Best Call-To-Action (CTA) WordPress Plugins for Your Singapore Website

incorporating call to action for your digital marketing

Call-to-action’s play an essential role in your website regardless of whether it is personal or business site. It enables visitors and readers to follow your desired path and action. A call-to-action in your website can have varying purposes including having people sign up for your email list or driving traffic to a specific product on your site currently on sale. You can also use it to have your website visitors schedule a consultation session with you. These functions are of great use especially in the highly competitive digital online marketing in Singapore. An attractive and well-placed call-to-action will certainly boost your conversion rate. There are various WordPress plugins you can use in creating an effective call-to-action. This article will go through the best call-to-action (CTA) WordPress plugins for your Singapore website.


  1. WordPress Calls to Action


WordPress Calls to Action helps you to create an effective lead generation system for our website. It was developed by Inbound Now and can be downloaded for free from the official repository. This plugin works together with WordPress leads and WordPress landing and may as well work as a standalone plugin. One of its function is monitoring and tracking conversion rates on your website. The plugin runs an A/B split tests and develops an easy to use a visual editor that enables you to make changes to your CTA buttons immediately. You can easily design popup CTAs by modifying calls to action. Some of the WordPress calls to action pros include easy usability, the inclusion of visual editor, ability to run A/B split tests and track conversion rates. However, coding knowledge is required in creating your template.


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  1. WordPress Notification Bar


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WordPress Notification Bar gives you the ability to develop a customizable call to action or notification bar sitting at the top of your screen. You will have the option to choose the color and call to action message that fits your existing brand best. This simple plugin can be downloaded for free from the official repository. However, there exists a pro version that comes with extra features including capturing email leads, creating countless bars per site, custom countdowns, social media icons, google fonts integration, dedicated support and more. The pro version goes for $29 per year giving you one year of updates and support on one site. You can subscribe to business and agency licenses for $49 and $99 respectively to use the plugin on more sites.


  1. Simple Side Tab


Simple Side Tab enables you to place your call to action on the side of your site, and it remains visible as users scroll down. The vertical tab added on the side of the browser window is displayed on all the website pages. More so, this plugin is mobile friendly for efficient use through the mobile. You will be able to customize the fonts and colors to be used by the plugin. Simple Side Tab plugin is suitable as it does not use graphics that could cause a slowdown of your site. Some of the advantages of a simple side tab include easy usability, ability to the side where the tab appears, mobile friendly and free download from the plugin repository. However, it does not have options for setting multiple side tabs.


  1. Thrive Ultimatum


Thrive Ultimatum enables the creation of calls to action by use of scarcity marketing principle. The ideology behind this principle is availing business sales offers for a limited time on your website leading to the better conversion of your calls to action. This plugin can be used in the sidebar, as a top bar, across specific category pages and more. Thrive Ultimatum gives you the ability to create multiple calls to action on the same page, run unlimited campaigns, and develop recurring campaigns. It can also be customized using a visual editor. This premium plugin goes for $97 per year for one personal site license with one year of unlimited updates and support. Moreover, the plugin is available at $147 for five site license and $399 for fifteen site licenses annually.


  1. Shortcodes Ultimate


Shortcodes Ultimate gives you the ability to create tabs, buttons, sliders, accordions and more on your site. A new button for use in inserting custom buttons and tabs to your website pages is added after installation of the plugin. Shortcodes plugin has more than fifty predefined Shortcodes, a wide selection of preset styles and unlimited color variations. A free version is available in the official repository while you can subscribe to a premium version to unlock extra styles and Shortcodes. The premium add-ons version ranges from $15 -$25. One of its significant cons is that the plugin depends on Shortcodes hence if you stop using it your calls to action will no longer function.


  1. Boxzilla


Boxzilla plugin creates beautiful calls to action on your website. This is according to the site visitor percentage scrolling point, spending a certain amount of time in your site, reaching a particular element or before he or she leaves the website. The boxes can either be placed at the center or corner of the screen as a link or button. You will have the ability to customize it to the animation and colors you want them to appear. More so, you can decide on how long a dismissed box will stay hidden. There is an option to hide the plugin box on mobile devices. A free version of Boxzilla is available. However, there exist premium version going at $6 per month for one site, $9 per month developers license for three sites, and $14 per month agency license for ten sites.


  1. Button Builder-Buttons X


Button bolder -buttons X is used in the creation of beautiful CTA buttons and making unlimited button variations without coding. You will be able to use various add-ons such as tooltips, google analytics and widgets, customize buttons using any color and use any google fonts. The plugin allows integration of the buttons with WooCommerce, the creation of social media buttons, using the buttons in the navigation menu and with ninja and gravity forms. The plugin is available for free in the official repository. A premium version featuring premium add-ons and more button styles is available for $21 on CodeCanyon.


In conclusion, you need attractive calls to action to persuade visitors to take action on your site. These will boost your conversions rate and help out do your business competitors of the same strain in Singapore. Calls to action will help make visitors buy your products, join your email list or sign up for a free download. Simple website plugins include Boxzilla and WordPress call to action while thrive ultimatum is an excellent example of plugins with more features.


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