Benefits of Dedicated Website Hosting Package in Singapore

dedicated website hosting

Both small and large businesses in Singapore are faced with a wide range of alternatives for hosting their sites. The most prevalent alternative is the shared hosting plan where one server’s resources are shared by many websites.

But a business that wants to have access and control might need a server provider who provides dedicated website hosting in Singapore. With a dedicated website hosting, you will have an exclusive use of the server resources.

This lets you have complete control over the machine since other consumers don’t use the same server.  You will get root access to the server, and you can set restrictions on all users that are on your server. Note that this freedom is not entirely provided on any other hosting package.

Under this package, a single site is hosted on one machine. While shared hosting package still has an opportunity in the World Wide Web, many companies are now shifting to dedicated server platforms for various reasons.

Let’s look at the benefits of a dedicated website hosting package.

Offers Great Exclusivity

Almost all other benefits are derived from the uniqueness of this package. Using dedicated resources means that your site will have all the resources of a service designed for exclusive utilization by your application.

Because you won’t have to share the web resources with other companies, you won’t have to stress yourself about other website’s script using all the free CPU space or hogging the available ram, and taking your site to cold storage. With the resources of your server dedicated solely to your application, you will be able to access the server any time. Using a dedicated hosting package means that you will be free control every part of how your server workers.

Advanced Security

Security is enhanced compared to other hosting packages. When using the shared hosting, in case other sites on the server are attacked, the cybercriminals may get access to your site as well. Under a dedicated hosting package, your site won’t be prone to security loophole in other websites.

Recently discovered security bridges such as meltdown and spectre might not have an impact on your site. Additionally, dedicated hosting can meet the terms of the PCI DSS standards, which allows you to process credit cards. Note that shared hosting is not disqualified from this program.

Additionally, you’ll have a chance to adjust file permission, using several user accounts to segment freedoms. With shared hosting, your web designers won’t have access to your site without allowing them to administer the whole server. You will have the freedom to allow or deny user privileges as needed.

Secure Storage

If you want to purchase your own server, your plans might be halted since you don’t have a place to store it securely. A server should be stored in a climate-regulated environment, free from moisture. Additionally, servers tend to take a lot of space that much small business don’t have.

Under the dedicated hosting package, you will take advantage of operating your server without the need to keep it in your office. The Singapore hosting firm will keep the server safe and ensure that climate conditions don’t affect its performance.

Flexibility and Complete Control over the Server

Under dedicated website hosting, you will have more flexibility and control than other options like shared hosting. You will freely manage the configuration of your server. Maintaining your site’s server configuration on shared hosting is hard because the adjustments you make might affect all other sites hosted on the server.

For many Singapore website owners, having a fixed IP address is a great deal. While most shared hosting packages providers can allow you to utilize a dedicated IP address, but it will be costly. The majority of hosting companies cannot over a dedicated IP address with a shared hosting server. Bear in mind that a dedicated IP address is vital if you plan to use email marketing or use your SSL certificate. Under the dedicated hosting package in Singapore, you will use your dedicated IP address to access your server.


Dedicated hosting companies tend to be more reliable than shared hosting since the server resources are not shared. Unauthorized applications can’t affect the server because of the security loopholes or a high number of users. While the dedicated hosting doesn’t have a natural redundancy that is accessible with some modern types of cloud hosting, dismissal can be made available.

Administrative Access

Under the dedicated server, you will have root access that lets you install different programs and conduct custom configuration. You will monitor how you use the server resources. Thus, this allows you to identify prospect problems and fix them before they affect your site.

 Improved Technical Support

Under the dedicated hosting, you have a chance to benefit from the technical support from leading web hosting provider in Singapore. Quick response time from skilled professionals will assist you in solving issues fast. The professionals will also give you details and advice you require to troubleshoot site problems. They will also train you on how to adjust server settings and conduct other functions that keep your website functional.

Better performance

Under the dedicated hosting, you will always get excellent performance. You won’t need a hypervisor or any type of resource regulator to prevent your site from utilizing all the accessible resources. Instead, it will make the available hardware to be efficient. So, you will not be sharing the memory cache.

Because you won’t need to divide the resources with other website pages, your page will easily draw upon the unchecked power of the disks, network hardware, and CPU. You will be accessing your device with no virtualization. Additionally, you will optimize the system to meet the requirements of your specific application.

The dedicated servers are characterized by high-IO prowess and mathematical performance. So, they are the best choice for SQL database. They are also best suited for CPU intensive duties such as video rendering and compression.

If you operate a site that gets a substantial amount of traffic and utilizes the resource-intensive application, a shared hosting package might not offer you the best results. So, get a dedicated website hosting plan from a reliable Singapore website hosting firm.

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March 15, 2019

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