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The Benefits of Using Open Source Software in Building a Website

Building a Website is a daunting task that involves making lots of decisions. Choosing the right content management system (CMS) is one of those decisions. Here, the dilemma is between proprietary software and open source software. In this article, we look at the benefits of using open source software to Building a Website.

Collaboration instead of competition

A community of developers backs any open source software. These developers collaborate instead of competing. They share information rather than keeping it to themselves for selfish gains. A new development is not sold; it is shared to benefit the whole community. This approach, while being non-commercial, is very professional.

A sea of resources

Open source software has millions of developers updating it, as opposed to hundreds of developers in most proprietary CMS companies. Let’s say 20 customers are requesting a certain feature, which we will call X. And another 200 customers want another feature, which we will call Y. A proprietary company will develop the feature Y because their main aim is generating profits. But, the community of developers in open source software will develop both features because their interest is to benefit everyone. In simpler terms, open source software has virtually unlimited resources.


Open source software does not belong to one individual or company. Even a web designer in Singapore can decide to customize the code to suit his or her preferences. You have the freedom to find that developer that is ready to create code that suits the needs of your website.

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It is cheap

The code of open source software is accessible at no cost. Also, developers customize and update the code and share it in forums for free. You may incur costs if you hire a particular developer to write a code that suit the specific needs of your site.

Building a Website Singapore does not have to be an uphill task with open source software such as WordPress and Drupal. Hiring the best web design company ascertains professional customization of the open source software as well as optimization of your site.


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