Top Ad Insertion WordPress For Singapore Websites

Top Ad Insertion WordPress For Singapore Websites

Looking for the best Ad insertion plugins for WordPress? Bloggers and webmasters spend a lot of time and energy to find the content they display on their WordPress blogs and website. The process is always cumbersome and requires dedication and commitment. Furthermore, many web owners and bloggers use these platforms to earn their daily bread.

Therefore, it is only fair that web owners find ways of monetising their hustles. The days of stressing over how to earn from your online hustle are over. It is for this reason that this article will focus on the best ad insertion plugins for WordPress to help you monetise every bit of your website.

The Best Ad Insertion Plugins for WordPress


This ad management plugin has only recently made an entry into the market in version 0.5. However, it comes with advanced features that give you total control over the management of your display advert inventory. The command exhibited by this ad insertion plugin has been enabled by personalised advert management, custom rotation, and tracking capabilities.

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The main highlight of SwiftAd is its freemium plugin status. This implies that it offers free ad inventory insertion services to some point and then you are required to pay monthly bills after that. SwiftAd is limited to supporting a maximum of 10000 impressions of ads monthly. After you have reached your maximum number of impressions offered to you, you are obligated to pay a certain monthly fee which is not worth the hassle.

SwiftAd is highly recommended for small blogs. Its simple and easy-to-use features make it the best ad inventory management plugin for beginners. SwiftAd helps you learn the ropes of monetising your website as you try to establish your blog or site.

SwiftAd boast of some premium features such as:

  • Unsophisticated split testing capabilities
  • Personalised geotargeting
  • An inbuilt tracking system in WordPress
  • Regulates impressions and date range


Taboola is an established native advert network with a comprehensive ad management inventory for its WordPress customers. To access Taboola’s services, you are required to have a Taboola account. Once, you get your website permitted into the system; you are ready to launch your website. However, this process might not be as easy as it may sound. Taboola is one of the strictest ad management plugins.

It is a favourite for webmasters who use it because of high CTR rates and pay more than conventional display banners.

If you are lucky to be accepted into Taboola, it is a dependable plugin to help you maximise your income in no time.

best Ad insertion plugins for WordPress

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is one of the most popular free plugins used to manage click-throughs on your site. Its standout feature is that it comes for free for the entire duration you will be using it. However, there are non-compulsory upgrades that you can add to your website for a fee. It is suited for all platforms. Be it Amazon or Google AdSense; all networks are supported by Advanced Ads. This makes it possible to target all ad unit sizes, and it has a responsive interface that makes it ideal for mobile devices and tablets.

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Advanced Ads has a comprehensive list of placements on the main page and how to add ad code to your content. These features are of importance to webmasters who want to maximise their monthly ad income.

Google AdSense

This ad inventory management plugin was developed by BestWebSoft. It contains two plugins in one. BestWebSoft is meant to handle simple actions. However, the other plugin is detailed, and it is meant for established publishers.

best Ad insertion plugins for WordPress

Both plugins offer straightforward prompts for configuring your advert spots and for accessing your Google AdSense.

The comprehensive features allow you to manage any AdSense advert on your website.

WP Advertize It

WP Advertize is a dynamic ad insertion plugin that supports all your ads on Google. Hence, it is a great substitute for the main AdSense plugin. Its dynamism makes it perfect for managing ad blocks on all Google platforms. Furthermore, WP Advertize allows you to create promo blocks displayed along with your advert script. These ad spots are spaces for monetising your content by allowing you to put up your ads to promote any brand you want.

It can accommodate as many ads as possible on a single page. To have your ads appear in specific locations on your site, you can use shortcodes to insert the ads on specific spots.


AdRotate is dynamic to support all ad platforms such as Doubleclick/DFP and AdSense. It has a real-time broadcast of stats with data showing which adverts are experiencing more impressions and clicks. This data gives you more information on placements to know which parts of your page are performing better and why.  AdRotate has a pro version for pages with high traffic. However, if you are rotating among a few ad spots, then this ad management plugin is not for you.

It has an accommodating interface that makes it sync seamlessly with Wordpress so that you can monitor how your ads are faring.


The majority of websites and blogs are developed using WordPress. Hence, it is the reason why it is practical to use BuySellAds WP plugin to manage your site’s ad spaces. You add your BSA code and choose the ad spaces to be accommodated on your website. You have the power to decide where widgets go, and you can add your widgets by zone IDs in BSA.

This plugin is sensitive to support mobile adverts and RSS which helps you increase your revenue.

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Interstitial Ads

Full-page interstitial adverts are gaining traction currently. They are popular among content-packed sites and mobile devices. Their main downside is that they are always annoying to users due to the large spaces they occupy. However, if your focus is to maximise revenue and increase conversion, then you should use interstitials. It requires no technical expertise or a lot of effort to launch this plugin.

Interstitial Ads was created by WPmanage, to access their paid version, you can access it on their website. However, it is better to acclimatise with the free version so that you can know how it works.

Trivia, Polls, Advertising & More

This vaguely titled plugin is a real plugin like any other on this list. It provides numerous ways of maximising your revenue. Every personalised poll/ trivia query is administered using the backend that links your databank. This makes it a fantastic method for boosting user interaction.

Trivia, Polls, Advertising & More is recommended if you want to engage with your followers when you post content.

Insert Post Ads

Insert Post Ads is a free plugin that helps you choose the spots you would like ads to be displayed on your website. You only have to add your ad code to your content. This plugin is a sure way of increasing CTR. What you have to do is place your ads on top of your website where users frequent when they are browsing.

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It offers a variety of ways on how to post your ads due to its great customisation capabilities. It allows you to personalise your ad insertion techniques with top themes that appeal to your leads.

Ad Inserter

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Ad Inserter is popular among webmasters due to the ease of setting it up. Furthermore, you have 16 ad unit sizes that you can position anywhere you want on your website.

It functions optimally on RSS feeds, AMP pages, and mobile responsive sites. The inbuilt placement features are good to start with. You can test and monitor conversion to determine the best model that works for your website.

Ad Inserter does not require any special skills to launch. It is recommended for people who are still learning ad insertion.


The list has highlighted a variety of Ad insertion plugins for WordPress websites. This list contains quality, reliability, cost-efficiency, and most importantly, ease of use. Therefore, you should not have any reason for not being able to monetise and organise your blog or website properly anymore.

Get in touch with us for more details about the best Ad insertion plugins for WordPress. We also offer digital marketing and SEO services in Singapore and would love to help your site get more traffic and leads.

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