Basics To Starting Google Ads In Singapore

how to get started using google ads

The digital space is the go-to place for all products and services. It has become a perfect marketplace for the digitized generation. Several factors have enhanced the use of the internet to access all the services that are available in brick and mortar stores.

One of the notable reasons for the enhancement of online shopping has been the advance in technology. It is possible to order for product or service on your couch for all household products including grocery.

Therefore, the digital market is slowly phasing out conventional markets, and there is an increased need for proper marketing tools to reach over 2.5 billion internet users.

The need to reach a vast number of internet users especially in Singapore is significant. Singapore has an unprecedented internet coverage with 94% of the population connected to the internet grid. It makes Singapore a fertile ground for any budding online business.

This article seeks to highlight some fundamentals for starting google ads to market your product to the growing Singapore internet population.

Benefits of Google Ads

Businesses are only as effective as their budgets. A reasonable budget allows a business owner to invest in quality while getting value for money. Google ads formerly Google Adwords is the prevalent form of digital marketing for many Singapore businesses. The following are the key factors that make Google Ads the best method for generating visibility for your customers

  • Vast Coverage

Google ads have far-reaching capabilities making it the most effective way of marketing services and products on the digital space. Google ads is a constituent of Google and Google is the most used search engine in the world. Google and its constituent platforms can reach almost a billion people every day. Its vast scope makes it the ideal platform for garnering visibility for your business.

  • Variety

The key to effective advertising is the ability to reach a large group, but the essential aspect of marketing products on Google Ads is its ability to target the right people online. Google Ads capture the relevant market by allowing business owners to choose keywords that will enable display information regarding your business on search engines.

  • Payment on Viewership
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The basis for advertising is payment before your product is afforded viewership on a specific advertising platform. However, Google Ads employ PPC strategy that allows website owners only to be paid for the clicks that landed users to their site.

  • Fast

Google ads have a broad scope and depend on a great internet connection to fully display content. Hence, it is the most efficient method of generating viewership for your product online.

Putting Up a Google Ads Account

Launching a Google Ads account is a very straightforward process that does not require any technical skill to register an account for your business. There is a green icon on the Google Ads site that you click on and an easy to fill form appears. The form will require your Google email address and the site you are advertising. After this, you Google ads account is ready to be launched.

6 Fundamentals of Google Ads

It is essential to be well versed with Google Ads to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of marketing your products on Google Ads. The following are the key aspects you require to familiarise yourself.

  1. Set Your Aims

It is essential to know the objectives your business seek to address. Your business module can be generated with present or future targets being the focus. Google Ads can be very effective for immediate conversion of leads. Therefore, you should coin your Google Ads in line with the vision of your business.

  1. Carry Out Keyword Study

The keywords associated with your business forms the basis upon which PPC advertising thrives. In Google Ads, you only appear when users search certain phrases related to your website. Therefore, to increase your proficiency in how keywords operate, it is vital to do due diligence before you commit to any advertising package. Employ services of longtail keywords to keep your advertising costs on a minimum.

  1. Focus on Significance
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The significance of digital marketing is the capability to reach the intended population within the required time. The advertising technique you have settled on will be effective only if they reach the targeted population within the timeframe the information was needed. Thus, carrying out a keyword study is essential because it allows you to determine the demographic you focus your marketing.

  1. Try Out Your Ads

The process of determining customer preferences can take lot of time especially when your business is still new. The trial of your Ads with different messaging language and different looks to enable you to know which strategy of communicating info on your product is effective. Trying the same thing expecting different results is a failure.

  1. Employ Retargeting

get google ranking ad

People visit shopping website not merely for shopping. Some people visit these web pages to compare prices. Google Ads allow retargeting of these type of customers so that they can purchase the product.

  1. Upgrade with Time

Google ads furnish web owners with vital statics to keep you abreast with the operations of your website during a specific timespan.

6 Steps for Creating a Google Ad Campaign

1) Select the Type of Your Campaign

There are several advertising campaigns that you can launch on Google Ads. They include display ads, shopping ads and universal applications. The types of campaigns always conform to a particular feature of your business you want to generate viewership. However, all the advertising campaigns can be used all at once as your business improves.

2) Determine Your Objective

Google Ads will require you have an aim for your campaign. The platform generates field you would be interested in depending on the choice of your drive. It is possible to start your campaign without specifying your field of focus. Specifying fields on Google Ads allows the platform to keep abreast with your success allowing you to make informed decisions concerning your business progress.

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3) Define Your Context

At this point, you will be required to fill the name of your drive relevant to your setting. Another critical step is to select the platforms your ads appear. The platforms can either be a display or search set-up. The advertisement displayed on the search tool will appear on search engines while those on display platforms will manifest on pages all over the internet.

4) Insert Keywords

Here, you will employ the keywords you have decided to use. The keywords are offered in categories. The categories have characteristics that resonate with specific products so that particular keywords are provided for particular kind of products. It helps to enhance the significance of the keywords to the Ads on Google platforms.

5) Develop Your Ads

Generating Ads is an enjoyable process a business owner use to enhance their creativity while improving their bottom-line. Creation of good Ads requires a balanced combination of images, fonts and the alignment of these elements to the relevant keywords applicable for a category of products. Therefore, enjoy yourself while growing your business by creating insightful ads that fit the context of your clients.

6) Enter Payment Info and Deploy

At this point, everything is set up. The setup will be signified by a red prompt on your account. Enter your payment information and tap on the Fix It icon to activate your campaigns.

At this point, you almost done on guaranteeing enhanced traffic to your site. However, as time goes on, you will become more proficient with the ropes of Google Ads. Continuous monitoring is essential to ensuring sustained traffic to your website. Therefore, these steps will put you on a path of increasing your web presence to your customers. However, it is paramount to undertake due diligence before you launch your Google Ads for a guaranteed improved bottom-line for your business.

About the Author

Tom Koh

Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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