A recent video by Matt Cutts, one of the most respected SEO gurus and former Google web engineer, has dispelled the myth that the age of a domain really matters much. Rather, Google is not a respecter of age; a domain that got registered 6 months ago or a year ago; both are weighed and ..

According to the latest press release, Google Home app now can distinguish the voices of multiple users. This move is geared towards providing the most accurate and personalized content to users. The improvement will also enhance the news presented in the search engine page, scheduling, commute times and much more. To benefit from this feature, ..

  Google usually updates its algorithm once or twice per month. Most of them have a significant impact on search engine results, and so it is imperative for Singapore online marketers to keep tabs of these updates to continue making sales. Google Panda Update Google Panda update is designed to assess the quality of content ..

In 2015, the estimated value of the lighting market in Southeast Asia was S$ 4.8 billion. Out of this amount S$ 1.5 billion comes from the LED lighting market. In 2016, this market grew by 30% thanks to advancement in technology and development of new homes and commercial premises in towns such as Jurong and ..

According to a prediction by a report by Singapore Business Review in 2013, there would be more than 200,000 new homes in Singapore by 2016. The recent report shows that we have surpassed this figure thanks to the growing economy, advancement in technology, and the rise of smart homes across the country. Growth in the ..