How Auto Sellers Can Use Digital Marketing to Reduce the Impact of Covid-19

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In January, auto sales in Singapore continued to decline, registering a 33.6% drop, according to Business Times. Although the coronavirus did not influence these figures, experts predict sales will keep falling as COVID-19 concerns intensify globally. With businesses closing and more people working from home, auto dealers need to think beyond their financial goals for the next quarter. They will require effective marketing strategies to survive and emerge triumphant at the end of this pandemic. For most dealerships, this means implementing new advertising campaigns to boost sales. 

Given that consumers will want to make their purchases online and have cars delivered at the doorstep, this is the best time to utilize email marketing in Singapore. Below are several ways in which dealerships can increase sales using digital marketing.

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Use Multiple Platforms to Advertise

During a crisis like this, many businesses must cut their budget on marketing and advertisements. But that should not be the case if you want to remain relevant in the automobile sector. Your top priority is to keep your customers engaged and informed about your brand. Now that people are indoors, they are spending most of their time online searching for updates within their localities. This translates to increased online traffic from existing and potential clients. 

Therefore, consider advertising your business online to grow your presence. A rule of thumb is to ensure you provide reliable information on your website and Facebook page. This move will help customers understand your brand better and consider establishing a long-term business relationship with you. 

Share Automobile Consumer Reviews 

In the age of online shopping, consumers are always in search of product reviews. They want to be sure the automobile they intend to purchase is worth their investment. As an auto dealer, strive to provide not only good reviews but also trustworthy information. Your target consumers will look for consumer-based automobile ratings regarding performance, quality, price, and features. With this in mind, collect and analyze data from past clients and post the feedback on your website. 

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Ensure that your consumer report covers all the basics, including driving experience, car dependability and quality, dealership experience, and resale value. When you provide credible automobile reviews, customers will have an easy time buying a car online.  

Prioritize Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

As much as it sounds reasonable to cancel all your paid adverts, this is not the time to do so. Instead, evaluate your campaigns to identify the most effective strategy. Then shift your budget and commit to those that yield positive results. Despite the pressure mounting on the economy, businesses are still operating. Consumers, on the other hand, are actively searching for automobile services online, creating a perfect opportunity to reap the benefits of pay-per-click advertising.  

Paid advertisement helps companies achieve their goals by aligning website traffic with business end-goals. With this in mind, you can use PPC to support your sales funnel and convert prospects into loyal customers. Additionally, you will be saving a considerable amount of money by using paid advertising. PPC allows businesses to decide how much they want to spend based on their advertisement needs. 

Connect with Consumers on Social Media

It is easy to overlook social media advertising right now because most newsfeed updates revolve around the coronavirus. However, you should not ignore social media, as it creates room for connecting with consumers. Research the best social media platforms for advertising and then find a way to break through news updates promptly. During your search, identify the demographic in each platform and tailor your adverts to fit appropriately. 

For instance, utilize Instagram to market cars to millennials by taking, uploading and sharing automobile pictures. Think of Twitter as a car market place because many users are always sending tweets related to automobiles. Since most of your target consumers are on Facebook, make sure to create timely and relevant posts on your page. You might also want to invest in video marketing via YouTube to reach consumers interested in watching videos. Even though you may have videos on your website, sharing them on YouTube increases organic visibility. 

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Invest in Social Media Management

A shortage of in-house social media marketing staff could be the reason you are not promoting your brand online. Consider outsourcing a digital marketing expert. A professional online marketer will promote your brand while creating quality content that is suitable for your consumers. The information your marketing team offers should help your audience make informed decisions. 

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Though it is a great time to market your brand, remember everyone is facing a hard time dealing with the impact of the pandemic. So, avoid being aggressive with your sales adverts and show empathy while keeping consumers informed instead. 

Focus on Local SEO and Consumer Feedback 

Car dealership marketing strategies depend highly on quality content. Whether your auto shop is small or medium-size, potential car buyers want content that serves their automobile interests. When writing blog posts, email newsletters, or social media posts, focus on content that echoes your customer needs. You will also want to incorporate local SEO content strategies to increase website optimization. Because of limited travel, people are searching for services near their homes. By using local SEO, you can easily optimize your site for local searches, increasing the chances of customers finding you online. 

It would be best if you also emphasize consumer feedback to boost local SEO. Receiving positive reviews for providing quality products and services in a time like this helps you stay ahead of the competition. Consumers will not seek your services now only, but also after the pandemic. Consider consulting an online reputation management service to help you track and manage review responses. 

Incorporating digital marketing in your dealership’s crisis management plan is vital for boosting sales during a global crisis. With the right online marketing strategy in place, it is possible to combat the impact of COVID-19 and other uncertainties. Also, utilize your creativity to come up with incentives like discounts and home delivery services to attract consumers. 

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