Automate Your Email List Building with a Simple Content Upgrade

Automate Your Email List Building

Email marketing is arguably the most effective way of getting and retaining customers in business. Customers respond to brands that provide useful and relevant content via email. As such, it is vital for a business to provide content that is updated and fresh so as to remain relevant.

As a business, your content is crucial to getting customers, therefore you should consider a content upgrade that will provide the additional and exciting resource to your customers.

A content upgrade is a resource that enhances the value of your content. It acts as a lead magnet but is unique to a specific content. The content upgrade can be an effective way to grow your email list. You upgrade your content with these few simple steps:

Identify Your Best Content

To have a successful content upgrade, you should first identify your best performing content. The traffic from your existing content will help in boosting your email list. Singapore online marketing is a sector that can benefit from content upgrading.

Find A Gap In Your Content

With a content upgrade, you are looking to give your customers extra resource that will be of value. As such, you should look to provide solutions or answers to certain problems. Evaluate your content to find out whether it fully meets the customers’ expectations. You can research and see what your customers are missing and try to provide a solution.

Most importantly, your content upgrade should accomplish the same goal as your original content. Therefore, as you create your content, do not introduce new concepts or ideas as it will contradict and your message and confuse your audience. Your upgrade should provide additional tools and resources that will add value to your content. Any Singapore digital Agency can add value to their brand so as to reach a wider market.

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Select The Type Of Content Upgrade

After identifying your content, you should decide the most suitable type of upgrade. Your content upgrade should complement your original content so as to deliver a cohesive message. It is important to know that the delivery method is as important as the content itself. The type of upgrade for your content serves to attract more customers, therefore it should be simple and enticing. Your content upgrade will be guided by the goal and intention of your original content. Suitable options for content upgrades are:-

  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Cheat sheets
  • Email courses
  • Workbooks
  • Audio files
  • Video series
  • Infographics

Design Your Content Upgrade

Your content upgrade does not have to be complex or time-consuming. You can opt to use a professional to assist you with Singapore SEO agency or choose some simple online tools. Some common online tools that can come in handy when designing your upgrade are Google docs, Beacon and Canva. You can design your upgrade using the following easy steps:-

  1. Make an outline of your content in a word document or Google Doc. Having a clear outline of your content will guide you in creating the desired upgrade.
  2. Go through your content to make sure there are no errors or missing information
  3. Create a beautiful layout with tools such as Beacon and Canva. You can enhance your designs further to suit your content.
  4. Create an image of your content upgrade using a design tool such as Skitch. The image will be used together with our blog post or landing page.
  5. Create a call to action image that will prompt your customers to take action.
  6. Set up a delivery for your content page
  7. With all the elements in place, you can now set up a suitable delivery for your content upgrade. You can either host the file with your email management software or WordPress
  8. Set-up a follow-up email that you will use to deliver the upgrade
  9. Promote your content upgrade within your relevant networks. Let your existing and new customers know that you have added value to and resource to their favorite content.
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If you intend to reach out to a wider audience through your email list, you should consider repurposing some of your content and add adding more value, through content upgrading.

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