Benefits Of Digital Marketing In Singapore

Benefits Of Digital Marketing In Singapore

Is anything more effective than digital marketing? Well, if you’ve paid attention to the shift in the way companies have advertised over the last 10 years, then you’d definitely get your answer. Though tv ads, radio, and flyers can still be useful, none are as effective as marketing online as we can clearly see here.

It’s no secret, if you want to get in touch with your target audience, then it has to be done online. This is especially the case in Singapore, as more and more customers are engaging online. No matter how you look at it, websites, social media and Google search are surpassing the traditional mediums. Sure, brochures and newspapers are still effective to some degree, but people are spending their time online. In fact, in fact, in comparison to the last decade consumers spend twice as much time on the internet. And the good news is that digital marketing offers more versatility and chances to be more creative than offline marketing–even if your company is operating on a tight budget.

That’s why many Singapore companies are simplifying their businesses with SEO and PPC ads. They want to know what works and what does not. And what many of them are learning is that they don’t spend half as much on digital marketing as they would on offline marketing–something that makes them even more competitive.

Digital marketing in Singapore is one of the most common ways for a person or company to expand their brand online. It is highly applicable to Singapore because this tiny island state is one of the most connected in the world – second only to South Korea.

Citizens excepting seniors aged 50 and above have largely embraced digital and internet media as a constant companion round the clock. It is estimated that up to 39% of a Singaporean’s attention span during his or her waking hours is spent on a computer or connected device. Google estimates that as of 2014, internet penetration in Singapore exceeds 82.1% – an astronomical figure.

Within the last decade or so, there has been a significant shift in the way business owners market their companies. Though flyers, radio and tv ads can still give your business a boost, none are as effective as online marketing. Let’s take a moment to talk about 3 key benefits of digital marketing.

There are numerous benefits to choosing the approach over some of the more dated marketing strategies.

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  1. Greatly Appeals To Singapore Mobile Consumers

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Recent studies have suggested that over 90 percent of people have their phone on them or near them at all times. Digital marketing brings your product to that very phone, and reaches that user where they are.

  1. Helps Convert Traffic Into Sales

digital marketing improves traffic to your website

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You might have a website that is getting a decent level of traffic each month and recurring users. This of course means nothing if you can’t turn that figure into profit. This is called conversion. Digital marketing bridges the gap between the passive observer to the active participant.

  1. Laser Targeting

You see, digital marketing allows you to research the keywords that your ideal customer is using. It gives you the ability to more precisely find the customer who is actually looking for you. This type of laser targeting ensures that advertisers attract buyers who are qualified. These are the people who have a problem and would love for you to solve it, which is an advertiser’s dream. This inevitably leads to a higher conversion rate. In comparison, traditional marketing as opposed to marketing online can be considered a game of chance.

  1. Measurability

One of the most valuable aspects of digital marketing is your ability to measure your success. Traditional marketing can be very effective, but you’re not always able to figure out which form of advertising works best. Digital marketing opens up an entire world of metrics which will tell you exactly which efforts are the most effective. In this way, you will be able to tweak your strategy and invest your money in what works the best. You get a higher return on investment.

  1. Levels The Playing Field

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Digital marketing as a whole ensures that even the smallest of businesses have a fair shot at their slice of the market pie out there. When the real mom and pop brick and mortar locations are being drowned out to big box stores, online retail can be a way for a company to sufficiently survive. There are many instances where small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore were able to draw level or even overtake large corporations in terms of share of the internet marketplace. Here at MediaOne we have helped many succeed – contact us to know more on how we did it.

  1. Makes The Company/Brand More Trustworthy

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The internet is all about user reviews and opinions, and your digital marketing campaigns are going to be bringing people a lot closer to your brand and what it stands for. This lets each potential customer know what you are about, and allows you the opportunity to keep making a great impression with existing and new users.

There is real evidence that Singaporeans have the perception that if it appears on Page 1 of search engine searches it has to be probably real and trustworthy because it has been “vetted” by many others and proven the most popular. Even to the extent that some fake news do make it top of the page for short periods of time. This is a phenomenon the Singapore Government and indeed, governments around the world are having to grapple with. There are no easy answers because bring these fake news to bear may entail measures that could be seen as being too draconian by netizens and in turn have a backfiring effect.

  1. More Cost–Effective In The Singapore Context

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Saving money is something that everyone can get behind. Even the most successful of businesses want to find a way to spend the least amount for the most assistance, and that’s the unsaid tagline for digital marketing as a whole.

In Singapore where getting ad space in traditional media like newspapers, magazine, taxi or bus ads or billboards may be prohibitively expensive for most small firms – internet marketing is the obvious answer. Also there is strong evidence that these traditional media’s marketshare are being severely eroded.

  1. Saves Money

Sure, you could purchase spots on the radio and tv. These channels are able to reach large portions of your audience and in a very short amount of time. However, have you ever taken the time to consider how much these spots will actually cost you? If you’re interested in reaching the most people, then you’re going to need to purchase prime time slots which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the platform. The great thing about digital marketing is that you can reach just as much as your audience for a tenth of that cost. This is especially beneficial if your business is operating on a limited budget.

Though flyers, radio and tv ads can be a great way to reach your target audience, they can also be quite costly. This is especially if you want to reach the maximum amount of people. Prime time slots can cost thousands of dollars–sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, digital marketing usually comes with flat rate fees. And social media accounts cost nothing which is great for startups operating on tiny budgets.

  1. Promotion 24/7

Traditional marketing is great for quick bursts of promotion. But what about the times when you’re not actively promoting? What happens when prime time has ended? What happens late at night when there aren’t as many people around to drive past your billboard or walk past your posters and flyers? In most cases, the effects of your promotions are not as significant.

With digital marketing, there is no such thing as a slow time. Sure, there may be times that are more optimal than others, but the internet allows you to reach people worldwide. And this means that there’s always someone online who can be advertised to. This means that you get to promote your business 24/7 nonstop as opposed to waiting around for peak time.

  1. Helps You Gain A Following You Can Promote To

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Call To Action prompts and promotional events can leave you with hundreds (or even thousands) of users’ contact information. This makes further promotional campaigns in the future via email or other mediums a snap.

If you are a Singapore-based business, there is no way to avoid digital advertising and online marketing. You may have a stable base of customers, established channels of partners and resellers but sooner or later you will need to be online in order to defend your turf or expand your market positioning.

  1. Educated Customers

Another less talked about benefit of digital marketing is that you get to educate your customers. And well-informed customers make better buying decisions. Not only will they know which products or services to purchase from you, but they will feel empowered. Being a valuable source of information will ensure that they become even more loyal to your brand.

  1. Expand Your Audience

A huge benefit to digital marketing is being able to expand your audience. Through intense keyword research, you can better optimise your website and appeal to an audience you would have never imagined. Traditional advertising tends to keep you in a box.

  1. Brand Recognition

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The great thing about digital marketing is that you don’t have to be limited to one platform. You can blast the same message on several different outlets and platforms. Not only does this allow you to reach a larger audience, but after some time people get used to seeing you. They began to associate you with a certain message or cause. This is what is known as brand recognition. Brand recognition gives you more credibility and people feel as if they can trust you.

One of the best things about digital marketing is the amount of attention your brand is able to garner. You see, there’s no limit to the number of platforms on which you can establish your presence. As long as you have valuable content to offer, you can constantly post messages and attract the attention of your audience. Over time, the audience begins to become more familiar with you. And eventually, you build up a significant amount of brand recognition which comes with trust, loyalty and credibility.

  1. Stand Out From Competition

When it comes to other businesses in your field, the competition can get rather stiff. Though traditional marketing can get your name out there, digital marketing can officially out you on the map. Here’s why, not every business can effectively use SEO, or search engine optimisation. They have no idea how to rank their website for certain keywords. Even if you don’t know how to rank in the search engine, you could always hire an SEO agency to do it for you. There are plenty of SEO firms in Singapore who can instruct you on how to get the most out of your advertising strategy. And this means that even the smaller business can get an edge on their competition. With traditional marketing, all it takes is a big budget to beat out the SME’s. However, with digital marketing, it’s anyone’s game.

  1. Builds Community

Traditional forms of media are known for being able to catch a target audience‘s attention. The problem is, it doesn’t really allow your customers to interact with you. It’s virtually a one-way conversation. One of the best ways to get a loyal customer is to build a relationship with them. And digital marketing is an ideal form of advertising for those who want to interact with their customers. Not only can you build a relationship with them, but your customers can build a community amongst each other.

  1. Attracts Talent

Are you interested in working with new people or adding individuals on to your staff? Well, digital marketing is great in this case. By establishing an online presence, you not only catch the attention or new customers but also those who work in your industry. You could always avoid the cost of recruiting fees and rank certain keywords for the positions that you’re on the lookout for.


As you can see, there are several benefits to digital marketing. It builds brand recognitions, saves you money and helps you create a sense of community. The key is to deliver value. You should also do your best to remain consistent.

When it comes to advertising, you can’t go wrong with digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, it ensures that you quickly develop brand recognition, save money, build a community, laser target, measure performance, promote your business 24/7, educate your customers, expand your audience, attract talent, and stand out from your competition. You may be able to do some of these things with traditional marketing, but they are going to take a significant amount of time and a lot more money.


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