reports that the software offers also help you gain clear insights into the market, thus enabling you to steer your business in the right direction. The time tracking capability of the apps allows you to monitor the time spent on tasks.

2. Content Management System (CMS)

Any modern business website needs to have a Content Management System (CMS). That simple 5-page website that you may be envisioning for your business cannot help you scale. With CMS backing up your custom web applications, you will be able to bring new leads, thus driving sales.

Similarly, CMS enables you to keep your website content updated, something that plays a crucial role in generating leads. If your site is built with a CMS, you won’t require the services of a web developer to create new blog posts, special reports, white papers, and videos.

custom web applications

Every business has a target market and unique needs. Depending on the needs of your business and the approach that you take towards publishing your content, you certainly need a customised CMS. Nonetheless, standard CMS packages can still work for you, irrespective of whether they are free or need a paid subscription.

3. Business Process Automation Systems

As you seek to grow your business, there are specific tasks that you need to complete. When you receive a call from new prospects or current clients, for instance, you need to have a software tool that automates the processing of information collected.

This will allow your business to work efficiently besides helping you save money. Similarly, your employees will be free to focus on value-addition aspects of your business rather than processing communiqué from customers and prospects using online calendars, paper forms, and other related tools.

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In this regard, you should find a customised automated tool that enables marketing automation. The tool can undertake everyday tasks such as automated lead generation, referrals, and follow-ups on your behalf.

4. Customer/Company-Facing Web Portals

In today’s digital world, every Singapore business website needs customised web applications that are either customer or company oriented. A customer-oriented user portal allows customers to get information about you in a self-service way. Likewise, a company-oriented portal will enable employees to get information without making inquiries from their colleagues.

With a web-based user portal, your clients and employees can conveniently view action items, track each item’s status, and also leave messages. This is an effective business strategy compared to instances when everything managed via email or attachments.

5. Custom Web Applications for Paperless Offices

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You will hardly find stacks of papers in the offices of companies that have incorporated custom paperless software into their setup. In any business, there must be documents that need to be filled out by specific people, reviewed, and stored for regulatory purposes.

Keeping bulky documents can make it hard to find specific items whenever a need arises. With a custom software app, you can easily replace all your paper forms with a paperless office tool that is accessible from anywhere. The tool can also be personalised to reflect your company’s workflow.

6. Membership Site

You can grow your business by proving to the target audience that you are an expert in your industry. Having a membership site will help you leverage the knowledge that you have about your niche. With such a website, you can publish material so that people can learn more about your industry at their pace.

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A membership site can earn you money, especially if your material is o availed to paid subscribers only. Once you impose a reasonable fee, the site could be an excellent revenue generator. You will get the opportunity to interact with the target audience and also earn money in the process.

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7. E-commerce Store

Rather than forcing customers to visit your outlet to purchase your products physically, you can grow your business by incorporating an e-commerce store into your website. Custom web applications such as Shopify.com can help you integrate an online store into your business website.

custom web applications

If your business has complex requirements or rules of product sales and returns, custom e-commerce tools will be perfect for you. Whichever path you choose to follow, you should bear in mind that today’s tech-savvy shoppers have a preference towards e-commerce stores compared to brick and mortar stores.


Simplifying and growing a business has never been easier. There are dozens of custom web applications that you can integrate into your business set up to help you get organised. These tools will help you simplify tasks besides growing in new areas.

Before choosing a tool to incorporate into your setup, you should first determine what your needs are. This will give you an idea about the direction that you should take. It’s wise to choose a web application that can be customised to address your business needs and help you scale.

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