Best Colours for Singapore Websites to Drive Traffic, Conversion Rates and Sales

Best Colours for Singapore Websites to Drive Traffic, Conversion Rates and Sales

Looking for accurate information on the best colours for Singapore websites? One of the main discussion topics among website designers centers around the best colours to use on websites. Needless to say, the type of color that you choose is critical to the success of your website. While building a website that is designed to appease the target audience, it is recommended that you have simple navigation, adequate info to keep the audience engaged, and an uncluttered layout.

Nonetheless, there is one critical component of web design, which matters greatly yet often gets overlooked. This is the colours that you will incorporate on your site. You have to keep in mind the fact that only the proper colours will help attract first-time visitors as well as ensure that they keep coming back to your site.

Which Are The Best Colours for Singapore Websites?

Before you decide on the colour that you will use on your website, you should look at the logo of your brand and the colours used on your products. This will show you the direction that you need to take. In case your business assembles red tractors for instance, your website should be awash with colours that complement the red.

best colours for websites in Singapore

Irrespective of what you do during website design, it is imperative that significant time be dedicated to choosing the appropriate color combination to use. This isn’t one of those issues that you can simply brush aside. Contrary to what you may think, the choice of colours you make when designing your website will go a long way in driving traffic to the site besides boosting conversion rates and sales.

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How Your Choice of Colors Affects Conversions and Sales

On average, Internet users take 90 seconds to either form a negative or positive interaction with your site. A study by the University of Winnipeg established that nearly 90% of users’ assessment about websites is based on colours used.

best colours for websites in Singapore

Moreover, if your website is an e-commerce store, you will find certainly find it intriguing that up to 90% of online shoppers consider website color as the basis of their purchasing decisions. Color helps your customers to recognize your brand. Research indicates that colour boosts brand recognition by nearly 80%.

Choosing Appropriate Colour Combinations for Your Singapore Website

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The most important thing that you need to do when choosing colours to use on your site is to go through the websites of companies that are similar to yours. Check out the sites and the colors used. Likewise, you should try establishing why particular colours were used on those websites. Material UI has a graphic that showcases different colours used in major websites from across the world.

Going through the graphic will give you inspiration about the best direction to take when choosing your colours. It is equally important to establish why different companies choose to use their respective colours. Even before you get down to reasons why some web designers chose particular colours, it is helpful that you understand the way different colours work together to give your website an attractive outlook.

To Stand Out, Use Primary Colors

Primary colours such as stark blue, red, and yellow are outstanding since they are not formed by mixing other colours. On the other hand, secondary colours are formed by mixing two primary colours. For instance, combining yellow and blue creates green. Similarly, you will get orange from combining red and yellow. Tertiary colours form when primary and secondary colours get mixed. These colours include the red-orange or blue-green combinations.

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When designing your website, it is imperative that you mainly focus on primary colours since they will help you incite action. These colours ought to feature prominently on strategic sections of the website including the call-to-action section. Going through Exxon’s website for instance, you will notice how blue is beautifully used at the call-to-action button.

Using Colour Combinations to Merge Shades

For you to get an insight into what colour combination is all about, you should consider turning the colour wheel. This will help you understand the relationship that exists between different colors. As a result, you will be able to build eye-catching websites that can convert visitors into customers. Here’s how you can use the a wheel to choose website colours in a manner that guarantees the best results.

  • Complementary Colours

When you match your primary colour with its complementary colour, your website will look more attractive. Once you have chosen a primary colour, you only need to draw a straight line through the colour wheel to find a complementary u. Examples may include green and red, or blue and orange.

  • Analogous Colours

Typically, the colour scheme entails choosing your favorite colour on the wheel, which is directly beside the one that you have selected. If you have chosen blue as your primary colour for instance, selecting blue-green and blue-violet will go a long way in giving your website a nuanced appearance.

  • Triad Colours

When using this scheme to choose a suitable colour combination, you are required to draw a triangle from the primary colour that you choose, to two other colors. This will provide the desired aesthetic effect. It is advisable that you maintain three colours between all selections that you make. If you select blue as your main colour, the other colours could be red or yellow.

Colour Determines Audience Psychology

Everyone has a favorite colour, and all of us sometimes prefer certain colour combinations over others. The choice of colour generally varies according to individuals’ age, where they are from, and gender. It is important that you consider your audience before you decide on the color to use on your site.

best colours for Singapore websites

Generally, men prefer bright colours while women prefer websites that use softer colours. This shows how the persona of your buyers affects the choice of colours. 27% of men indicate that brown is their least favorite color. On the other hand, 20% of women name brown as their least favorite colour. Regardless of the gender that you are targeting, you should take such stats into account so that you don’t turn off your audience.

Best Colours for Singapore Websites

To improve traffic and engagement as well as drive sales,

there are several colours that you should consider selecting for your website.

  • White

If you want to display text at the right contrast, you should choose white. This will make your website’s sentences, paragraphs and words to be more legible.

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Without any white space, your audience might feel overwhelmed when reading your content. White also makes your site look clean. Nonetheless, avoid using too much of it since it will give the site a snooty feel.

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  • Blue

A number of websites use different shades of blue as their main colour. These include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Dropbox, WordPress, and Skype. Many consider blue as the colour of intelligence, calm reflection, and communication. It mainly features on corporations’ websites due to its ability to stir feelings of comfort, trust, safety, and security.

best colours for Singapore websites

Blue is relaxing and makes visitors want to linger on your site for a little longer.

  • Black

You may think that black is associated with coldness and darkness. Somehow, you might be correct. Nonetheless, black can be used in web design to give your site a sophisticated, glamorous, and secure outlook. Black is similarly associated with power, and you will find it featuring prominently on the websites of notable luxury brands including Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce, and Under Armour.

  • Gray

To many people, gray represents authority, power, and strength. It can also blend beautifully with most colours. Gray is used in dozens of major websites including Maytag. The site combines gray, blue, and white to a great effect. Gray features predominantly and provides a sophisticated and high-end look to the site.

  • Red

Red is often seen as a colour that evokes stimulation and strength. It is an exciting colour, which inspires people to act. This explains why you will find it on the websites of companies that often rely on impulsive shoppers. Red evokes urgency and can work perfectly for websites that regularly undertake clearance sales.

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best colours for Singapore websites

You will find red on the websites of companies such as Avis and Toyota. The color is energizing and warm. In as much as too much of it can look glaring and unpleasant, red can be a suitable accent colour if you are looking to give your website an active and lively appearance.

  • Yellow

Typically considered as the sun’s colour, yellow evokes confidence and optimism. It is exciting in an electric way. You should consider using yellow for accents on your site since too much of it can be distracting. Using it to accent other colours or even highlight section heads will give your site an appealing look.

best colours for Singapore websites

As evident from this expert overview of the best colours for Singapore websites, this is one of the most crucial aspects of website design. Therefore, you need to choose the ideal colour combinations and establish which of them works with your audience. A colour creation tool can help you play around with different schemes until you find one that suits you best.

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