All You Need to Know About

All You Need to Know About

All You Need to Know About (MCF) is an online job portal that helps Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to match to a suitable career based on their skillsets for free. It is the product of a partnership between Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Government Technology Agency (GovTech). The team behind MCF has also continuously […]

August 26, 2020 | By Rick Chan

All About SkillsFuture Courses

What is SkillsFuture?  In this digital age, paper qualifications are no longer the benchmark for workplace success. Instead, it’s the skills that one can bring to the table. The more skills one possesses, the chances of getting employed or promoted is higher. SkillsFuture is a Government initiative launched in January 2016. It allows all Singaporeans […]

August 03, 2020 | By Rick Chan

Top Freight Forwarding Companies in Singapore

What is Freight Forwarding?  Freight forwarding is the process of organising the shipment of goods and transporting them from the producer or originator to the distribution’s final point, such as customers or retail store. The person or business who sees through this entire process is a freight forwarder. They may not physically be involved with […]

August 11, 2020 | By Rick Chan

Top English Tuition Centres in Singapore

English Tuition in Singapore English is the lingua franca of Singapore’s business and education scene. More and more school children of different backgrounds are starting to converse in English, even among their own ethnic groups.  Children’s exposure to social media has also provided an opportunity for them to use written English. They’re basically living and […]

July 30, 2020 | By Rick Chan

Top Funeral Services in Singapore

Holding a Funeral in Singapore  Death is a process which no one can ever avoid. The people that we treasure may not be around the very next moment.  That’s why the last thing that we, as kin members, could do for them is to furnish them with a proper send-off into the next stage of […]

July 27, 2020 | By Rick Chan

Top Muay Thai Gyms in Singapore

Whether you dream of acquiring the slick moves of your action heroes or want a workout that shapes you up, Muay Thai can definitely take a step closer to your goals!  What Is Muay Thai?   Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a striking-based martial art, known for its deadly jabs, hooks, uppercuts and bone-crushing kicks. […]

July 27, 2020 | By Rick Chan

Top Bars in Singapore

The Bar Scene in Singapore When it comes to nightlife, very few cities around Asia can beat the pulse of Singapore’s scene. With an abundance of nightclubs, eateries and bars, the night’s still young in the lion city.  In this article, we’re going to talk about bars. Expensive ones, cheap ones. Bars that you bring […]

July 20, 2020 | By Rick Chan

Top Maths Tuition Centres in Singapore

Mathematics.  What’s your child’s first reaction when he/she hears this word? Does his/her eye gleam brightly with enthusiasm? Or does he/she heave out a loud, fearful sigh?  Mathematics, or Maths for short, is one subject that school students either love or hate.  If your kid loves the subject, getting him/her to finish up his/her homework […]

July 16, 2020 | By Rick Chan

Top Tailors in Singapore

“Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.”– Gay Talese, former journalist of Esquire Magazine and The New York Times.  In the concrete jungle, people often judge others quickly based on appearance. It’s, unfortunately, a quick and effective […]

July 14, 2020 | By Rick Chan

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

Thanks to our multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-dietary preferences society, coupled with our reputation as a food haven, Singapore has an abundance of vegetarian food options available. Yes, vegetarian food. You heard me right. The majority of us omnivorous folks may have a tasted the vegetarian bee hoon at our neighbourhood market or that masala dosa […]

July 13, 2020 | By Rick Chan

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